Family Self Defence Review – Does Frank Bell Contain the Secret to Effective Self Defence Classes?

Learn How To Master REAL Fighting With The Help Of Frank Bell’s Self Defence Classes!

Self-defence contains many aspects of training. However, what everyone else—even the trainers themselves—fail to realise is that ACTUAL self-defence accounts little for the “ideal” theories that are being taught everywhere. If someone points a gun to your head, how can you be able to show off your fancy gogoplata moves?

Well, this is where Frank Bell’s instructional ebook-and-DVD comes in! With the help of this amazing new product called Family Self Defence, you will know how to protect your loved ones no matter WHAT the situation you may find yourself in! We review it in full below!

  1. What Is Family Self Defence?
  2. What Will I Learn From Family Self Defence?
  3. How Much Does Family Self Defence Cost?
  4. Is It Guaranteed That Family Self Defence Will Work For Me?
  5. Does Frank Bell Give Any Support For A Purchase Of Family Self Defence?

Family Self Defence Review

What Is Family Self Defence?

Family Self Defence is a revolutionary “practical fighting” course developed by Frank Bell, an elite personal security trainer who had real-world experience protecting celebrities and politicians. However, this product is tailored to helping you protect the most important people in your life: your family.

This kit includes exercises and detailed instruction that teaches users effective and no-frills fighting techniques that can be applicable in any kind of dangerous situation. Think Liam Neeson in Taken—yep, that’s how LEGIT this program is!

Self Defence Classes

What Will I Learn From Family Self Defence?

Family Self Defence includes a wide variety of martial arts taken from many of the world’s oldest disciplines, but given with a new-school sheen! In particular,  you can learn many effective tips and techniques like:

  • Performing minutes-long warm up and endurance training drills
  • Knowing where to “hit” an assailant that will leave him eating dust off the ground for many minutes
  • Developing your endurance to personal-high levels
  • Conditioning your body without having to endure the requisite “challenges”
  • Knowing when to be “patient” with an attack when the situation calls for it
  • Improving your health in gradual steps
  • “Blocking” any kind of attack from all sides
  • Becoming a strong “defender” for your family and loved ones

And many, many more!

Family Self Defence Testimonial Steve Boterno

Family Self Defence Testimonial Dan Smidge

Other than the main product, you also get to enjoy these three bonus products below which you can download for FREE at no extra cost! These are:

  • Mental Toughness – Channel all your adrenaline into “purposeful” energy with this ebook!
  • Fitness-Simple Exercises and Stretches – Perform daily exercises in just as little as under two minutes!
  • Vital Checklist – Don’t be left out without the “vital” equipment you should ALWAYS have in your household in times of crisis!

Family Self Defence Review Guarantee

How Much Does Family Self Defence Cost?

Here’s the most surprising thing about it: considering Frank Bell’s history of teaching self-defence, you would think that he has the right to charge you thousands of dollars for this valuable product. And you’re mostly right on that assumption!

HOWEVER, Frank understands that every family needs a guide like this. Hence, that is why he’s more than willing to give it away for JUST $37! Yes, it’s ONLY $37! That’s practically a value that is worth stealing (pun very much not intended)!

Is It Guaranteed That Family Self Defence Will Work For Me?

Heck yes! The Family Self Defenceprogram comes with a 100% money-back guarantee that is good for 60 days!  You absolutely can ask for a refund of your purchase if, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase!

Family Self Defence Review Guarantee

Does Frank Bell Give Any Support For A Purchase Of Family Self Defence?

If you have any question or concern regarding the program, you can directly contact Frank Bell through his personal page for any issues with regards to his custom self defence classes. Otherwise, you can just leave a comment below!

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