How to be Freddie Mercury in Just Three Awesome Steps!

Freddie Mercury is such a badass. No wonder that twenty-three years after his death, many people still want to emulate the qualities which makes Freddie Mercury Freddie FREAKIN’ Mercury!  Oh well, if only it can be THAT easy to know how to be Freddie Mercury…

But of course, just because the task is hard doesn’t mean that you’d still be deterred from trying it. After all, if many people still want to dance like a pro, then who’s to say that you can’t try to be Freddie Mercury as well? And as it turns out, we have the solution for you on how you can be the Queen frontman by following these three easy steps below! Better strap yourself for a crazy ride now!

how to be freddie mercury

  1. Sing—and sing BIG

If you have been following any of Queen’s oeuvre from any point of their career, then you would notice how the band really doesn’t half-ass anything: every song sounds big and theatrical, and that is all thanks to the influence that Mercury wielded within the band during those formative years. What is that particular influence, you ask? Well, it’s all dependent on one word: opera.

Heck, they didn’t title their 1975 album A Night at the Opera for nothing; although the band had been clear that they’ve lifted the title directly from a Marx Brothers film, it’s hard not to imagine Mercury practicing arias and falsettos prior to recording the album. And really, no song demonstrates their collective theatrical influences more than “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a very unlikely pop song that is twice as long AND insane as the average hit single.

So, do you really have to sing in four octaves just so you can be like Freddie Mercury? Well, that’s quite a huge proposition, but it doesn’t help if you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts which are commonly associated with the classy world of the opera: for one, you can increase your repertoire by getting a good vocal coach (yes, seriously) or even studying some basic acting.

Yes, ACTING with a capital “A”. Why that, though? Well, you realize how much emotion Mercury gives out in his live performances, do you? Each song he sings is comprised of a basic narrative, and he’s essentially telling a story to thousands of people who just happen to jump around in unison. That is a rapidly declining art in live performance, so even if you can’t hit the high notes, at least you make it look like you’re feeling the song rather than just singing it!

  1. Sport OUTRAGEOUS fashion

Freddie Mercury doesn’t just sing big songs with big pipes, of course; a huge part of his appeal happens to be the way he presents himself. And boy, does the dude ever know how to stand out in just about any crowd: he’s probably the only one in modern human history who has ever worn a red cape in public and NOT look ridiculous doing it!

But of course, you don’t even have to go THAT far to stand out among the crowd. Instead, you just have to remember that everything that Freddie has ever worn exudes sexiness that cannot be pegged in just about any single gender: for instance, you can simply rock out to a white tank top-and-pants combo and still look like a beast while you walk down the street.

freddie mercury wallpaper

On the other hand, you can also try emulating the “classic” Freddie Mercury look in the form of a too-fit-to-be-comfortable yellow jacket and white Adidas tennis shoes like the look he sported on his famous Wembley Stadium concert in 1986. Of course, you can further accessorize that basic look by adding leather pieces to it like a newsboy cap, a belt, boots, and so on and so forth. Yep, classic heavy metal, indeed.

Of course, there’s no clear-cut rule to dressing like Freddie Mercury—just as long as you’re willing to incorporate “loud” pieces to your basic attire, then you’re as good as going onstage at any given moment!

  1. Just be confident

Of course, you can wear all the leather and capes and sequins you can ever get your hands on, but if you really DON’T believe that you can pull those looks off, then those things won’t really do you anything much at all.

And really, if there is one thing that Freddie Mercury has taught to succeeding generations of fans who continue to discover his timeless music with Queen, it is the message that it’s ACCEPTABLE to be different. In fact, you can even relish in your sense of difference to carve out a wholly unique identity for yourself. Remember that Freddie Mercury came up as a homosexual at a time when homosexuality was something that should be ashamed of, and even condemned.

However, if you look at this generation’s crop of pop stars—Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and the like—you would notice that each one of them celebrates an aspect of their personality that is markedly different from the rest, whether it’s by way of pushing the definition of “sexuality” or redefining what the concept of “race” even means in this hyperconnected world. And all of them owe a debt of gratitude to Freddie Mercury.

freddie mercury queen

So, if you truly WANT to channel the spirit of Freddie Mercury, then don’t be afraid to stand out and speak your mind! And you can even do so through choosing odd fashion choices that may seem “avant garde” to most people! After all, that is what style is all about!

So, you’re confident enough to know how to be Freddie Mercury already? Well, good luck strutting your stuff out there!

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