Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland: Three Tips to Follow to Keep your Sanity Intact!

There are so many reasons to visit Hong Kong: a nice urban setting, the local delicacies, and even the shopping! However, if you happen to have kids of your own, then for them, there is only ONE reason to visit Hong Kong: Disneyland. Yes, believe it or not, Hong Kong Disneyland has been THE main attraction for many visitors of the charming island state ever since it was first opened up to the public in 2005 (and, coincidentally enough, it just happened to celebrate its recent ninth-year anniversary!).

Of course, as any worrying parent would come to expect, preparing for ANY visit to a theme park can be really stressful in more ways than one. There are so many things to discover inside Disneyland—even for a jaded adult like yourself—and you better expect that you’ll be going to spend a loooonnnnngggg time there. But heck, who says that all the effort isn’t worth it? All you have to remember is that immaculate preparation is always key for instances like these. And really, even if you DON’T have kids, you can still have fun inside a family-tailored theme park!

So, how do you do that, though? Well, if you’re like us, then you might want to read the tips we have listed below to help you survive the ordeal of entering Disneyland and come out of the other side looking fresh and relaxed than ever… and you even save time on it! Here are some of them below:

Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. A whole weekend is enough to cover Disneyland

Here is one thing that most people who have not visited humongous theme parks before commonly underestimate: the length of time you will be spending inside it. And really, unlike “regular” parks, one of the advantages of visiting Disneyland is that you will ALWAYS find something to do inside it. It can either be on one of the rides, the numerous walking tours, or even the daily afternoon shows. So, if you happen to have a kid with you when you happen to be visiting Disneyland, then you have to realize that you won’t be pulling them away from this magical place anytime soon!

Of course, if you’re just there in Hong Kong solely for Disneyland, then a whole weekend getaway might suffice for you and your family. However, if you’re in the city for more than just spending your whole time there at Disneyland, then you might want to consider booking a stay in Hong Kong for longer than three days; after all, the city has so much to offer its visitors that it can be such a shame that your whole stay there will be limited in the confines of what is essentially a modern-day serfdom complete with castles and… well, “land”, we think.

Nevertheless, if you’re going to visit Hong Kong without hope of ever coming back, then you might as well book a trip for several days instead. Believe us, it’s much more rewarding for you that way if that’s the case!

  1. Knowing where to stay

It can be quite tempting to book a hotel inside the premises of Hong Kong’s Disneyland; in fact, they even have a “Disneyland Hotel” which takes all the Victorian-era features of colonial Hong Kong and transposes it to the family-friendly vision of Disney World. However, if you happen to be strapped for cash—and really, in travels like these, it really is advisable to take note of how much you will be expected to shell out for the duration of your stay there—then there is no question that you might be well-served in looking for “cheaper” alternatives than what is offered at Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland hotel

Where can you start looking, though? Well, for one, with a tourist-friendly attraction like Disneyland occupying a huge part of Penny’s Bay, it’s quite inevitable that a dozen hotels will emerge in its wake. And really, there are many places there which offer as good a service as what Disneyland’s hotel can offer in a similar manner. A quick reference to the nearest hotels from Disneyland will show that there are three hotels there specifically which have managed to get positive reviews from satisfied customers. At the very least, booking a place to stay outside of Disneyland will give you a brief respite from walking mice and princesses for the next few hours!

  1. Dining

Sure, it’s no surprise that you’ll be barred from bringing in food and drinks into Disneyland, and the food that they’re sure to serve there can hardly qualify as “filling”. The real kicker, though? Well, almost all of the food sold inside the place is ALL expensive.

Of course, that is quite understandable: maintain the day-to-day operations of Disneyland to its highest standards really don’t come cheap at all. However, the best thing about being a consumer that is that you basically have the free will to try out anything that fits your certain lifestyle!

So, in this regard, then food should be the least of your problems when you are in Hong Kong: there are numerous tea houses, noodle shops, dim sum places, side-of-the-road Peking duck stalls, and restaurants that the most gastronomically adventurous in all of us are sure to appreciate. Really, with the numerous influences that both Western and traditional Chinese cuisine has on the island, it’s no wonder that Hong Kong itself became something of a foodie paradise as of late!

But of course, that’s not to say that you can completely forgot what Disneyland can offer for purposes like these: what they lack in variety of food, they certainly make up for atmosphere. In particular, they offer “character breakfasts” for kids looking to eat mouse-shaped waffles or having people dressed as Disney characters serve them prior to and after meals. Surely, that’s the kind of treat that any child of sensible age would want, right?

hong kong disneyland food

So, have you already figured out how you would want to spend the rest of your Hong Kong Disneyland vacation? We sure hope you did! We hope today’s piece helped you in more ways than one! Otherwise, you can just book a cruise around the world!

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