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The Ultimate Michelle Bridges Diet Plan: How to Achieve Total Body Transformation in 12 Weeks!

Michelle Bridges Diet

Michelle Bridges is a machine. And we mean that in the most complementary way possible: after all, if you’re over forty and you can still look half as good as her, then you’ve probably achieved something amazing, don’t you think? Well then, it probably won’t surprise you when we say that the way she looks like right now is all thanks to her patented “Michelle Bridges Diet”; in particular, it’s her twelve-week body transformation program!

Want to know one more surprising thing about it? You can totally transform your body for the better in twelve weeks even without Michelle Bridges’ personal help, and all you need to do for it is to follow what she eats and practices in her daily diet! Really simple, isn’t it? Well, it should be! And we show you why by offering you the most common tips from the enlightening mind of the expert herself! Read below for more info on how to lose weight with food!

Michelle Bridges Diet

  1. The 1200-calorie metric

Oh, now it’s inarguable that there is no sense behind this thinking: if you want to achieve total body transformation within the space of twelve weeks, then you should really try adhering to a 1200 calories-a-day diet. See, the math just adds up!

But why the specificities on 1200 calories a day, though? Well, for one, most dietitians agree that the number is “right” enough for many people to be able to function in their daily lives without having to starve themselves. After all, it’s not for nothing that dietitians always prescribe their diets to fall within 1200 calories: even for people suffering from various types of diabetes, their doctors still recommend that they follow the exact baseline for that diet because it’s just enough to nourish them, but not beyond the point that they’ll actually grow… well, “fat”, to put it more bluntly.

So, how do you go about planning your 1200 calories-a-day meal plan? Well, according to one blog post from Michelle Bridges’ official website, you should try to incorporate a highly balanced diet of “protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins and other minerals.” So, that should be easy enough to follow, yes? Good, then! However, before you go overboard with this diet, there is one other thing you have to remember…

  1. “Low-carbs” and “high protein” usually don’t work out as you expect

“Low carbs” and “high protein” diets have been the staple of almost every dietary fad since the dawn of the modern era. So yes, we know how sacrilegious the whole thing sounds when we say that both of those diets really don’t work out the way you’re probably hoping them out to be.

But why? Well, it’s mainly because of two things: one, following a low-carbohydrate diet CAN actually make you lose weight; however, as it turns out, it’s mostly a reaction of your body suddenly experiencing a loss of one of its most essential nutrients by compensating with the burning of glycogen in your muscles. And, as most things are wont to do, your body will always find a way to regain its “normal” weight back.

Michelle Bridges Recipes

Secondly, if you try switching to an all-protein diet, not only will you get the same results as those of a low-carb diet, but it may turn out to be the one thing which harms your health in the long run by giving you an excess of uric acid in your system and leading you to develop gout. And the worst part about all of this? When all you eat all day is chicken and meat, you also get a risk for developing high cholesterol levels. Sounds painful, don’t they?

Well, that’s why we’re reiterating what we have written above: if you really WANT to be healthy, then a healthy diet that is full of life’s gastronomic varieties should be best for you! Yes, that even includes “eating” your usual vitamins and minerals! And speaking of “variety”…

  1. Don’t just stick to “one” kind of vegetarian diet

Being a vegan comes with its innate benefits, one of which is that it even allows you to save the planet (yes, for real). However, some people have a strict definition when it comes to a vegan diet—for instance, when someone mentions being “vegan” to you, your mind probably races to images of salads and carrot sticks eaten around the clock but never satisfying anyone.

In effect, what we mentioned above is why so many people are still scared of adopting a vegan diet, but that should not be really the case here! In particular, adopting a vegetarian diet means that you’re opening your tastebuds to a whole new world of… err, “tasting”!

Really, vegetables aren’t just limited to salads: whole grains, legumes, beans, seeds, and fruits of all kinds can contribute to having not just a complete meal for yourself, but also a very exciting one, at that! You might even discover the inner foodie within you because of your willingness to try all things at once!

vegetarian food

So, have you figured out what the best Michelle Bridges diet is for you? Hope you get to make good use of what we have written above for getting extreme fat loss!


