9 Steps to make a car wash business plan and attract clients to your car wash garage

If you want to start a new business, there are various options for you to try. The most important thing is what your interesting business field is. It can be a boring business for some people but it can be an interesting and profitable business for some others. This article will give car wash business lovers in-depth detailed instructions to start making a car wash business plan. I hope that with the following 9 steps, you will start opening a car wash business more easily and attract more potential clients to your new car wash garage! 

Step 1: Research On The Current Car Wash Business

Researching on the current business is a very important step one should not miss it when starting a new job, including car wash business. Thanks to the up-to-date on the latest technology and trends of this industry, you will be able to make an effective car wash business plan and follow it strategically. 

You can read trend reports on car wash business to know exactly what the demographics are in your business area and the current car wash businesses are doing in your area. Google is a great tool for you to carry out this mission. By searching for demographic information, you will figure out the competitive level, then carry out targeted strategies to compete against your opponents. 

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Reading business articles also help you find out the high-quality equipment and materials in the car wash industry. Like a new trend, you should research on environmentally-friendly materials. The price of materials and equipment is an important issue that you have to pay attention to in the progress of making a car wash business plan. 

Step 2: Investigate The Competition

As mentioned above, you have to create target strategies on competition. But, how to invest your business opponents. For more details, I’m going to show you the following points for investigating:

The location

  • Estimate the amount of car wash garages located in your area
  • Estimate how far these garages are far from yours

The services

  • Investigate what exactly your opponents’ services provide
  • Make a detailed list of their equipment and materials
  • Make the comparison between your services and that of your opponents

The pricing

  • Research the specific prices of certain materials, services which other car wash businesses provide
  • List out the table of difference between your pricing items and your opponents’
  • Line out the new strategies to compete their pricing

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How to attract customers

  • Investigate the different tastes of your consumers by asking them what they desire from your services
  • Remember to note all your customers’ ideas or feedbacks
  • Offer your clients some different discounts 

Step 3: Design A Detailed Car Wash Business Plan

A detailed business plan has to deal with the costs of licenses, employees, insurance, marketing, real estate, equipment and materials and much more.

For the costs of licenses and real estate, you have to do first. They are bases for you to start your personal car wash business.

Next, you will choose and buy equipment and materials that you listed out in your plan. In general, purchasing materials cost you a large of money, so you should be careful to make the best decision to buy suitable items which are suitable with the current trends, your customers’ taste and your financial ability.

Hiding employees is an easier task for you to do. Actually, this business does not require many high-level skills like other careers such as doctor, teacher or engineer. Simply you can seek people who are interested in this business field and people who understand the car wash industry.

Car wash marketing is very important. Do not forget it. A successful car business must have a solid car wash marketing strategy. As a new trend, nowadays 81% of businesses use various social media marketing to boost their business income. Why don’t you apply this effective way to develop your car wash business today?

I’m going to recommend you to use some popular social media to promote your business significantly. Why don’t you use targeted campaigns on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google Maps in order to instantly inform clients about your arrival of new product, the sales, the discount events, exclusive promotions or career opportunities? Remember that this marketing is free and you can save a large number of money, instead of using other advertisements.

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People can connect with their favorite fields online to stay informed about new events. For example, when your car wash company offers a “Free Car Wash” service, this news can go miles with people on Twitter or Face book. Besides advertising on these channels, you can use social networks to build your fans; followers that can help you share information better with your business partners, employees and achieve new business ideas for marketing well. 

With over one billion Facebook users, this strategy has a big positive impact on business value and it helps you approach to the relationship building with your customers for a long time. In other words, this is an effective way you can link your customers with the social media network.

Plus, you need to team up with local gas stations, auto-repair shops to encourage them to send customers to you. In another way, sending a postcard or flyer can give your customers a discount on car wash and other services. This is also a practical plan to carry out.

