20 Proven tips to attract new customers and keep them coming back for growing your business

For any business, finding new customers is always a big challenge. If you’re looking to attract new customers to business, here are 20 proven tips to help you turn prospects into paying customers both locally and further afield.

1. Find Potential Customers

Finding potential customers allows you to target services or your products to more people more effectively. So what are potential customers? In general, they are customers who go into groups with similar needs.

2. How Your Potential Customers Buy

Make sure that your customers know exactly what service or product you provide, what resource they read and know your company, your products displayed in any trade fairs or not, how long they travel to go to buy. Once you answer the questions above, you can plan marketing strategies to suit your new customers.

3. Understand The Competition

You must know who your competition is, what goods or services they offer, what are their strength and weakness, you are big competitors to them or not.

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4. Target The Right Customers

The more customers you have, the more profits you get. However, by targeting the right customers, you can boost your business faster. For example, if your services are too far from the residence building so you cannot attract them, but your company provides them essential services or products. So, they actually are right customers. Planning to bring your services to them more nearly and helping them deal with travel is some good ideas you can try.

By expanding your business further afield, you can minimize your risk by building up a shop in a town with similar inhabitants who are your existing customers. You should research competitors, potential customers or barriers to competing. Decide the market you’re going to target. Create a short list and go after the markets that offer the most potential conditions. You could go through a local distributor, approach customers directly or team up with other local businesses. Each of these ways can be risky, so you need to decide carefully and strategically.

5. Pre-Move And Post-Move Communication

Make sure to use available points to communicate with your existing customers about the impending move in advance. Utilize your website, email lists, social media, flyers, blog, advertising and so on. Make sure to include information about what else is going on if your move is for some positive reasons, be bold and share those details. If you are expanding with a message that sends thanks your customers and stresses your commitment to provide better services to attract clients, for example. Why don’t you attract new customers like these. 

If you don’t have a record of your customer mailing addresses, you can use the news media to spread the word about your move. Remember to leave flyers after you’ve moved and request people to help you to display your flyers at the point of sale or in their windows. 

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6. Update Your Online Listings

Why don’t you use search engines to update your online customer listings. You just need to enter the name of your company, the products or the services you offer into a Google search, this tool will automatically show local businesses in your business area first. So update your online listings on Google+ Local, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Trip Advisor Yelp and some similar sites like these. By the way, don’t forget to update your own website at different pages such as “About Us” page or “Find Us” page, “Contact Us” page, as well.

7. Attract New Customers Abroad

If you do expand into international markets, you have to deal with foreign language, cultural and legal issues. And do not forget that, exporting is one way of expanding abroad. To deal with licensing, you need to know the contractual agreement between a foreign company and your company. Analyze some important factors which manufacturer distributes your product and service. It probably offers fast entry to the market. You have no need of capital investment for setting up manufacturing operation abroad. You can return in comparison with other business methods. However, you should know that the price of preparing for licensing agreement is not cheap. You can give up control over the marketing of your goods. And if your partners finish becoming your competitor, they will be armed with the understanding of your business.

Next, the joint venture is a contractual arrangement with your business partner. There are 2 types you can pay attention. They are equity partnership (partners are equal) and non-equity partnership (the host partner contributes a larger percentage of equity). A joint venture is a legal way for a foreign company establishing operations in some countries. This way helps you control over your foreign operations more effectively. You will be able to have more local knowledge when doing business with your host country partners. Besides, you also take advantage of your partner’s business as well as political contacts. Remember that a joint venture requires more investment than licensing. You will need to commit resources to areas such as management, training and the application of technology. The difference of language and culture can also be barriers that cause problems between your host country partners and you.

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8. Meet People To Build New Business Relationships

All of your best customers are people you met personally before you did business with them or they were recommended by an existing customer. Why don’t you attend a chamber of commerce and take part in business events, there you can meet businessmen and non-business people but they can introduce some business partners and help you attract new customers.  

9. Create A Buzz

Make strategies to create buzz about your services or your products. Start with the best customer service. If you treat customers with patience and respect, people will learn that your company is actually a reputable brand to do long business with. Many companies are lack of proper customer services and as a result, it cripples them.

10. Pay It Forward

As a newbie with a small budget, you still believe to build relationships by the strategy “paying it forward”. You can get your share of hang ups on calls, but you astounded by buyers. After a little phone call, I can make a connection and find new opportunities to do attract more new customers.

11. Show Your Expertise

You can find new customers through 2TED talks by recording 5 podcasts and writing articles. Suddenly, people will view you as an expert in your business field and get started to come to me. This is an easy way to attract new customers. In another way, giving away your best free stuff to your customers as the way to maintain friendly relations with everyone you meet even you don’t know who your next customers could be.

12. Hold A Contest

You can create a contest for offering up a chance to attract new customers. It always creates new chances to share the contest with your customers’ friends typical social network via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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After awarding the prize, you contact people who took part in the contest and who were interested in the contest. Next, offer them exclusive discounts on your services as an effective way to attract new customers. You make sure to follow-up and keep these people updated about your next contests or events. In other words, this is a great way to generate a massive list of customers in your target business.

13. Attract By Examples

Treating customers like dating. What do dating experts tell you and what do you know about these tips? If you are going to attract people, learning to dance, visiting some great places, travelling, talking to people are natural ways to attract them. Your business will come up and people will be friendly, close to you and want to work with you. Therefore, do not forget to contact them.

14. Use Different Marketing Strategies

One marketing strategy is not enough. You can create a marketing plan with email marketing, social media marketing, marketing online and word-of-mouth marketing. Develop an annual plan for each quarter and month and stick to it. You have your own permission to adjust these strategies as you find new ideas or find bad things in this plan.

15. Happy Employees And Happy Customers

A loyal customer base does not exist in a vacuum. If they are coming back, they will enjoy coming face to face with someone. Let your employees know you appreciate what they are doing with both financial reward and gratitude. Urges employers to follow employees during a workday.

16. Try A New Marketing Technique

You can try some new marketing techniques to attract new customers. You can print a flyer or create a coupon or have a sale. These are powerful ideas that will generate your business. Advertising will cost you more money than other methods but it can boost your sales, you can try.

17. Launch A New Product

Launching a new product is another way to attract new customers. If you keep offering the same products to the same customers, it will make them get boring and like to use other more attractive products.

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18. Launch A PR Campaign

PR is another form of advertising. This is always interesting news for customers. By getting a TV station, or magazine, you can show your business story in public and attract the attention of many viewers or spectators.

19. Ask For Referrals

Create an incentive referral is a key to give customers a reason to refer business. People like to be appreciated in this way.

20. Smile And Dial

This is just a simple tip but do it well. Remember that do not make cold calls, do not take no personally. Do some search engine researches to list out the potential and ready deal with smiles. 

I’ve introduced 20 powerful tips to attract new customers. Actually, there are various tips for you to learn. You also learn by your own business as your business will teach you effectively. 

I hope that you like my writing and enjoy reading other articles related to this business affair in order to attract new customers and keep them coming back for growing your business. Your comment is invited and welcome!

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