How to Make the Best Vine Videos for the World to See

Vine is one of the most popular tools for social networking there is nowadays. How popular, you ask? Well, it has its own set of memes, for one. And really, if you find that any service is as meme-worthy as the stuff you see on Vine, then that means that it’s supposed to be cool, right? Of course, creating the best Vine videos for the world to see, on the other hand, is a whole other manner.

So, why use Vine, if that’s the case, then? Well, because for one, many tech sites have already touted this as the “next big thing” of this year. And really, it did show why it deserved the hype eventually by revealing a new set of tools that allows more users to play around with app’s functions in a way that has now become easier today than it ever was before when Vine was first introduced to a general unsuspecting public back in 2012.

best vine videos

So, if you’re still struggling of how to take advantage of what Vine has in store for you, then here are some tips below you can use that will allow you to express yourself in the way you see fit in a platform as diverse as master class photography! Read on!

  1. Speak a short message, and make it count.

Ever wonder why Vine was able to stand out from the get-go? Well, it’s primarily because of this one infinite “hook”: users can only record videos lasting up to six seconds which lasts to a loop, and nothing more. For many casual users, this can seem incredibly restrictive, and it’s even less than half the 15-second time limit that similar apps like Tout and Instagram have incorporated into their functions since.

However, it can be argued that the more “limitations” one encounters in any platform, the more creative one becomes in utilizing said platform. And indeed, that’s the exact instance which led to Vine’s popularity in the first place. When you think about it, it’s actually similar to Twitter: you can only express so much within 140 characters that brevity itself becomes a necessary creative exercise in delivering the message you want the whole world to see. Hence, it’s no surprise that Twitter itself acquired Vine even before the platform became a huge hit in the first place!

Anything can be done in six seconds, but that doesn’t mean that you actually record ANYTHING you want. Just like with all things, you have to  think up of a “hook” which would spur fellow Vine-rs to view your work. And in this regard, we go to the oft-regarded social marketing tool of the moment…

  1. #Hashtags

For anyone old enough to have lived through the numerous social media crazes of the past decade or so—think Friendster and MySpace and all the rest of its ilk lost to the sands of time—the presence of hashtags in today’s modern online conversation is really quite silly. After all, NO one uses hashtags when the converse in real-life, do they?

Well, in this regard, we actually have the old-school programmers to thank for this trend: the prefixing of “#” for every relevant word has actually been an offshoot of how programmers—even in this current era of broadband internet—divide web content into separate categories. Twitter has used this to great effect and, no surprise, so does Vine.

vine hashtag

However, there’s more to the gimmick of the hashtag than what most people give it credit for: in Vine’s defense, this is how you can be able to track down the topics of interests which you will probably like to be a part of when recording your six-second looping video.

Here’s a great example: the hashtag #StopMotion is actually one of the more popular threads you can ever encounter in Vine because… well, everyone loves stop-motion animation! On the other hand, other popular threads are #BeLike, #Whaling, and #DoItForTheVine, each one containing its own self-contained “quirks” that are largely different from whatever video you see on Vine at any given day.

And really, it’s not hard to find out where you can be basing your hot Vine idea in the near-future by simply browsing what other users before you have created since. Heck, if you really want your video to look good, then you might as well write down ideas for it! Seems too much? Well, it should, if you really want to be taken seriously here!

  1. Visualize how your video will look like for many people

The popularity of your online profile is always dependent on the way you present yourself. And really, if it’s “presentation” we’re talking about here, then there’s no doubt that Vine is surely on top of the pulpit.

Sure, no one can force you to think and act like a professional photographer or filmmaker when you make a six-second video, but it surely wouldn’t hurt you to think that the reason you’re filming videos in the first place is so that other likeminded people will get to like what you have in store for that platform. Yes, yes, we know you’re just “doing it for yourself”, but just think how gratifying it would be to have other people comment and re-vine your video simply because it looks cool!

So, how do you start with this purpose, then? Well, there’s lighting and angles and location to think about prior to filming a Vine—either one may be present, but it surely is preferable if you can make all three factors work in your favor! On the other hand, there are some free tools you can also use for improving the quality of your video like in-app “special effects” and filters to make the effect even more “otherworldly” than possible.

how to make vine

Of course, you can also go the whole mile and set up your phone on a tripod just so you’ll have a “stable” shot. And you can even get external lenses that are custom-made for your smartphone’s camera! Now, how cool is modern technology?

So, have you discovered the hot idea which will allow you to make your own set of best Vine videos so far? We surely hope you did! Good luck with your new project, and try to pose pretty for your videos!

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