15 useful tips on how to draw with pencil that help you master the art of pencil drawing

Drawing is one of the great forms of expression and it is one of the most interesting arts. There are many types of painting or drawing a picture, including pencil drawing. You can learn tips on how to draw with pencil from many sources on the Internet, just only in some minutes. However, not most of them are suitable for you. In this article, I will cover 15 tips on how to draw with pencil that can help you draw a realistic picture easily.

15 Tips On How To Draw With Pencil – Easy To Practice

Pencil is a useful tool for pupils as well as the painter or artist. Are you an unprofessional artist? And do you want to use pencil to draw realistic pictures? I will let you know 15 tips on how to draw with pencil that guide you how to draw a great portrait.

1. Handle Light

how to draw with pencil in wordYou should draw light when begin drawing a picture you are interested in. You should choose the right or a fit pencil for your work. Your pressure on the drawing pencil should be small because it makes your lines heavy enough for watching them.  The first outlines are so light and when you start to draw details, the light outlines should be erased. Do not draw outlines with hard edges, it is difficult to erase. One example is about bird or feather drawing. When you have the first outlines and draw them detail on the animals, you will use the natural lines about fur or feather on the animals or birds in contrast to drawing continuously one line. It makes the portrait softer, more realistic and natural.

Besides, you should also learn useful drawing lessons to upgrade your drawing skills.

2. The Best Way To Select The Right Pencil:

There are many pencils for you to choose for your drawing and you can make your pencil sharper by using a scalpel and you can shape the lead by using file boards. If your pencil is edged, it will help you draw easily and the lines look perfectly. Here are some kinds of pencils you can search:

  • Propelling pencils are useful for prestige linear work
  • Pencil extenders can increase the life of the pencil

Besides, you just can make a masterpiece if you get comfortable mind. Thus, you should free yourself from stress before drawing or painting beautiful pictures.

3. First Tips To Draw With Pencils:

Learning how to hold the pencil correctly is very important for beginners. Some kinds of holding your pencils are:

  • Tripod Grip: you can use your middle finger pressure for griping. The pressure should be equal but do not grip pencil too firm.
  • Extended Grip: the tip is that you need to hold and control the pencil correctly at the other end of it. Just only a little movement of your hand can make an effective result.
  • Underhand Grip: it is appropriate with broad sketching and it is really helpful to make lines strong.
  • Overhand Grip: The purpose of this way is to sketch and shade. You have to loosen the pencil but not too much.

how to draw with pencil review

4. Handle Lines:

Learning skills of drawing, you should remember the rule to handle lines, which can create the images. There are many kinds of lines in drawing by pencil.

  • Straight lines: used to draw vertical, diagonal and horizon
  • Accent lines: to accent in drawing.
  • Contour lines: used for shaping and drawing beauty of the picture.

Besides, to keep chasing the art of drawing, you should take care of your hands. Drawing needs strong and flexible hands, so if your hands tend to get tired within a short time after starting painting, you should learn useful and simple tips to get stronger hands.

5. Mark – Making Tips On How To Draw With Pencil:

Another technique in pencil drawing is mark-making.  It is crucial for beginners. It will help you improve knowledge as well as drawing skills.

6. Handle Mark Direction And Your Hand:

how to draw with pencil on canvasYou should use direction for describing your target. You should follow the form or just make an edge for your purpose. You can fall you hand shadow on your paper but do not rest your hand on the paper.

If possible, avoid lying your hand on the paper surface. You can use another paper to rest your hand on to avoid direct hand approach with the drawing surface. If you keep your paper clean, it will help you so much in erasing the moisture or grease from your skin hand.
Try to avoid lying your hand on the finished areas. You can draw from left to right, top to bottom for smooth drawings. But this principle does not apply to all people who are being left handed. But directing your hand on the worked areas is not unavoidable. You can use a piece of paper and rest your hand on. And you can lay it down, rest it, move it when needed but you do not drag it. If you drag, it can damage soft graphite.

7. Reveal The Art In The Mark:

What you make on your paper like the notes of a song. All the mark or all things in your drawings have the same important roles in making a great portrait. Therefore, you should apply what you learned in your drawings.

Besides, if you want to paint or take portrait pictures of people, you can learn simple tips to take a portrait photography.