How to Make Playdough By Staying in Your Kitchen!

how to make playdough

Out of the many toys that kids from succeeding generations of the “modern era” that still survive up to this day, it is inarguable that one of those happens to be Play-Doh. Yes, that moldable clay-like material which looks almost edible enough to eat, but somehow still isn’t a part of many kids’ daily diet to this day. Indeed, Play-Doh has been so influential to many kids and kids-at-heart that it has even been placed on the “Century of Toys” list in 2003. See, it may not be as pervasive as Lego, but it sure is dang close! Of course, now that we have said that, then there is no question that at this point, you can even know how to make playdough if you really wanted to!

how to make playdough

But HOW can you even begin making one, though? Well, for starters, you simply need to look at the materials stocked in your kitchen. Got salt, oil, and water? Well then, that’s enough to get you started for making dough like New York-style pizza! Get ready to play around at your kitchen AND with your kids (or if you just feel like playing with playdough—remember, this is a judgment-free zone!)! Ready your notepads, now!


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 2 cups of boiling water

Optional ingredients:

  • Glycerine
  • Food coloring
  • 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar


  • Frying pan
  • Mixing bowl

playdough recipe

As with all things, you can start making your own playdough by mixing flour, salt, and oil in a large enough mixing bowl. However, if you want to get the BEST consistency for your mixture, then all you need to do is to add 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar. Why is this recommended for this purpose, though? Well, it’s quite simple, really: cream of tartar improves the elasticity of the resulting mixture in a way that resembles the “classic” pliable formula of Play-Doh and the rest of its stretchy ilk.

Now, as you’re mixing your homemade playdough mixture into its ideal consistency, that should be the perfect time to boil your two cops of water into a frying pan. Why use a frying pan, though? Well, that’s what you should use if you prefer another optional ingredient to add to the succeeding mixture: food coloring. And really, if you want your mixture to look like something that your kids would really LOVE to play with (or, you can be honest, even at least you), then that’s the kind of aesthetic that you can’t really live without!

So, now that you have both mixture and boiling water (with optional food coloring) ready at the helm, then that’s the time you mix the water onto the bowl which holds the playdough mixture. As expected, you have to stir the ensuing mixture on the bowl until it looks like a “sticky” kind of dough (emphasis put on “sticky”, of course).

In addition, before you can take out the mixture out of the bowl, there is also another additional ingredient you can add to it to make it look more “playdough-ey”: glycerine. Why that, though? Well, for starters, the addition of glycerine to the mixture adds an extra layer of “shine” to your playdough recipe which should make it more… well, “appealing”, for lack of a better adjective.

So, now that you have all done the above, you have to wait first before the dough cools down, then take it out and knead it vigorously like you would with real bread, except that you’re doing it just so you can “remove” the mixture of all its stickiness. However, what if it still remains sticky even after all the couple of minutes of effort you put into kneading it? Well, then you add more dough and knead some more until the dough feels “right” enough to use for playing!

playdough ideas

So, now you have your own playdough that is relatively cheap AND safe because you’re the one who cooked it!  See, you don’t need to go to a factory just to know how to make playdough! Good luck with your project and the way you build a playhouse!


How to Make the Best Vine Videos for the World to See

best vine videos

Vine is one of the most popular tools for social networking there is nowadays. How popular, you ask? Well, it has its own set of memes, for one. And really, if you find that any service is as meme-worthy as the stuff you see on Vine, then that means that it’s supposed to be cool, right? Of course, creating the best Vine videos for the world to see, on the other hand, is a whole other manner.

So, why use Vine, if that’s the case, then? Well, because for one, many tech sites have already touted this as the “next big thing” of this year. And really, it did show why it deserved the hype eventually by revealing a new set of tools that allows more users to play around with app’s functions in a way that has now become easier today than it ever was before when Vine was first introduced to a general unsuspecting public back in 2012.

best vine videos

So, if you’re still struggling of how to take advantage of what Vine has in store for you, then here are some tips below you can use that will allow you to express yourself in the way you see fit in a platform as diverse as master class photography! Read on!

  1. Speak a short message, and make it count.

Ever wonder why Vine was able to stand out from the get-go? Well, it’s primarily because of this one infinite “hook”: users can only record videos lasting up to six seconds which lasts to a loop, and nothing more. For many casual users, this can seem incredibly restrictive, and it’s even less than half the 15-second time limit that similar apps like Tout and Instagram have incorporated into their functions since.

However, it can be argued that the more “limitations” one encounters in any platform, the more creative one becomes in utilizing said platform. And indeed, that’s the exact instance which led to Vine’s popularity in the first place. When you think about it, it’s actually similar to Twitter: you can only express so much within 140 characters that brevity itself becomes a necessary creative exercise in delivering the message you want the whole world to see. Hence, it’s no surprise that Twitter itself acquired Vine even before the platform became a huge hit in the first place!

