The Top Three Reasons for Having a Pet Sloth

So, you think owning a sloth for a pet is weird? Well, you’d be glad to know that you’re not the only one with “peculiar” tastes, in this regard. However, that’s not to say having a pet sloth is a complete oddity upon itself; just like with all things, many people don’t like the same things—and that also goes true for the choice of pets you will be getting, too!

And really, if you’re still on the fence as to why you may even need a pet sloth for your purpose, then be confident with the fact that some famous people are already doing so! So yes, getting a pet sloth is INDEED safe! However, if you still need more prompting from us, then here are the top reasons below for why a pet sloth is the best thing that can happen for your home!

having a pet sloth

  1. Sloths are a “hit” with kids

You remember the sloth character from the Ice Age animated series of movies? Well, guess who happens to be one of the more popular characters from the franchise—and no, we’re not even referring to the huge, scary mammoth in the film: it’s actually Sid The Sloth! And really, there is a valid reason why he has become one of the standout characters from the series: he’s just dang cute!

So, if you couple that “aesthetic” with the sloths’ nature of being… err, “slow” and their tendency to “hug” anything in sight, then that’s an instant friend for life you have there!

  1. Sloths only “go” once a week

There is this common misperception that sloths are clean because they rarely void themselves when hanging. However, not only is this not true, but it also “simplifies” the reason why sloths generally don’t leave a mess on any territory they are accustomed to. As it turns out, they have to void themselves only once a week—and it can be easy to gauge when that is when they start descending from the “branches” they are hanging on.

sloth animal

The reason for that? Well, it’s just because they have a very slow metabolism that allows for them to digest any food they consume in as many days in a week as possible. Hence, this is why “slothness” has become synonymous with “laziness”. That’s a tad bit unfair, but that’s language for you. Heck, at least you rarely have to clean their mess when they’re at it!

  1. Sloths are not known for being “disruptive”

Ah yes, if there is one thing that being “slothful” has been known to benefit everybody, it’s because you can be confident in the fact that you won’t be dealing with hyperagressive animals when all is said and done. Yep, that’s the main draw of owning a sloth, really.

So, even though sloths do make the occasional grunting, it’s still “tame” when compared to the howling and mewling that you’ll be expecting from your dogs and your cats, respectively. So, you won’t ever have to worry about your sloth destroying your furniture or even biting your kids—all in all, they really are peaceful creatures!

sloth bear

So, have we convinced on why having a pet sloth can be the best decision for you? Well then, we surely hoped so!

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