13 positive and side effects of fast food consumption on health – control eating habit to stay healthy

Fast food is a convenient way to fill you up when you are hungry. However, you shouldn’t follow fast food diet or consume this type of food regularly because, it is not cheap and foremost, fast food can damage your long-term health conditions. This article will help you get clearer about 13 positive and side effects of fast food consumption on health.

13 Positive And Side Effects Of Fast Food Consumption On Health And The Guide To Consume Fast Foods

Coupled with the high calories, fat, sodium and low nutritional value in the content of fast foods, they lead to any health problems like weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular condition, diabetes and other potential diseases in both adults and children. The following are more details of 13 positive and side effects of fast food consumption on health and some guidelines to consume fast foods for good.

I. Effects Of Fast Food Consumption On Health

1. Making You Full

Fast foods which main features are fast, delicious, attractive, convenient are now becoming more and more popular and great for snacks. Just with a piece of pizza, you will get full and have enough energy to continue your work.

Actually, there are various types of fast foods and not all fast foods contain fat that lead to obesity. If you worry about the risk of some diseases associated with fast foods, simply restrict amounts of fast foods in your meals and eat more fruits, more vegetables and other grains.

2. Weight Gain And Obesity effects of fast food book weight gain and obesity

Fast food diet is extremely high in calories and fat. Weight gain and obesity occurs when people consume a large amount of more calories than they need to burn calorie in a day. In a research published in The Lancet, 2004, the researchers shown that eating fast food meals more than twice a week is linked to weight gain more times than occasional visits. In another study at University of California, in 2009 the researchers indicated that that eating fast food in restaurant is linked to 5.2% of the risk of obesity.

3. Type 2 Diabetes

The Guardian reported that eating fast foods regularly might double the development of insulin that increases the risk of type II diabetes. In addition, according to the report, the number of diabetics has increased since 1980, from about 153 million to nearly 250 million, in 2011.

4. Cardiovascular Health Problems

Most fast foods are high in salt and cholesterol. These 2 nutrients contribute to cardiovascular diseases. According to the centers of Disease Control & Prevent, U.S, there is the link between negative effects of fast food consumption and blood pressure and American people consume a lot of fast foods containing sodium in restaurant foods and that is reason why a large number of Americans get cardiovascular health problems.

According to a research published in the Journal of Public Health, Canada, 2005, people who ate fast foods over 3 times a week, they increased the risk of heart disease up to 80%. In another study published by Journal of Epidemiology, from Australia, 2010, indicated that each 10% increased in fast food restaurants, people were increase 1.39 the risk of dying from cardiovascular condition.

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5. Libido Problems
The foods you eat have direct effects on both your physical and sexual health. Fatty acids included in fast foods, are the cause sex crisis. This acid also contributes to weight gain as it triggers biochemical changes that

cause libido nosedive, along with ovulation and sperm count.

According to Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Italy, fast food consumption can kill women’s libido.

effects of fast food book libido problems

6. Depression And Stress

Researchers indicated that fast foods can lead to depression and stress. According to an article in Public Health Nutrition, published in 2011, the researchers made an investigation of 2 groups. Group 1 followed a fast food diet and the group 2 had balanced diets. The results have shown that the first group increase depression by 51%, in comparison with the group 2.

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In addition, researcher from the University of London, UK shown that people who sued processed foods and fat foods suffered from depression 58% than those who were in non-fat food diets.

According to the site HealthAssist.net, fat foods and soft drink directly act as stimulants to human body and they contribute to mood disorders and stress. These foods and drinks contain various synthetic additives like emulsifiers, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, and flavor enhancers, which are not good for mental health in human.

Fast Foods are also the key reason of many diseases related to blood vessels, heart and these foods contributes to increase the levels of stress. Compared with people who use low fat diets, people consuming fat foods are stressed more often. These fast foods including caffeine and sugar like colas, chocolates, tea and coffee. Besides, junk foods and fast foods often contain synthetic additives like flavor-enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners and emulsifiers.

7. Peptic Ulcer Disease effects of fast food book peptic ulcer disease

Peptic Ulcer is an area of gastrointestinal tract, which is often acidic and extremely painful. Doctors and scientists believed that spicy foods, alcohol, stress are main causes of most ulcers. Many fast foods including salt and spices like chili, garlic or pepper so that they are not good to consume regularly.