Anything can be done in six seconds, but that doesn’t mean that you actually record ANYTHING you want. Just like with all things, you have to  think up of a “hook” which would spur fellow Vine-rs to view your work. And in this regard, we go to the oft-regarded social marketing tool of the moment…

  1. #Hashtags

For anyone old enough to have lived through the numerous social media crazes of the past decade or so—think Friendster and MySpace and all the rest of its ilk lost to the sands of time—the presence of hashtags in today’s modern online conversation is really quite silly. After all, NO one uses hashtags when the converse in real-life, do they?

Well, in this regard, we actually have the old-school programmers to thank for this trend: the prefixing of “#” for every relevant word has actually been an offshoot of how programmers—even in this current era of broadband internet—divide web content into separate categories. Twitter has used this to great effect and, no surprise, so does Vine.

vine hashtag

However, there’s more to the gimmick of the hashtag than what most people give it credit for: in Vine’s defense, this is how you can be able to track down the topics of interests which you will probably like to be a part of when recording your six-second looping video.

Here’s a great example: the hashtag #StopMotion is actually one of the more popular threads you can ever encounter in Vine because… well, everyone loves stop-motion animation! On the other hand, other popular threads are #BeLike, #Whaling, and #DoItForTheVine, each one containing its own self-contained “quirks” that are largely different from whatever video you see on Vine at any given day.

And really, it’s not hard to find out where you can be basing your hot Vine idea in the near-future by simply browsing what other users before you have created since. Heck, if you really want your video to look good, then you might as well write down ideas for it! Seems too much? Well, it should, if you really want to be taken seriously here!

  1. Visualize how your video will look like for many people

The popularity of your online profile is always dependent on the way you present yourself. And really, if it’s “presentation” we’re talking about here, then there’s no doubt that Vine is surely on top of the pulpit.

Sure, no one can force you to think and act like a professional photographer or filmmaker when you make a six-second video, but it surely wouldn’t hurt you to think that the reason you’re filming videos in the first place is so that other likeminded people will get to like what you have in store for that platform. Yes, yes, we know you’re just “doing it for yourself”, but just think how gratifying it would be to have other people comment and re-vine your video simply because it looks cool!

So, how do you start with this purpose, then? Well, there’s lighting and angles and location to think about prior to filming a Vine—either one may be present, but it surely is preferable if you can make all three factors work in your favor! On the other hand, there are some free tools you can also use for improving the quality of your video like in-app “special effects” and filters to make the effect even more “otherworldly” than possible.

how to make vine

Of course, you can also go the whole mile and set up your phone on a tripod just so you’ll have a “stable” shot. And you can even get external lenses that are custom-made for your smartphone’s camera! Now, how cool is modern technology?

So, have you discovered the hot idea which will allow you to make your own set of best Vine videos so far? We surely hope you did! Good luck with your new project, and try to pose pretty for your videos!


How to Vote Responsibly: Choosing the Right Leaders for Your Future

How to Vote Responsibly

Even if it’s not election time at the area you may be residing in, there is no doubt that voting should always be at the topmost of your priorities if you want to be perceived as a responsible citizen of your town and your state. And really, the maturity of a nation is dependent on how its citizens know how to vote responsibly, after all.

Of course, now comes the most pertinent question: how DO you vote responsibly? Well, while the guidelines governing these are those which you probably already know by now, you may have always second-guessed yourself by the time you arrive at the polling station: “Am I doing the right thing by voting for the right person? How will I know that my actions have positive ramifications at the end of it all?”

Well, if that’s what your line of thinking is before and after you vote, then congratulations, you’re already a responsible voter! Now, with that said, if you really want to perfect the “art” of becoming a truly responsible voter with the power of your mind, then here are some tips below for you to follow!

How to Vote Responsibly

  1. Decide on issues, NOT the candidate

If there is anything which plagues modern democratic politics nowadays, it’s the rise of the politician as celebrity. And indeed, many pop culture websites have been pointing out the “similarities” between these two worlds, so to speak. And while it is true that the success of one political party is anchored on the charisma and “marketability” of a certain candidate nowadays, those qualities are only part and parcel of what should make that candidate a great leader once he or she gets elected. As it turns out, there should be one thing which you should be judging your candidate on when all things are said and done, and that is their stand on certain “issues” of the day.

