Look Like a Forever New Model: How to be a Fashion Model in Three Easy Steps!

So you think modeling is easy? Well, it can be—as long as you know what you’re doing. Point is, modeling involves more than just staring at the camera and pouting; Zoolander may have amped up the ridiculous aspects of the modeling industry, but there is no question that the act itself involves an awful LOT of hard work for the people who are willing to put themselves through the rigorous grinder of being considered an elite model! And really, nothing says “elite” more than being a Forever New model these days!

As with all things, you have to start somewhere when you really want to be a model. And, truth be told, there is more to modeling than developing an incredible physique while still looking good; you should steel yourself to the realities of having a very demanding schedule, operating on very little food or sleep, and still looking like you’re still the freshest person in the room! Yep, all these things can be highly possible, and we give you tips on how you can do so! Read on below!

Forever New Model

  1. Looking for an agency

If you’re really serious into having a career as a model, then there really is no question about it: you have to start looking for an agency that you can be a part of. Sure, you can always make it on your own, but you can rarely get bookings without having an agent do it for you.

Of course, there is another reason why you need to look up on the agencies that you feel you can really be a part of; for one, it allows you to find out what “kind” of modeling you are suitable for: fashion, glamour, commercial, character, swimwear and a whole lot more that can really make you ask, “THAT exists?!” Really, the fashion industry is less of an “industry” and more of a “world”—there are dozens and dozens of “niche” modeling gigs that have since opened up, thanks to the advent of modern social media. And really, THAT can be the good news when it comes to your purpose of starting out as a model these days!

  1. Know how to “emote”

Ever wonder why models find it very easy to cross over to acting these days? Well, it’s because of this one single thing: they basically know how to “perform” for the camera. Really, that is the difference between modeling and plain straight-up “posing” for a picture: modeling requires that you get to project a wide range of common human emotions, but with the exception that you know how to do so for dramatic effect!

model poses

This is also the prime reason why “modeling classes” still exist in this day and age: the mentors in these kinds of classes teach their wards the old-school acting technique of “internalisation”; that is, the act of displaying the requisite emotion to the camera by way of “feeling” what your character in a shoot should feel. If it sounds like something that not everyone can do at the drop of the hat, then congratulation! You now have realized that modeling is indeed hard work!

  1. Simply be “you”

Of course, all the glamour shots of yourself won’t matter one bit if you can’t display a sense of yourself on the camera. And really, that is where most casting agents get to determine the right field for you:
by simply knowing who you really are.

Most casting agents, upon interviewing an applicant, can determine whether a model is right for the job or not by simply encouraging them to “come as they are”. So, that means no heavy makeups, no frilly dresses, no hair extensions. If you can simply come to a meeting dressed in a tee and skinny jeans, then simply do it; the reason for that is that an agent can really see your “natural” beauty for what it is. And that, dear friends, is something that no glossy mag or Photoshop can ever hide!

model photos

Really, you don’t even have to be an “extrovert” just so you can be able to land modeling gigs that you’re aiming for in the future.  As long as you can deem yourself comfortable performing in front of the camera, then that’s basically the prerequisite you really need for being a Forever New model!

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