Besides, you can add working with charities as one of missions in your car wash business plan. Indeed, charities are always effective solutions to raise funds, so why don’t you try this strategy once? Simply, you can send a postcard or flyer to local people directly or notice them via the local media, and encourage the charities. Let them set up a car-wash event and they can hand out your marketing materials in order to build a massive mailing list.

Step 4: Find The Investment Capital

In fact, opening a new personal car wash garage requires a large amount of investment capital. Thing you have to do is to find the way to get as much big safe investment capital as possible. The following are some tips you can use for getting funding:

You should write a detailed and practical car wash business plan and send it to the addresses you need their financial supports.

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You must be sure about the deal. Line out some questions such as “Why do you need money?”, “How do you plan to spend it?”  “What is the deal for the investor?” And answer them by yourself.

You don’t try to get funding that goes too far from your ability because this just shows that you have no strategy to find a suitable investment capital successfully. 

Step 5: Choose The Right Location To Start Your Car Wash Business

A smart businessman will choose a business location which is near a residential region and your car wash signage is visible to drivers for at least 30 seconds. Moreover, your car wash garage must be located at a large venue for accommodating the pump rooms, the bays, the vacuum, and the drying areas for some company office rooms.

 It will be ideal if you can locate your car wash garage at place where traffic must travel past no more than 60km/hour so that driver have enough time to see your car wash signage and make a decision to have their cars washed. 

Step 6: Be Smart To Import Necessary Materials And Equipment

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In fact, opening a car wash company is not different to starting a garage gym business because you have to buy many materials and equipment that costs you a large amount of money. So, how to be a smart businessman when purchasing materials?

Depending on the services you provide, you can plan to buy versatile and effective equipment. This plan helps you save money and use it for other financial purposes.

For efficient cleaning, you can use multiple cleaning machines. Ideally, you can buy a soft carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, upholstery cleaners to clean the interior of vehicles and hard surface pressure washers to clean the exteriors of vehicles. 

Step 7: Hire Employees

In general, any job requires employees who are skilled, efficient, polite and punctual. However, because of the specific features of car wash job, you have to be careful to choose good ones who understand and can satisfy with this hard job, for example working without stable working time, or working in shift and so on. In addition, you have to make sure that you can manage your employees with labor contracts. Design a standard labor contract form; pay much attention to the contents of each rule in your contract such as the start working time, the day to end the contract. If you do not follow a standard labor contract form, it will be easy for your employees to quit job without any reason or cheat on your clients, for example replacing low-quality equipments.

Step 8: Advertise Your Car Wash Company

In the step 3, I’ve already known how to design a detailed car wash business plan, including advertising campaigns for attracting consumers and profits. In this step, I will help you discover some other offline ways to advertise your car wash company with posters, slogans, street signs, in-local printable publications, flyers and so on.

In an attempt to increase sales, the following are some catchy car wash slogans that are used by other companies for developing car wash business:

  • The cleanest way to do the dirty job
  • We bring the wave to you
  • We dry harder
  • We make cars last longer
  • You like it clean, we like it dirty
  • Clean – Fast – Friendly
  • Fly back to a shiny car
  • It’s more than a car! Keep it clean
  • Remove road salt now
  • Stay in your car convenience

Here are some street signs:

         car wash business plan pdf                 car wash business plan for company                         car wash business plan for new company

Similarly, if you do a small scale business such as cake business, you can use this simple advertising strategy with street signs to attract your customers.

Step 9: Open Your Own Car Wash Company

If you complete all 8 steps above, it’s time for you to open a new car wash company without worrying about failure. The next thing you need to do is running your car wash company for good and I will write that topic in another occasion. 

I’ve already introduced 9 steps to open a car wash company to you. I believe that if you are interested in this business field and if you follow this 9-step car wash business plan, you will be able to provide high-quality services and attract more and more fail-safe clients and partners!  

Now, tell me true that you are excited at making a car wash business plan or not. I hope you can get useful information after reading my entire writing. If you want to share your idea with me, please drop words at the end of this post. Your feedbacks are always welcome and invited, expecting car wash owners!

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