Yes, despite all the glitz and glam that is commonly associated with most coverage of politics nowadays, it’s their “platform” which should be the judging meter of whether the candidates willing to go to office are really fit to be there or not. And how would you know whether either of those candidates are really fit to be elected? Well, it’s really dependent upon your preferences, really.

For instance, do you want your town to be the major business hub it could be or do you simply want it to stay the way it is? On the other hand, do you think that the state should continue supporting political refugees or do you think that those money and resources going to the former can be better used elsewhere like building more schools and hospitals and the like? No matter what your answer is to those questions, there really are no wrong answers behind them, and that is the beautiful chaos that democratic politics provide.

So, rather than assessing a candidate’s “personality”, it’d be probably better for you if you can be able to hear what those issues that candidate is standing for. If anything, that’s the closest personal connection you can have with a person you don’t even know!

  1. Know how you will vote

Do you know how you will vote? Well, of course, you do! You just show up at the polling station and vote, right?

Well, if we put the whole thing in a reductive manner, then that’s what “voting” is. However, as a voter, be aware that you also have to do your part on ensuring that you get the smoothest possible experience when it comes to voting. And yes, we did describe voting as “smooth”, because it can really be!

vote yes

For one, even though you’re sure that you have been voting for the past couple of elections, you still need to CHECK whether your name is still registered in the voters’ ledger or not. One reason for this is because of the fact that when voting systems get to be updated annually, it is always unavoidable that some “data” may be lost in the shuffle. And really, doing so would save you a LOT of stress and headache, believe us!

On the other hand, you also have to know in advance where your polling station is, if only for the fact that it should save you a lot of time trying to locate where you’re supposed to vote when the “actual” election comes around.  Of course, there are numerous options you can also use to your advantage in this regard, like signing up for early voting or the like. See, who says democracy doesn’t work?

  1. Bringing a personal “cheat sheet”

Now that you are inside the polling booth, it should be pretty easy sailing from here on, right? Well, what if you suddenly thought twice about the candidates that you will be voting in office? What if you suddenly got a serious case of the nerves and suddenly remembered that what you will be doing bears a HUGE responsibility on the outcome of your town or country’s direction?

Well, for one, that is why bringing a personal “cheat sheet” in the form of a list of names that you will be writing down is still an important part of the whole deal of being a voter. While we’re NOT saying that you can’t change your mind at any moment’s notice, having second thoughts while sitting inside a polling booth adds up to the pressure because… well, there are other voters outside who are probably waiting for you to finish up and come out already!

voter id card

So, if you want to bypass all the pressure that comes with voting, then having a cheat sheet can be the least you can do in this regard!

So, have you got all of these tips down? Good luck practicing your right on how to vote responsibly!


What is Gluten: Three Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Gluten-Free Diet

gluten free diet

Gluten-free is just in, and people are buying in. And really, this may be one of the most popular diet fads to have hit this century next to the South Beach diet. But unlike the latter, the gluten-free trend looks like it’s about to stay permanently! Now, with that said, here is one issue that should probably bother you before taking the train on this exciting new trend: what is gluten?

Yep, despite what you read, NOT everyone knows what gluten is about or what it even constitutes. And really, if you are looking for a diet that should be really healthy for your body, then there is no doubt that you have to know everything about the basics behind it before proceeding—you know, just to be safe and satisfied, is all.

So, what is gluten, indeed? Well, if you have no idea where you can start looking for info, then that’s what we’re here to provide you with! Read more about the things you need to know about gluten to give you a more informed outlook on the latest diet craze to hit the world right now… including your pancakes, as well!

What is Gluten

  1. The Food which is Comprised of Gluten

Just like its distant (but still relatively close) cousin, carbohydrates, gluten is one factor that is almost present in every food that we eat. Just how ubiquitous is it, exactly? Well, let us count the ways…

For one, if either bread or pasta is daily staple of your everyday diet, then you’d better be well-served to know that gluten consists a huge part of those foods. If you regularly eat cereals, porridge, or even oat meals, you would also be surprised to know that those also contain gluten. The drink you are holding in your hand right now while you are reading this—which may either be coffee, milk, or even beer (hey, we don’t judge here, okay?)—are all made in part from gluten. So yes, to say that gluten is “inescapable” is pretty much the understatement of the year!