8. Use Strong Foundation Or Ground:

Drawing a picture is like building a house or palace. The ground should be strong enough to make the building solid. Therefore, the first outlines will affect all the process of your drawing and what you will express in your portrait.

9. Shading:

Shading is one of the most important lessons for beginners. You can use scrap paper, shading and different kinds of pencils to adjust your shading. Let handle your hand and pressure, which can affect your shading.

If you are also interested in manga drawing, you should learn simple ways to be a manga artist.

10. Learn To Draw Grid:

If you want to use grid to show all the information in your drawing, you should draw a rectangle and cut it into half squares. It will help you make a drawing balance.

11. Teach How To Draw Perspective:

how to draw with pencil crayonsPerspective illustrates another proportion of a drawing.  Some usual perspectives are:

  • Zero point perspective
  • One point perspective 
  • Airy perspective 
  • Isometrical perspective 

12. Practice Daily And Consider Your Weakness:

If you do not gain what you want at first, do not be upset. You should try and practice every day.  And you should consider your weakness in drawing so your pencil drawing skills will be improved quickly. You should learn to draw step by steps or you can choose the objects when drawing such as animals, cartoon or people, etc. Some basic steps are:

  • Choose Appropriate Reference Picture

If you want to learn how to use pencil for drawing, the first technique for you is choosing appropriate reference picture. If you choose a right picture, it will help you draw easier.

Besides, if you are really interested in drawing, you can take part in an online animal drawing course.

  • Organize the position and proportions of features

You should use your brain to imagine the features of what you will draw.  If you can orient your portrait features, it will help you draw it realistic.

  • Draw shadows and shading of the eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul in real and in painting products. The painter should learn how to draw the iris, eyelids, eyelashes and shadows around the eye. People usually contemplate a portrait by taking a look at eye first. 

  • Draw shading and shadows for the nose

how to draw with pencil guide

The next part of learning how to draw the face is to learn how to draw the nose. You need to know many tips on how to draw nose quickly.

  • Draw shading and shadows of mouth

You will learn how to create shading and shadows of the mouth

  • Draw shading and shadows of ears  
  • Draw shading and shadows of hair
  • Draw shading and shadows of face 

To lay out any paint, you will need to sketch the subject you are going to shot. Therefore, you should also learn sketching techniques, such as simple tips to sketch animals, flowers, or people.

13. Wipe Out:

When you finish your work, you should clean up them. Let wipe out any smudge on the paper around the work by using a putty rubber or Blu Tack. If you remove the spot or smudges of your drawings off, it makes your artistic products cleaner and more professional. Let seal your pencil drawings by the fixative spray which is bought in the shops. Or if you do not have fixative spray, you can use hairspray to replace. However, fixative spray is like the “Winsor Newton Artirsts’ Fixative. Alcohol in hairspray can make paper slightly ‘yellow’. Therefore you should use the spray carefully. The advice is that you should resolve any problem before you seal your portrait.

You can also try useful techniques for cartoon painting if you have time and be interested in this.

14. Draw Portrait:

how to draw with pencil step by stepAfter cutting pencil, let wipe the end of it. If you use a file board or a normal tool to sharpen pencil, let wipe it by a piece of kitchen roll before you use it to draw. The grains of graphite will paste on the sharpened surface and it will make your drawn line fine. So you should clean up it before using the pencil to draw.

15. Things You Need To Avoid:

  • Do not use your finger to make shade parts smooth. Let use another thing for this purpose. You can buy appropriate tools for this work. The best one for that is cotton wool for large smoothing areas, cotton buds for smaller ones. Remember that we never use the fingers to smooth out shade areas.
  • Do not use ‘hard’ rubber if possible. Hard rubber can make the drawing paper layer rip off, you will make mistake with this action. This can damage paper surface, it takes time to remove your mistake on drawing surface. It is difficult to draw or shade again the ruined surface. Therefore, you should be careful when using the hard rubber.  You should use putty rubber and the best now is Blu Tack, which is used in a small areas. It is considered as the artist’s kneaded eraser.

All of the above tips on how to draw with pencil are proven good for a lot of people out there. I have studied them for a long time, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to master the art of pencil drawing.

If you feel the tips on how to draw with pencil I offered in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.