The Wordsmith’s Dilemma: How to be the Best Scrabble Cheat in the Land

Do you want to display your superiority in the least strenuous way possible? Well, that can be easily arranged: you can simply do it with your mastery of Scrabble. Yep, the decades-long board game has acquired new life as an always-on app which you can play with your friends anytime, forcing you to up your game in ways that escapes the confines the tables on which the whole thing banked its popularity on many years ago. Hence, if anything, we’d understand it very well if you’re looking for the best Scrabble cheat there is online!

However, if there’s anything that we have learned while playing with Scrabble, it’s the fact that there is no hard and fast way to completely “cheat” your way into the game—what you need, instead, is a complete familiarization with the rules of the game that should allow you to master every facet of it inside and out. And you know what’s the best news about it? You don’t even have to memorize a whole book’s of rules just to do so—some “shortcuts” can be effective enough for its purpose!

So, with that said, if you’re looking to master Scrabble at a high, professional rate, then you’ve come at the right place! Here are three tips below which help you ”cheat” at Scrabble that can actually help you improve your vocabulary!

best scrabble cheat

  1. Know your letters

Sure, it helps that you have an intimate knowledge of working with letters (you can even learn all of them in five minutes!). You may even think that natural bibliophiles will be naturally good at a game like Scrabble. However, much like the lesser-known fact that Albert Einstein is reportedly horrible at mental games (allegedly, we add), Scrabble isn’t a game that banks on your mastery of all words to be a good shot at it. Rather, it all has to do with how you recognize how Scrabble’s letters themselves are positioned.

Why is that important for this matter, though? Well, it’s because scoring in Scrabble is dependent on the usage of a certain letter; in particular, the  rarer you hear a letter is used in everyday usage, the greater your score will be if you choose to use that letter. So, in this case, “Q” and “Z” are these letters which enable you to hit the jackpot every time you get to use them!

Here’s a tip: if you’re having difficulty using either “Q” or “Z”, try using them in two-letter words instead of a longer one. For example, you can spell out “Qi” (the Chinese word for “life”) or “Zo” (which is a rare breed of Asian cattle) rather than aiming for the more common “pizza”. Once you get to master this, you can abuse this anytime you like as you watch your opponent across you crumble to word dust!

  1. All-vowels or all-consonants combination

Here is another tricky thing about playing Scrabble: you get to string numerous combinations of words, until you get to the point that you literally have nothing on your personal tile except an all-vowel or all-consonant combination. And really, no matter what kind of player you are, it will ALWAYS happen to the best of us.

Here’s the good news, though: you really don’t have to say “pass” every time the turn shifts back to you. You can actually take advantage of it by using words that, while rarely used in everyday conversation, can still give you a leg up when you’re trying to win a game of Scrabble.

scrabble vowel words

Let’s start with vowels. For instance, “eau”, which is commonly known as a French word for “perfume” nowadays, is actually meant to be a river. “Io”, on the other hand, is a moth. “Ea”, coincidentally enough, also means a “river”. In fact, any two-word or three-word combination of vowels usually means something else when you take a look at your musty dictionary. It may look like you’re playing a dirtier version of Scrabble, but hey, at least it nets you points!

All-consonant words, on the other hand, are trickier to work with, but not entirely impossible. For this purpose, you simply need to go with the more “obvious” choices. For instance, the expression “brr”, meaning an act of shivering, actually qualifies as a word. “Pht”, an expression that is also commonly used in comicbooks than in actual books, is a word signifying irritation at someone. There is also “ch”, which is another word for the animal “eke”, and “ky”, which means to be a cow, believe it or not! Sure, you can spend the whole night debating with your opponent about the “fairness” of using such words, but that’s why it’s always handy to have a large dictionary around!

  1. A rose like any other name

Here is perhaps one other common Scrabble trick that is often looked at unfairly by many competitors: spelling out a name to gain a point. Not only is this the kind of action that only the most desperate player uses, it’s also an act that is worthy of getting you banished from the boardgame table!

However, do you even know that some names count as words that really describe something other than a person? Yep, these words range from the more common like “gloria” (which refers to a halo) to even the more downright “unfair” ones like “danny” (meaning a hand) or “barry” (meaning a mistake). There are actually loads of these in your dictionary, and all you have to do is to look through it when you have the time!

scrabble board

So, are you confident that you already have the best Scrabble cheat anyone can ever hope for? Well, let’s hope for the best! Good luck in your playing!

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