You may think it’s miserable that almost everything you are consuming is made up gluten, but really, it’s not that bad when you think about it. Gluten contains a high amount of protein but does not come with the “excess baggage” of having fats (pun very much intended). That is the reason why eating wheat bread, for instance, can become very filling when compared to eating white bread—it’s because of its gluten component!

So, now that all of that is said, why is there a renewed focus on treating gluten as “unhealthy” for one’s body? Well, as it turns out, this information has been snowballed starting from a very common ailment that is starting to pop up more and more these days: gluten intolerance.

  1. When NOT to Eat Gluten

As of 2012, six to seven per cent of the world’s population was already suffering from gluten insensitivity. That may seem like a paltry number, but when you account the fact that seven billion people are already living in this planet as of 2012, then that figure is really nothing to sneeze at!

So, how would you know if you have gluten intolerance? Well, it’s quite simple to rule it out: if there’s a chance that you’re feeling bloated or have experienced getting diarrhea or any general stomach cramping from eating, say, a single piece of a wheat loaf, then that’s already an example of gluten intolerance.

However, therein lies the problem: the “symptoms” commonly associated with it are so commonplace that it can be very easy to mistake gluten insensitivity for anything else. That’s why it’s no surprise that gluten insensitivity is the most commonly “misdiagnosed” ailment out there.

gluten free

However, if we’re talking about celiac disease, then there is no question that a gluten-free is ESSENTIAL for a disease like that one. To point it out succinctly, celiac disease is a condition where consuming even a fraction of gluten in one’s diet can send their stomachs into maximum overdrive by causing them improper digestion of nutrients and, eventually, damaging the sensitive linings of their small intestines. Yes, it sounds serious because it really is!

So, in a nutshell, not all people with gluten insensitivity suffer from celiac disease, but people with celia disease definitely suffer from a very FATAL case of gluten insensitivity!

  1. Why go Gluten-Free

Make no mistake; gluten is such a necessary component of our lives. However, it is quite understandable when some folks are just unable to tolerate the stuff in their bodies lest they risk going to the loo every five minutes or so.

So, if you think that going gluten-free will help out a lot in your daily lifestyle, then by all means, please go ahead and read every label you can when you’re out doing your groceries. However, know that you may be lacking certain nutrients when you decide to adopt a very strict gluten-free diet like fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

gluten free diet

HOWEVER, if you are suffering from celiac disease, then there’s every reason that you should practice having a gluten-free diet. Yes, it may be hard at the start, but that’s how every journey is made, after all! So, we hope you have learned a lot from knowing what is gluten. Hope this report guides you well in the future and when you make desserts!


How to Make Pancakes in the Most Perfect Way Possible

How to Make Pancakes

Pancakes are the perfect staple to any kind of breakfast. And really, there are so many options to choose from nowadays that you can simply pick blind any instant pancake mix from any counter and still get away with having a decent pancake experience. But of course, us old-timers know that it’s not just the same! You may not realize it, but there is a definite ART on how to make pancakes. And yes, we just said the “A” word!

So, why make pancakes in the first place? Isn’t the whole point of modernity to make you life a little bit easier? Well, it is often said that life tastes all the more sweeter if you worked hard to achieve something—and as it turns out, that “something” may well have been referring to pancakes!

So yes, if there is one skill in life you need to know before passing on to the next world, then it might as well be learning how to make a pancake from scratch. And really, that can be the easiest thing in the world to achieve more than making guilt-free desserts! Here’s why below!

How to Make Pancakes


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 ½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoons salt
  • 1 egg, beaten lightly
  • 1 ½ cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of butter (should be melted)


  • Balloon whisk
  • Non-stick frying pan for making pancakes, pikelets and blini
  • Pastry brush or paper towel

So, here’s what you need to know first: do NOT mix all of the ingredients above together at one go. One general rule of cooking to observe is that you have to separate the “dry” ingredients from the “wet” ones first. So, with that said, mix your flour, baking powder, and salt in a “sifting” manner so as to make sure that your mix would not contain any lumps in it when you incorporate it in the batter. Just keep doing this while you mix the egg and milk on the next bowl. However, it is important to note that you don’t have to over-sift the “dry” ingredients at the get-go since this will prevent the mixture from “aerating”—in other words, just sift the ingredients enough so that the whole mixture can look “fluffy”, which will result in a very ideal pancake mix; otherwise, what you will have to end up with is a leathery-looking pancake, and that’s surely enough to ruin anyone’s breakfast!

