How to Perform a Beginner Triathlon Training Program

It may be hard to believe it, but Australia is beginning to become a hub for triathletes all around the world, and it’s mainly because of the fact that the Gold Coast is now seeing its shares of events that take advantage of the country’s unique environment, for one. With that said, now is perhaps the perfect time for you to try out signing up for a beginner triathlon training program.

The good thing about it, though? Well, you can actually start out a whole training program by yourself! And you can actually start by browsing our beginner’s guide below for this purpose! Read below for more!

Beginner Triathlon Training Program

  1. Keep a diary of your progress

One of the points of competing in a triathlon is that it allows you to discover your “breaking point” and actually push through it. No wonder there are so many triathletes telling stories about getting “inspired” by competing in a triathlon, but we digress.

However, if you’re a newbie to the whole triathlon thing, the whole thing can seem like a scary way to discover what you’re truly made of. If you’ve seen pictures and videos of people who literally had to crawl through the ground to make it to the finish line, then you know how harrowing the whole thing can be for someone who is unprepared for it.

With that said, it is recommended that you allot yourself a lot of time to make sure that you really are prepared to take on the challenges of taking on a triathlon. One of the best ways you can do so is to make sure that you really are keeping track of how you train for it; specifically, if you are making progress on your training, no matter how “incremental” it may be. Just remind yourself that you literally have to do it “one step at a time” in this regard.

  1. Have the right gear for your training

It can be just as easy to tell yourself that you’ll be wearing a tank top and shorts for all three events, but you’ll just burden yourself with your clothes when it all comes right down to it. For one, you just can’t wear “normal” sports clothes when swimming and biking because… well, these are just unwieldy.

beginner triathlon training

So, in this case, you really have to hunker down and invest in some necessary gear if you’re really serious about making it into a triathlon, and that includes “breathable” shirts and shorts, and even a sturdy pair of running shoes that can also double as those you will be using for biking purposes, too.

  1. Make training a part of your daily routine

This item really makes sense, but it unfortunately is still one that is being ignored by many people, especially when it comes to working out. However, it must be stressed how important this whole thing should be, especially when you’re aiming to enter a triathlon. Make training as much a part of your life as eating or taking out the trash, and you’d be well-accustomed to it in no time soon.

triathlon training for beginners

So, are you ready for your very own beginner triathlon training program? If you want more tips, then you may want to check out the 100-Day Marathon Plan!

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