How Does Iggy Azalea Work Out: Her Three “Fancy” Routines

It may be really crazy to think about it, but who knew that an Aussie model gets to be the “face” of hiphop for this year? Well, many “purists” certainly didn’t, but the charts don’t lie: Iggy Azalea is the hottest thing in hiphop nowadays, and she also draws upon the time-honored tradition of many hiphop artists by being as polarizing as heck in her music and interviews this year. But you know what is NOT polarizing? Her amazing workout routine! So, how does Iggy Azalea work out, then?

Well, if we’re going for the “short” answer, then she practically works out like any celebrity there is in the world: constantly and with a mix of “activities” set in! But of course, you want more specific answers, right? Well then, read below if you want more info on how you can do so, then!

How Does Iggy Azalea Work Out

  1. Exercise in quick spurts

Sure, every busybody in the world complains that there is no time for him or her to engage in a full workout. But really, when is the right time for you, in this regard? As any sage online commenter would have probably said already, it’s not about having time as it is about MAKING time for something. And yes, that applies very well to working out, too!

So, you would be glad to know that Iggy doesn’t ha e the time for a two hour-long workout; rather, she simply maximizes the available time for herself by engaging in squats and sit-ups right before she goes to bed. Yep, it IS that simple! If you want to mix in some cardio with that, then you can always buy a jumping rope and skip in the comfort of your own home in lieu of actually going and running. Really, there are variable ways for you to exercise if you simply put your mind to it. Make working out a daily part of your habit as much as eating and brushing your teeth!

  1. Playing tennis

Of course, having a strict workout regimen can be mind-numbingly boring, which is why it’s also recommended if you engage in some sports, as well! For Iggy’s case, she does so by way of playing tennis—ironically the most “un-hiphop” sport in the world, if there ever is one! But hey, can’t argue with the results staring in front of you (or rather, in the LCD of your laptop or smartphone), right?

Iggy Azalea Tennis Outfit

Tennis involves a lot of running and forceful exertion when hitting a ball with a racket, so it is an ideal sport for building up your cardio when you simply don’t have the time for running. Plus, it’s the freakin’ sport of kings, too! Seriously, you CAN’T get any fancier than that!

  1. Consuming “superfoods”

Of course, proper diet plays a huge role in maintaining a fit and sexy figure. And really, it should come as no surprise to anyone when Iggy herself says that she mainly consumes nutrient-packed smoothies as her main source of sustenance other than… well, actually eating food, that is!

Of course, when you consider the insane schedules that celebrities lead in their lives, then it only makes sense for her to consume food in liquid form because of the fact that they really have little time to cook up anything healthy. Still, if you think you’re as “busy” as Iggy, then this is probably the diet your body is looking for the longest time now!

iggy azalea bikini

So, do you already have an idea on how does Iggy Azalea work out, then? Well, we surely hoped this article helped you with some ideas in this regard! Good luck!

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