Secondly, once you have ensured that the “dry” ingredients have been sifted to be very smooth, then that’s the time you mix the milk-and-egg-concoction on top of the former, stirring all of those ingredients in one bowl until you are confident that it has already achieved a very smooth consistency. Afterwards, you add the two teaspoons of butter to it and stir the mixture again until achieving necessary smoothness and consistency. While that can be enough for most purposes, you can actually “customize” it further by adding bits and pieces of fruit like blueberries, banana, or apple. Who says you can only get mixtures like these in the store?

So, with all of those ingredients mixed, it’s about high time you finally put them in the pan, right? Well, yes, but here’s the thing you need to remember before doing so: flour works best by EXPANDING through aeration. So, if you want to make sure that your mixture gets to be the “fluffiest” it can ever be, then you have to cover the bowl and store it in a fridge for thirty minutes before deciding to use it for cooking. Of course, that’s completely optional though, and it’s one where you don’t necessarily have to practice when you’re wanting for time!

pancake recipe

Whether you will be using the batter immediately after mixing or after putting it on hold for thirty minutes, you will nonetheless still have to cook it using a nonstick pan. However, it is recommended that you use a pasty brush to moisten the surface of the pan with oil since it ensures that the whole of its surface will be conducive to cooking your pancake batter.

When it comes to cooking, though, you have to make sure that the fire underneath the pan is on “low fire”. With that said, once you pour the batter into the pan, see when “bubbles” form on top of the mixture before turning the pancake on the other side after three minutes; once you have flipped the pancake, wait two minutes before removing it from the pan completely.

And voila! You now have a pancake that the mothers of yesteryears will be very proud of eating! See, it IS very easy to know how to make pancakes that are good for your health! Hope you can put this recipe to good use on your home!

pancake breakfast


How was Twerking Invented: Three Instances of Why This is the Hottest Dance Move in the World

miley twerking

Twerking is so last year, but apparently, select people all over the world are still doing it. Want proof?  Nicki Minaj is still doing the “twerking” thing even despite the fact that Miley Cyrus had a full year ahead doing the same thing on the EXACT same event! But then again, that’s how cultural appropriation works—you get all the best things that a culture has to offer, and you practically build a whole cottage industry around it. Of course, as you may probably guess by now, the underlying significance on how was twerking invented goes beyond the news that we see on our feeds.

So, where do we start tracking the “start” of twerking, then? Well, just like with almost all things associated with it, twerking has a varied history that the move itself is worthy of any cultural discussion. And, of course, we’ll get to it in the most concise way possible! Read on below to discover how twerking was invented and why it still continues to be one the most popular dance moves in the world next to pole dancing:

How was Twerking Invented

  1. The “Old World” Roots of Twerking

There is no question that twerking was spun off from the world of hiphop. Hence, because of that, it may also prove to be no surprise to some that the art of twerking also comes indirectly from the continent which inspired hiphop in the first place: Africa.

In this article published by the Southern Times of Africa, many of the common trappings of hiphop—like rapping, breakdancing, and graffiti, just to name among a few—are the modern-day antecedents of a profession known as the “griot”, a person whose responsibility it was to preserve his or her ancestors’ own culture through singing and narration. It is practically a method of “oral history”, by any other name.

Similarly, twerking came from the same African roots as hiphop did—one narrative even shows how twerking has even been used in many West African churches akin to the role choirs play in the observance and celebration of the Christian religion. Really, if this says anything, it shows that twerking is practically an extension of one’s spirituality despite what its outside trappings may suggest.

  1. 20th century History of Twerking

Now, this is the point where things get to be even murkier than what they really are. During the “Golden Age” of hiphop stretching from the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s, many rappers and DJs were innovating different styles of the genre at breakneck speeds that it was getting hard and hard for any one trend to stand out and last up until the next week when a brand new “flavor of the month” takes over.

As it turns out, one of those which has almost disappeared from the complete hiphop lexicon was the art of twerking. Indeed, one of the many instances in which this particular dance move was openly referenced was through a song by New Orleans rapper DJ Jubilee on a 1993 single called “Do the Jubilee All”. It was a fairly obscure song, and just like many of the hiphop tunes characteristic of this era, its “regionality” didn’t do it any favors. However, it was the first indication that there were other hiphop scenes happening outside of the fringes of the typical New York and Los Angeles markets in the United States—in this case, the “Jubilee” song was representing the “bounce” scene in a specific southern region of the US.

