Hillary Clinton Fast Facts: Why She Matters Today

Hillary Clinton matters now, and everyone should be watching out for it: currently, she had just announced her intentions to run as the president of the United States of America just this week—a first in all fronts, and mainly because of the facts that not only was she the “first” woman to run for the position of the presidency, but because she was the first Democrat to have announced her intentions to do so. And you know what this means? It’s Hillary Clinton fast facts time!

So, what are the things that you need to know about her so that you can be up to speed on the decisions that will probably shape global politics for the immediate future? Well, you can read more of it below!

Hillary Clinton Fast Facts

  1. She started out as a Republican instead of being a Democrat

People in the US identify with the political allegiances of their parents, relatives, and even peers. So, in this case, it should really come as shocking to anyone there when someone simply decided to switch parties they believe in because of reasons that are only known to them. Of course, in Clinton’s case, almost everyone knew it because… well, her husband was just the president of the United States for two terms during the ‘90s!

What caused her to shift allegiances, though? Well, as with all things, that epiphany of hers started out during her teenage years: back in the early ‘60s, she set out on her own to investigate what she believed were addresses of people who committed voter fraud for John F. Kennedy, who was widely alleged to have stolen votes from his then-rival and eventual US president Richard F. Nixon. What she saw instead was an empty lot and bar where those fraudulent voters were supposedly hiding. Thanks to that kind of dejection, she then shifted to being a Democrat. Worked out pretty fine for her, if you’re going to ask us!

  1. She became one of the “investigators” of the Watergate scandal

Speaking of Richard Nixon, it really was ironic that she still found involved with the erstwhile disgraced president, but she did so on the opposite side of the fences: that time around, she was involved with the team which investigated the allegations against Nixon committing electoral fraud in 1974. In way, it did become a full circle for her because she did switch allegiances from the Republicans to the Democrats precisely because of the same issue in the first place.

Hillary Clinton Facts

However, what is being underplayed is the fact that she’s actually an excellent investigator in her own right: she’s involved with several civil rights issues during the ‘70s like school segregation, labor rights of farm workers, and even the impediment of special-needs children to go to school. Clearly, she’s earmarked for leadership right from the very start.

  1. She once failed taking the Bar

Shocking as it may sound to be to many people, she actually failed for Washington’s Bar exam during the time she moved from Arkansas to the state of Washington, DC. Obviously, this has proven to be a big blow to her ego during that time, but her old-fashioned tendency for hard work eventually gained her a licence for that state later on.

Hillary Clinton 2016

So, how’s this for Hillary Clinton fast facts? Well, we hope you had learned a lot from her reading this article! And yes, please vote responsibly!

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