Take a look at computer repair mastery course review & learn the best course to start this business!

Discover How To Start Your Own Computer Repair Business With Computer Repair Mastery Course Review

If you are planning to work as a computer repairman, this is a best guide for you to read and discover. Let’s read to get clearer about my recommended computer repair program – Computer Repair Mastery Course.

  1. What Is Computer Repair Mastery Course?
  2. What Are The Contents Of The Course?
  3. Do You Get Any Guarantee When Purchasing This System
  4. Does The Author Provide Any Technical Or Customer Support?

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What Is Computer Repair Mastery Course?

The Computer Repair Mastery Course is an ultimate guidebook for computer repairman, who wants to start this business and learn computer repair techniques at home. Ty Price, a computer expert is the author of this program. With his experience in repairing PC like a pro, he absolutely can help you master PC repair techniques as fast as possible. To get more information about this course, please continue reading this Computer Repair Mastery Course Review!

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What Are The Contents Of The Course?

You just need to invest $67 in order to learn this course. It was designed with 9 hours of video instruction and a 158 page guidebook. For more details, you will learn 20 video lessons as follows:

Lesson 1: PC Repair Safety, revealing:

·        Important Safety Basics

·        The danger of static electricity

·        The guide on handling components to ensure your computer longevity

·        What you should wear while fixing computers

·        The 2 components of a PC you should not attempt to fix

·        How to protect your computer from power outages and lightning strikes

Lesson 2: Data Backup, guiding:

·        3 types of media to use when you back up your data

·        How to create automated backups

·        How to manually backup data

·        How to make a copy of a hard drive

Lesson 3: Hardware Identification, showing the techniques to handle:

·        Cases

·        Power Supplies

·        RAM (Memory)

·        CPU (Processor)

·        ROM Drives

·        Cooling

·        Sound Cards

·        Mechanical vs. Solid State Drives

·        Power Supply Connections

·        Motherboard Components

·        Motherboard Connections

·        Hard Drive Connections

·        Video Cards

·        Warranties

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Lesson 4: PC Cleaning, uncovering:

·        Cleaning supplies for PC

·        How to increase airflow

·        The guide to increase your computer’s lifespan

·        How to clean your computer in the right way

Lesson 5: Diagnostics, exposing:

·        Diagnosing problems

·        How to test your RAM

·        How to check your hard drive errors

Lesson 6: Hardware Replacement, showing:

·        Installing and removing RAM

·        Installing and removing a ROM Drive

·        Installing a ROM Drive and removing a Hard Drive

·        Installing a Hard Drive and removing a Power Supply

·        Installing a Power Supply and removing a Video Card

·        Installing a Video Card and installing Expansion Cards

·        Removing the Motherboard and removing the Processor

·        Installing the Processor and installing a CPU Cooler

·        Installing the Motherboard

·        Checking the Power Switch

·        Troubleshooting

·        Seating Expansion Cards

·        Removing the CMOS Battery

Lesson 7: Virus Removal, revealing:

·        Techniques to prevent computers from getting malware

·        Different types of malware

·        The differences between Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware software

·        How to run a system scan

·        How to fix your browser

·        The guide to use a modern anti-virus utility

computer repair mastery course order

Lesson 8: File Recovery, teaching:

·                    How to restore Microsoft Outlook accounts

·        How to recover deleted files

·        The instruction to restore overwritten files

·        How to use a Linux Live CD

Lesson 9: Windows Utilities, guiding:

·        The tip to check for corrupted files

·        How to speed up your PC by organizing your hard drive

·        How to stop programs from the startup

Lesson 10: System Utilities, instructing:

·        How to check to see if your hard drive has bad sectors

·        Fix the master boot record

·        How to run an in-place installation

Lesson 11: Factory Restore, teaching:

·        How to restore partitions

·        How to restore backup media

·        The guide to buy a new computer

·        The instruction to restore your computer without deleting files

Lesson 12: Unwanted Program Removal, providing:

·        The guide to know which programs automatically start when your PC logins to Windows

·        The instruction to add new programs

·        The guide to remove a program

Lesson 13: Junk File Removal, uncovering:

·        How to remove junk files

·        How to remove “deleted” files

·        Clean up your internet files

·        The guide to use the disk cleanup utility

·        3 software for you to use to get rid of junk files

Lesson 14: Software Updates, showing the way to keep programs updated with security

Lesson 15: Windows Installation, showing:

·        A guide to install Windows 7

·        A detailed instruction to install Windows XP

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Lesson 16: Drivers Installation, revealing:

·        The introduction on Drivers

·        How to update drivers

·        How to check drivers

·        How to manually install drivers

·        Installing drivers

Lesson 17: Internet Setup, exposing:

·        The different types of internet connections

·        Internet connection

·        Different web browser for you to choose

·        Setting up an email account

Lesson 18: Software Installation, showing:

·        Installing Microsoft Office

·        Installing anti-virus software

·        Media players and Web browsers

·        DVD/CD burning software

·        How to use Java, Adobe Reader and PDF creators

Lesson 19: Windows Update, instructing:

·        How to find PC system version

·        The way to install a service pack

·        The guide to perform a Windows Update

·        How to uninstall updates

Lesson 20: User Account Customization, uncovering:

·        How to create a user account

·        The guide to switch between user accounts

·        The techniques to adjust PC monitors

·        The instruction to change the wallpaper

·        How to customize the screen saver and how to customize the start menu

·        How to customize the task bar

·        How to manage documents and how to manage parental controls

Here are some customers’ stories. Let’s check out some:

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Do You Get Any Guarantee When Purchasing This System?

Of course! By using this system, you get an unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee. It means that you can read the whole course without any risk within 60 days. If for any crazy reason you didn’t fix your computer, even with the help of the author’s technical support, he will absolutely honor to guarantee and refund your money. You have nothing to lose.

computer repair mastery course review

Does The Author Provide Any Technical Or Customer Support?

Yes! The author welcomes you to contact him and ask him for any question related to technical issues, product information and refund policy. Please click here to go to the contact page. Besides, you can visit FAQ page to get clearer about frequently asked questions there.

For any feedbacks related to this Computer Repair Mastery Course Review, let me know by leaving your comment at the end of this post. If you find my writing useful, why don’t you share it with other people? I always welcome you to help me do this significant thing.

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