Twerking on the wall

However, during the last turn of the decade, “twerking” as both dance form and verb is getting to be more and more popular in the overall pop lexicon. In just a span of five years from 2001 to 2006, both Beyonce and Justin Timberlake had referenced the act of twerking in their songs entitled “Check on It” and “SexyBack”, respectively; both songs have also proven to be gargantuan chart-toppers all over the world during the mid-aughts, and it’s only a matter of time before someone puts it to much better use. Which it eventually did, culminating in Miley Cyrus’s headline-grabbing performance at last year’s VMAs.

  1. Why Do Twerking?

So, where does that leave twerking at its current state, then? Well, while it is mostly seen as an in-your-face dance move that is more in line with its sexual connotations than anything else, many critics have lobbied against it recently for being another one of the long line of African-American art forms which are “appropriated” free of its original racial heritage.

miley twerking

Regardless, there is no question that twerking is still a viable force in dance after all this time. Depending on the way you intend the dance to be, it can be celebratory, aggressive, revolutionary, or sensual—and it can even be all of these at the same time. It is an art form that is ever-evolving, and there’s a huge chance that it may be even incorporated in many dance disciplines in the near-future!

So, this is how was twerking invented, and this is what twerking is now! Hope you have all enjoyed this post today! Leave your comments below if you want to learn more about dancing in general!


The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction An Unbreakable Force

11 forgotten laws review

The 11 Forgotten Laws reveals an experience that you simply won’t “forget”!

“The Law of Attraction” is something that is simply a part of today’s popular buzzword culture. But really, is there anything significant behind it? And if so, why should you even take notice of it? Well it’s mainly because of the operative noun behind this secret: “attraction”. It IS possible to attract wealth, the love of your life, or just a modest success that should validate your life’s worth to everyone around you. And today, we review about this guide to your life’s problems!

  1. What Are The 11 Forgotten Laws?
  2. What Will You Receive From The The 11 Forgotten Laws?
  3. Should The 11 Forgotten Laws Cost You Anything?
  4.  Is There Any Guarantee Prior To Receiving The 11 Forgotten Laws?
  5. Is There Any Support I Will Get From The Author?

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

What Are The 11 Forgotten Laws?

The 11 Forgotten Laws are not just some useless New Age fad garnering the attention of the mainstream right as of this moment–it’s actually a whole movement by itself. With the help of noted motivational Secret Speaker Bob Proctor and his partner, Secret Teacher Mary Morrissey, they will help you on your guide to unlocking the deepest secret known to Man: attaining success in today’s world! And all it should take for you are eleven “secrets” to do so. Way to Happiness - The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

What Will You Receive From The 11 Forgotten Laws?

While there are so many “secrets” to discover in this package, here are just some of the more essential ones you’ll surely encounter in The 11 Forgotten Laws: • How to “attract” not just any kind of success, but the RIGHT success for your life • How to “gear” your brain to attaining said success by the time you finish reading this book • Taking advantage of your untapped physical and mental potential • Daily mind exercises that will attract the “positive vibes” to your being • How to have your deepest and most innermost prayers be “answered” And • How to gain the confidence you need so you can also be your own “brand” of motivational speaker And so many, many more! In fact, here are a couple of testimonials below proving so: The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Testimonial by Bob The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Testimonial by Misty The standard 11 Forgotten Laws kit includes: • 12 Digital CDs which include every “Law” onto for every single CD • “Working With The Law”, the original ebook which INSPIRED The Law of Attraction • 4 modules featuring “The American Monk’s Prosperity Program” • Full video for Laura Silva’s “Manifest Like a Millionaire” seminar • 15-minute audio session for Laura Silva’s “Centering Exercise” • A FREE invitation to The 11 Forgotten Laws’ affiliate program

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Download Should The 11 Forgotten Laws Cost You Anything?

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Is There Any Guarantee Prior To Receiving The 11 Forgotten Laws?

To paraphrase from Mr. Proctor himself, you get “more than just a guarantee” from The 11 Forgotten Laws–you get a “personal promise”, in return. With the help of a 60-day money back guarantee, you can be sure that you will have enough time to decide for yourself whether this product is indeed right for you or not.

 The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Guarantee

Is There Any Support I Will Get From The Authors?

Yes and double-yes. Just in case you would want to receive additional support from the authors themselves, then all you have to do is to leave a comment below! Otherwise, you can click here for more information about the product. The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Product Download