Guitar lessons for beginners – how to play guitar professionally with guitar theory revolution

Guitar Theory Revolution Reveals Guitar Lessons For Beginners

I would love to present to you the overview of Guitar Theory Revolution via 6 following sections:

  1. What Is Guitar Theory Revolution?
  2. How Will Guitar Theory Revolution Help You Learn Guitar Lessons For Beginners?
  3. How Much To Get Started?
  4. What Will You Get From Guitar Theory Revolution Program?
  5. Is It Guaranteed That Guitar Theory Revolution Will Work For You?
  6. Does Guitar Theory Revolution Give Any Support?

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What Is Guitar Theory Revolution?

Guitar Theory Revolution contains systems, patterns, diagrams, and practical exercises which can open your mind to a new awareness of guitar theory. This program includes 107 pages covering guitar lessons for beginners, step-by-step instructions of specific topics relating to guitar fundamental theory, guitar exercises for speed and easy-to-understand tips on how to play different types of guitar. You will be amazed with your improvements gained from the e-guide in such a shortest human possible time. Just take a walk with me to explore the secrets inside this E-course!

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How Will Guitar Theory Revolution Help You Learn Guitar Lessons For Beginners?

Learning and becoming a master of guitar requires a long path of studying and practicing. However, with the essential guide to guitar virtuosity, you will shorten that time to reach the level of guitar master with ease. Here are some typical features that you can learn from Guitar Theory Revolution:

  • You will learn the major, the minor and pentatonic scales.
  • It teaches learners not only how to play guitar better but also how to become a better song writer through applying the circle of 4ths, 5ths chords.
  • Learn how to realize musical intervals by ear and how to link theory learned to practice.
  • Get to know where and when to use 6th and 7th chords.
  • Discover the Universal Note Pattern; how to memorize all of the notes on fret board.
  • Learn the CAGED chord pattern and the BEAD-GCF pattern as well.
  • How the Five Fret Pattern can help you play scales and chords all over the fret board easily

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When following exactly the theory as well as the guidelines inside the guitar lessons for beginners E-book, people will get these following benefits:

  • You will be able to play guitar quickly and beautifully if you learn to play the guitar via lessons in this system.
  • You can save a lot of your time, your money and your energy when using this home guitar lessons for beginners.
  • The e-course will train your ear and helps you figure out music by ear.
  • And much more!

Besides, this website also provides different guides on playing lead guitar and learning guitar with video lessoms. People can check out Guitar Hot Shot and Pentatonic Power. You also can check out Learn To Play Gospel Piano to get more knowledge of gospel piano lesson.

guitar lessons for beginners acoustic guitar theory revolution order

How Much To Get Started?

Today, clients who are serious about learning to play guitar, have a chance to get the full package of Guitar Theory Revolution with just a small amount of money of $27 for a one-time investment. This is such an affordable price for exchanging a breakthrough guitar lessons for beginners. Imagine that you will not have to spend money and time too much on guitar learning when using this powerful program. Does it deserved to be paid?

What Will You Get From Guitar Theory Revolution Program?

Once purchasing this product today, people will get instant to the downloadable and printable lecture and exercise e-book which includes 107 pages. Besides, you also own the diagrams 44-page e-book which is also downloadable and printable. It is not the end. The full system of Guitar Theory Revolution provides clients with an Ear Training MP3s  and the exclusive GTR Newsletter for maximizing their ability of guitar learning.

Total value of these above things is just $127 if sold separately. Nevertheless, you will receive all of them with no additional charge. They are yours FREE.

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Is It Guaranteed That Guitar Theory Revolution Will Work For You?

If you are not pleased with the content as well as the achievements gained from this product, feel free to let the manufacturer know and get all your money back. There will be no hassles or hard feelings to you. Just a simple refund!

The choice of becoming a master of guitar is in your hand. Do not miss it out! 

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Does Guitar Theory Revolution Give Any Support?

For any inquirie and help requirement about the product content, people can send an email to this address neill [at] guitartheoryrevolution dot info.

If you have comments and feedbacks regarding to this article, leave them at the end of this writing. We are glad to reply all soon.

Are you ready to learn guitar lessons for beginners now?

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