How to Look like a Fab Mother by Choosing the Best ASOS Maternity Dress

It is often said that motherhood is the crowning achievement of being a “true” woman. True, some modern-day feminists may froth at the idea of motherhood defining their identities for the rest of their live, but there is no question that everything seems to pale in comparison to the realization that you, as a woman, have the capability of nurturing and supporting ANOTHER life inside your own body! Of course, it also helps if you can know what kind of ASOS maternity dress you can get for the occasion!

Of course, as with all things, choosing the right maternity dress for yourself is really easier said than done. After all, it is true that pregnancy is that rare time in every woman’s life where they risk their looks and appearances to its unflattering best just so they can have a totally safe pregnancy. And you know what? It’s all totally worth it!

And you know what should make all your nine-month hardship all the more worth it? Well, it’s knowing that you have been able to pull it off with necessary grace and style which befits your status as a lady—and this is where choosing the right maternity dress comes in when you go to your neighborhood boutique! Here are some tips we have for you below!

ASOS Maternity Dress

  1. Embracing your figure

Here’s the one mistake that most newly pregnant mothers often make from the get-go: trying hard to hide their growing figures. And really, it’s quite understandable because… well, no one wants to have a huge bump protruding from their bellies, right?

So, what is the most ideal solution you can ask for in a circumstance like this? Well, you probably have considered wearing very loose clothes like sweaters or—God forbid—your husband’s “smallest” shirts. So, how do those feel? Pretty awful, right?

Well, that’s why wearing clothes that are two sizes too large for your figure should never work out for anyone (unless you really like Golden Age hiphop fashion, then by all means, indulge yourself). And really, the same applies to your body, as well. So, what are you to do for this purpose, then?

Well, it’s quite simple, really: accept that you look the way you do during your pregnancy. Not only will you be happier for it, but you’ll even get looks of admiration from scores of people just because you’re confident enough to show your belly bump. And really, that is really the first step to enabling you to find the right maternity dress for your body type! And now that we have said that…

  1. Looking for a “roomy” dress

One of the pitfalls of looking for the right maternity dress for your body is that you’re almost always forced to buy a new set of dresses every time your pregnancy progresses to a certain time period according to your body. While we’re always for more dresses in one’s closet, let’s face it: it can get pretty expensive if you always buy one new dress every week.

maternity dresses

So, is there any way around it? Well, there is: you simply have to look for clothing that allows an expansion of one’s figure without making you look like you’re wearing a blanket. And thankfully, these clothes are very easy to spot at your nearest maternity clothing outlet: just look for those clothes which have adjustable waist bands, gathers, empire waist tops, or a “lengthy” torso area. Choosing either of these qualities for your clothes are recommended precisely because they allow for “growth” on the body of the wearer without compromising the overall look of the dress in question. Plus, it’s very comfy to wear, too!

  1. Customizing your overall “look”

Of course, just because you’re looking for a maternity dress doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun with your appearance. For one, being pregnant actually allows you to try out styles which you haven’t imagined even wearing on your “normal” figure. One likely example of it: patterns and stripes.

Really, while the common “normal” trend is to wear a dress that only boasts one color, many maternity dresses actually are quite experimental with their mixing of colors and patterns. A great reason for it, apparently, is that colors actually flatter the body particularly when it’s “fuller”. And of course, if you really want to further customize your look, you can always go for layering in the form of v-neck tops or an inner camisole with an “outer” piece to accessorize it. So, if you’re too afraid of “standing out” before you were pregnant, then now is perhaps the perfect time to do it!

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So, have you already determined what the best ASOS maternity dress for you is? Good luck looking for your perfect style–or you can even have your dress designed!

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