How to Score a Gareth Bale Goal in Three Easy Steps!

Gareth Bale is that once-in-a-generation football player who has been making headlines recently for being involved in an expensive bidding war for his talents which eventually saw him pack up from Liverpool and move to the more lucrative confines of Real Madrid. Why the hype for this particular player, though? Well, as it turns out, most of it is reliant on the magical Gareth Bale Goal formula!

For the uninitiated and the unconverted, here are some mindboggling stats which shows why Bale is worth all those ludicrous sums of money he is being paid now in Spain: he scored 21 goals and made 17 assists in just ONE season last year with Real Madrid. He’s also got a killer left foot too, which allowed him to score those insane amounts of goals in many games since.

So, with that said, would you believe that you too can achieve the kinds of success that Gareth Bale is now enjoying simply by knowing how to score well? Sure, it’s a long shot at making the cut for the next World Cup, but at least you can wow the local boys or girls at your neighbourhood club with your amazing, newfound skills! And you can start training to be the premier scorer that you can be with the help of these three tips below!

Gareth Bale Goal

  1. Always be moving

One of the greatest gifts that Bale has when playing football is that he just does not create scoring opportunities for himself, but he also knows how to scout out ones for his teammates, too. The “seventeen assists” achievement he had set for himself is far from coincidental, after all. And you know how he did that? Well, the bloke simply moved a lot, that’s all!

If you think scoring is just a matter of standing still and waiting for someone to pass the ball to you and running with it, then that may be a whole other sport you may be watching. Point is, you can only be able to look for scoring opportunities if you’re constantly on the move. Not only will you create opportunities for you to get the ball, you can also evade any defenders who may be holding you down otherwise if you just wait for the ball. So, you should build up on your cardio while you still can!

  1. Take note of the goalkeeper’s “position”

More than the defenders who will be swarming either side of you if even attempt to score a goal, the main hindrance that you should expect from achieving this purpose is through the goalkeeper. And really, it would prove to be heartbreaking if your single “shot” at greatness (pun very much intended) would be blocked mercilessly by an opponent who’s as determined to win the game as you.

So, how do you pass through him or her, then? Well, for one, it would serve you well to take note of the goalie’s position; in particular, most goalies tend to stand a few feet away from the goal line not just as a matter of angling their bodies against any shot that may possibly come through them, but to also project an imposing psychological presence against the scorer who’s gutsy enough to take them head-on.

gareth bale real madrid

So, with that said, you really have to learn how to shoot the ball in low angles or even in “short” pivots. Sure, the eventual goal may not look graceful, but at least you scored! That should surely count for something, right?

  1. Shooting with both feet

Now, this is perhaps the trickiest aspect of developing a killer scoring technique. Sure, many scorers have only relied on one foot for delivering a goal, but the eventual flipside to that is that it makes defenders immediately wary of when you’re about to cock your foot back for a kick through the net.

Of course, one of the most effective counters for that is by simply learning how to shoot with both feet. It’s a hard habit to develop, but unlike your hands, it can be possible to be dexterous at BOTH lower extremities!  Okay, so science may say otherwise, but we think you get the point well enough!

gareth bale 2014

So, are you convinced you can make your own version of your Gareth Bale Goal count? Well, we sure hope so! Comment below if you’ve got more tips that you can add for this post, or you can check out our reviews of Total Soccer Fitness or Epic Soccer Training for more tips on how to improve your game!

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