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Let’s Discover A Guide To Train Your American Accent With American Accent Course Review!

I would like to recommend people who learn American Accent reading this American Accent Course review to train their voice on how to speak like an American.

  1. What Is American Accent Course?
  2. Who Are The Objectives Of This Training?
  3. What Are The Features Of The Course?
  4. What Are The Contents Of This Program?
  5. How Much To Get Started?
  6. Does The Author Provide Any Guaranteed To Order The E-guide Without Any Risk?
  7. Do You Get Any Support From The Producer?

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What Is American Accent Course?

American Accent Course is a specialized program which is designed to focus on adults, who speak English as a second language. This is a proven online American accent reduction course and it successfully worked for thousands of learners. Now, you can do the same.

Continue reading this American Accent Course Review to get clearer about the program!

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Who Are The Objectives Of This Training?

First of all, you should know whether you are an objective of this program or not. Basically, it teaches adults in different fields of:

  • Engineers
  • University Students
  • Medical Personnel
  • Scientists
  • Educators
  • IT Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Clergy
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Hotel Staff
  • Businesspeople

And many more!

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What Are The Features Of The Course?

Next, you should know the features of the American Accent Course.

  • About the Class Location

All American accent classes are available online so that you can learn lessons anywhere in the world.

  • About the Pronunciation Classes

You will be trained to learn all the sounds of English and exactly the illustrations to pronounce them.

  • About the Speaking and Listening Exercises

There are a variety of tasks for you to carry out and develop your muscle memory to get the best results of the training course.

  • About the Live Online Sessions

You will meet teachers online every week to raise your questions, handle difficult learning areas, and receive feedback on how you are learning.

  • About the Class Time

You can learn the class anytime you want, even it’s 3 am in the morning.

  • About the Rhythm and Intonation Classes

The program also focuses on teaching to use correct pitch & intonation

  • About the Progress Quizzes

The quizzes are designed to help you go on track and know exactly what important parts you should focus on.

  • About the Life Enhancement

With this online training course, it opens up your future with more success: more job opportunities, more professional interactions, more confidence, more happiness and more satisfaction.

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What Are The Contents Of This Program?

Here are the main contents of the American Accent Course: 

  • New Training Materials (Updated Every Week – Totally 24 Weeks)
  • Pronunciation of American English (AE) Vowels
  • Training on Rhythm, Intonation and Timing
  • Learn the Concept of a Schwa is, plus its Importance in Learning American Accent
  • Pronunciation of AE Consonants
  • Training on Word & Sentence Stress Patterns
  • How to Blend 2 Consonants Together
  • How to Link Words Together Properly
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Downloadable Audios to Listen
  • Downloadable Language Journal
  • Exercises & Quizzes
  • Weekly Accent American Classes for Free (Students Only)
  • Access to Learning Group & Private Classes
  • Lifetime Access to All Materials of the American Accent Course

Now, would you want to check out some comments, which were shown by language experts and American accent learners? 

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How Much To Get Started?

There are 2 packages for you to select.

If you download the American Accent Course, you will get the link to go to the order page and download it to your computer or other devices for one-time payment of $99.

If you sign up to become a member of the American Accent Course site (most popular), you will instantly access the membership area and get more benefits of the training course. With this purchase option, you have to pay $19.97 a month for totally 6 months.

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Does The Author Provide Any Guarantee To Order The E-guide Without Any Risk?

Yes! As you can see, the program comes with 30-day, risk free guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, simply ask for a full refund at the right time. Remember that benefit in your mind! 

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Do You Get Any Support From The Producer?

Yes! Visit the official website and contact the producer to get the full online support service there! 

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