If you love salted snakes, pizzas or chips, you should consider these fast foods. Of course, you can enjoy these foods with your friends or eat them as afternoon snacks, yet stop eating them when you have high blood pressure, obesity or liver problems.

8. Loss Of Appetite

Balanced food contains appetizers that are not present in fast foods. Regularly consume fast foods can cause loss appetite, digestive problems and even food poisoning. Actually, Fast foods do not satisfy the need of stomach. Thus, if you love eating fat foods or you are following a fat food diet, you should spend more time consuming other foods, including vegetables, grains, beans with more essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

9. Lack of Essential Nutrients

Fast foods are just high in calories and fat, so you have to supply your body with other foods to have nutritional balance.

According to findings released by the Thorax Journal, eating fast foods 3 times or more per week can cause severe eczema, rhino conjunctivitis and asthma, especially in children while eating fruits regularly per week can protect people from allergy conditions, the researcher revealed.

10. Cancer

Because fast food diets are low in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants so that these foods does not support your immune system fighting off free radicals in foods – the main cause of various cancer in human.

According to Mental Health Foundation, UK, nutrition absolutely plays an important role in maintaining good health. There are 1/3 of cancer cases, linked to poor diets found through fast foods such as kidney cancer, colon cancer or esophagus.

effects of fast food cancer

11. Liver Problems

If you eat fat foods everyday, you should know that your eating habit can harm your liver function day by day. Scientifically, fat foods can cause some negative changes in enzymes in human body like hepatic triglyceride content and alanine aminotransferase. High alanine aminotransferase levels are seen in those who drink alcohol or people who are infected with hepatitis C virus. Hepatic triglyceride content can measures levels of fatty acid in human liver. too much fat in liver can lead to fatty liver disease.

According to a research on effects of fast food consumption, the finding shown that fast food consumer gain 6.5 kg or 13.3 lbs of weight on average; 5 participants gained their weight up to 15%, a person increase 12 kg or 26.4 lbs in 2 weeks; the increase of alanine aminotransferase occurred after a week of the fat food diet; the alanine aminotransferase levels increased 4 times from 22U’l to 97 U/l during 4 weeks; alanine aminotransferase increased and damage livers in 11 cases.

Actually, effects of fast food consumption on livers are clear. If you have some problems with your livers, there are some symptoms to know such as your yellow eye color, your unhealthy skin and abdominal pain.

12. Brain Problems

According to the Mental Health Foundation, UK, nutrition plays a key role in maintaining mental health. Human body requires a balance of fatty acids including omega 3s and omega 6s to function property. The researchers have indicated that westerners who consume fat foods, which are poor in omega 3 fatty acids were negatively have brain problems such as lack of concentration, memory problems and so on.

13. Children’s Problems effects of fast food weight gain with childrens problems

According to an investigation published on NBC News, children among the ages of 6 to 14 from 51 countries increased symptoms of asthma attacks, allergies and eczema due to eating fast foods.

In another research in 2010 shown that children in the ages of 8 to 12 who ate Mediterranean diet (low fat diet with fish, vegetables and fruits) lowed their risks of asthma and wheezing.

Children should have balanced diets with essential vitamins, nutrients and other supplements for their normal growth. Unfortunately, fast food diets can help children. If they consume fast foods regularly, they can get different health conditions related to weight, immune system, tooth health, bone health, even various cancers in the near future.

II. How To Consume Fast Food For Good

The negative effects of fast food consumption on health are clear. To restrict health problems related to fast foods, you can use a balanced diet and consider some suggestions below:

– Do not follow fat food diet

– Limit eating fast foods in main daily meals

– Add more vegetables, fruits with fiber to your daily meals

– Limit eat restaurant food

– Instead of using a high fat diet, follow a low-fat diet

– Get active, do exercises at least 3 times a week

– Ask doctors to do your blood test

– Check out your livers to know your current enzymes in livers

– Ask you family to avoid adding fast foods in daily meals

– Limit shop for fast foods in supermarkets

I’ve shown you 13 positive and side effects of fast food consumption on health. I hope that the writing is helpful for you and you can plan healthy meals for your family everyday.

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