When is Halloween Horror Nights, or “How to Make Halloween Cooler than Ever!”

Halloween is just a couple of days away! So, have you started decorating your home for this purpose yet? Well, if you haven’t yet, then we can easily see why: too often, we’re so immured from the idea of Halloween as being something that is worth celebrating for because ALL of the common decorations for it look the same. And really, nothing kills the mood more than seeing rows and rows of houses being decorated in the same way. Really, how you can you set up a date for someone who asks you, “When is Halloween horror nights?” when your home looks boringly homogenous with the “others” out there?

Well, there is a way, of course: you simply have to be creative at looking outside the pumpkin (yep, we just wrote it) and break out of the boring monotone that Halloweens past have defined itself by making your own spin on it! And if you want more ideas on how you can exactly do so, then here are our tips below which you can use for such a purpose that will make your home look like Disneyland!

when is halloween horror nights

  1. Pumpkin candy bowl

Look, we all know that this is the only time of the year where kids can stuff themselves silly with candy. However, if you’d rather give those trick-or-treaters  a paper bag at the door and be done with it, then you’re essentially missing out on what the whole point of Halloween is: it’s inviting total strangers to partake of your refreshments, and having a laugh about it whilst doing so!

So, what is the best way to “invite” kids over to your house in the least showy way possible? Well, it’s quite simple: put the candy outside your house in open bowls, and let them have a buffet with it! In particular, you can even carve open your pumpkins so that you can be able to fill it with all of those sugary goodness that only artificial sweets can provide them kids with!

  1.  “Ghost” furniture

It can so be easy to lose yourself when it comes to decorating your home for Halloween. However, with that task at hand, it can also be very easy to overwhelm the “senses” of those who visit your house with all those fake cobwebs and bats and spiders that are littered inside your household once that time of the year comes.

However, if there is one basic rule of design that would do you well to adhere to these days, it’s that you simply have to keep everything simple. And when it comes to Halloween “simplicity”, what is the one thing that pops up on almost everyone’s minds at this instant? No, it’s not vampires; rather, it’s ghosts—or, more specifically, the “cheap” kind where you simply cover yourself up with blankets and be done with it. Yes, it’s cheesy, but you know what? It sure is fun!

ghost blanket furniture

Of course, that also means that you can also do the same things within the furniture on your home; for one, you can cover all your chairs and tables with tattered white cloth. On the other hand, if you want to do it even more easily, then simply TP the whole of your room into oblivion!  And you can even clean your “mess” even quicker than usual!

  1. Custom Halloween banner

Now that you have decorated your house to its “spookiest”, what else can it possibly lack? Well, how about some personality? If that’s the case, then you might as well erect a custom banner for your household which would announce to everyone that your family is in on the celebration, as well!

Of course, you don’t need to be a whiz at graphics to simply do this item: for most purposes, you only need a simple cutout of letters and some glue to hang it on somewhere! If anything, it makes the whole occasion look like a party (because, well, it is!), and it should also remind people that Halloween is supposed to be fun!

Halloween banner

So, have you figured out how to announce the answer to “When is Halloween horror nights?” Well, we surely hope so! Hope you enjoyed our tips for this year’s Halloween!

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