Energy 2 green review – learn to build your solar and wind power plant to save your monthly bills?

Let’s Take Some Minutes To Read Energy 2 Green Review And Learn How To Build Your Own Mini Power Plant!

I would like to share a practical guide to make mini solar and wind power plant with you, titled Energy 2 Green. Please check out the whole review below, then you will know if you should take action or not! 

  1. What Is Energy 2 Green?
  2. How Does The Program Guide You To Create Your Own Power Plant Successfully?
  3. How Much To Get Started With This Program?
  4. Does The Author Provide Any Guarantee & Support?

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What Is Energy 2 Green?

Energy 2 Green is a practical guidebook for people who have a great passion with solar and wind energy, and people who want to create their own power plant to save energy bills as well as prevent the global warming.

Tomas Haynes is the founder of this solar & wind energy manual. His program was used by many users and it got a lot of good feedbacks. If you find this program useful and practical enough, why don’t you continue reading my Energy 2 Green review and get clear about all typical features of it.

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How Does The Program Guide You To Create Your Own Power Plant Successfully?

Firstly, the program reveals its goals to help:

Simple goals:

  • Design working windmills & solar panels using materials that everyone can find and buy
  • Reduce costs under $500
  • Make the designs as simple as possible
  • Reduce greenhouse emission as well as combat global warming 

Inside the Energy 2 Green program, you will learn detailed instructions to build a homemade power plant. The course of this project is as little as $200.

  • You can find all materials at your local hardware store.
  • The electricity you generate from this solar system can power up any appliance you have in your room like TV, light, computer, washing machine and other appliances.
  • You will understand the way a solar power works and keeps your project run well.
  • You will be able to save hundreds of dollars with your own solar power plant. 

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Inside the Energy 2 Green guide, you also learn how to make your own wind power plant.

  • The cost of a wind power system is less than $100.
  • By learning these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to create any type of wind generator you want.
  • Your home-made wind mill will work well, look great and professional.
  • You can save a lot of money by using this profitable project. 

Here are some feedbacks from users: 

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Now, you can watch this video to get clear about the way the Energy 2 Green works:

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How Much To Get Started With This Program?

Once again, let take a look at all the features of the Energy 2 Green system:

  • Step by step & easy to follow instructions to set up your own power plant
  • Pre-construction checklist to carry out your project with ease
  • Diagrams & schematics to get started without confusion
  • Maintenance tips & schedules to get your project go on track
  • Energy Saving tips that help your family cut energy cost a half
  • Plenty of practical tips & tricks to run your power plant faster and more efficiently

The program with these features to set up 2 main types of power plant: solar power plant and wind power plant comes with a very low price of just $49. Plus, the author Tomas Haynes also offers you 2 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Planning And Installing Bio-energy Systems – Valued at $249
  • Bonus 2: Renewable Energy Technology – Valued at $180 

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Does The Author Tomas Haynes Provide Any Guarantee & Supp


The Energy 2 Green program is available in downloadable PDF format so that you can hit the fastest running and get started immediately! Your purchase is 100% secure, risk-free. All the things you need to do to get ready to set up your own power plant and start saving your money, reduce your monthly bill cost and save the planet!

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For every question and support request, please send the author Tomas Haynes your email at: Enery2green [at] gmail dot com. 

For any feedback related to the Energy 2 Green review, feel free to show it here, at the end of this article. I also welcome you to share this writing to other energy, solar and wind enthusiasts. 

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