Three Understandable Reasons as to Why the Ello Social Network is Insanely Popular

There is a new social networking site in town. And by “new”, we essentially mean “hip”. Really, this is why the Ello social network has become cool in the first place; it essentially tried all the strategies that worked for Facebook over a decade ago, and they are doing so with varying results, too! Of course, that is not to say that Ello hasn’t experienced any growing pains as of recent months, but there is no doubt that this particular social network will be here in the long run!

So, with that said, with the advent of multiple sites and apps like Instagram and Vine, why else would you want to invest your time in another social media platform? Well, as with all things, there is more to the eye that you can see from the outset. Here below are some possible reasons as to why Ello may be the best thing that happened to your “online” life in recent times!

ello social network

  1. Ello is (as of the moment) currently ad-free

If there is one thing that separates Ello from one of its biggest competitors, Facebook, it is simply this: every post you go through the page is absolutely free of any ads or sponsored posts. Yep, nothing is more effective than declaring your brand as “cool” than foregoing the one thing that will dilute your “coolness” in the first place.

Obviously, this has worked out well enough for the thousands of people which have been using the platform for almost a year now. Without any risk of having their “data” studied by brands or corporations which then could be used to market highly specific stuff to them, this is probably the closes ideal we can have for a “modern” social network we can have nowadays.

Of course, if you’re already raring to join the network and meet new people there who are just there for the conversation and nothing else, then you might want to take a stop there for a moment, and it’s mainly because…

  1. Ello only accepts invite-only users

Now, if you still don’t think that Ello is not deserving of its cool cred, then maybe it’s the site’s continuing insistence on “exclusivity” that should push you on joining the elite ranks of the Ello users around the world.


Why this, though? Well, you remember the time when Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr were just filled with what seems to be like your friends and their friends? Well, that’s the vibe that Ello is actually aiming for, in this regard. By limiting every user to doling out “only” 25 invites, then that essentially means that having someone endorsing you on Ello is like hitting the internet jackpot! You don’t win any cash or credit, but at least you get to be part of a certain cool clique. For eternity, hopefully!

  1. Ello brings back “old” social networking tropes in a whole new way

For anyone else who may have been old enough to be there for the “golden age” of social media—your Friendster, MySpace, and other websites that have since bitten the dust—one of the appealing things about those sites is the fact you can essentially fashion an identity that is “separate” from your real-life identity. It obviously harkens back to a time when online anonymity was a freedom that we being guarded heavily, and it’s actually something that is woefully absent from today’s social media landscape.

In addition, Ello brings back minimalism in a whole new way. How “minimalist” are we talking about, though? Well, think early Facebook and Twitter. Cool, eh?

ello creation system

So, have you figured out whether the Ello social network is indeed made for you? Well, either way, we sure hope you get to figure out at your own pace!

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