Tips on how to get rid of insomnia naturally & quickly without medication – ways to have sound sleep

Do you have any sleep problem? If you suffer from insomnia, a common sleep problem, pay your hard attention to this article to discover 22 ways on how to get rid of insomnia naturally & quickly without medication.

22 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Insomnia Naturally & Quickly Without Medication That Work

I. Causes Of Insomnia

There are different factors causing insomnia. The following are some main causes:

Stress: You may get stressed due to the pressure of your work or study or your family health. When it becomes high pressure, you can’t have peace in mind, so it’s difficult for you to have good sleep.

Depression: Going together with stress is depression. It makes your spirit get down and lead to insomnia.

Anxiety: Outside depression, anxiety is also a contributor to your insomnia. There are different levels of anxiety. In cases of serious anxiety, your mind may refuse to the rest, which causes insomnia.

Medications: Some drugs contribute to your insomnia. They stimulate your mind and body, so your sleep is affected.

Food And Beverages: If you get insomnia. Think gain whether you have been had coffee or tea or some foods with caffeine before going to the bed.

Changes In Work: Beside mental factors causing insomnia, your work is not good with many changes and new schedule, which may cause your insomnia.

Pain: If you suffer from injuries, chronic conditions or any pain, they absolutely cause your sleep disorder and insomnia.

New Hour Zone: If you do business or travel aboard and you are in new hour zone, you may feel tired and get insomnia.

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II. Symptoms Of Insomnia how to get rid of insomnia book symptoms of insomnia

There are some clear symptoms of insomnia, that you can identify them to improve your sleep.

  • You feel exhausted and can’t fall asleep fast.
  • Your sleep breaks many times through the night.
  • You have to depend on sleeping pills to have a full sleep.
  • You suffer from fatigue and drowsiness through the day.
  • You have difficulty in concentrating on your work

These symptoms occur in your normal life but some of them tend to disappear. In people who suffer from persistent problems of insomnia, these symptoms continue longer.

III. How To Get Rid Of Insomnia Naturally Without Medication

Actually, insomnia can be a health problem and you can end it when you have a balanced life. But, if it lasts long, you may get chronic insomnia. When it comes to practical tips on how to get rid of insomnia naturally without medication, you should consider the following simple ways to improve your night’s sleep for good!

1. Avoid Caffeine And Nicotine Late

Some foods, drinks and stimulators contain caffeine and nicotine such as chocolate, cola, coffee, tea or cigarettes. Remember not to drink any stimulators containing caffeine late at 10 pm or later when you are going to sleep. As when you consume caffeine at that time, your body will process chemicals and they impact to your brain and make you feel jumpy and have difficulty in sleep.

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2. Take A Bath Or A Hot Soak

Take a bath or hot soak before going to bed. This relaxation help reduce strain in your muscles so that you can fall asleep easily.

In addition, you can add some drops of lavender oil to bathwater to have a nice soak.

Besides, you also pay attention to the bathwater temperature. The ideal temperature is about 1000 F. Cool water cannot bring same benefits as that of hot bathwater. But remember to take a hot shower or soak at least 20 mins.

3. Read A Book how to get rid of insomnia

This is a simple yet effective way for you to enjoy sound sleep. Instead of suffering from headache caused by radio or TV, why don’t you turn on a warm light bulb and read a book? It will help you have peace and fall asleep fast.

4. Set Your Bedroom Comfortable

Make your good sleep with a comfortable bedroom. Make sure that your blankets are clean, your room temperature is not too cold or too hot and your room is dark and quiet enough.

5. Eliminate Anxiety

You may face up with anxiety after a day with many changes or unwanted things. An unique advice for you is getting rid of anxiety; try to eliminate your negative thoughts to have a full sleep.

6. Eat Cherry

Before going to the bed, eat some cherry jam or fruit. According to experts, cherry jam can work as melatonin, a hormone works to keep sleep patterns.

7. Dinner With Seafood

In general, seafood is high in iron and fat-free so many seafood items are good for you to enjoy good sleep at night such as tuna, shrimp, halibut, cod and so on. Scientifically, these foods contain tryptophan. This nutrient helps you have sound sleep.

8. Avoid Consuming Chili how to get rid of insomnia review avoid consuming chili

Some foods are good for sleep but some harm your stomach and cause your insomnia. Exactly, the foods I have mentioned are spices such as chili. As this spice make your body temperature increase. Moreover, it also raises your heart rate, and irritates your stomach. As a result, you cannot have good sleep, especially night’s sleep. Remember that don’t consume too much chili spice in your dinners.

9. Sleep In Fixed Hours

Fixing your sleeping hour as a healthy habit is one of good ways on how to get rid of insomnia quickly without medication.

You should make a schedule that allows you sleep enough 8 hours per day. But don’t break your biological clock. Fix it and keep it in track. If today you wake up at 6, the next day in a week you should regulate this routine. The same to your sleeping hour.

10. Avoid Drinking Alcohol Late

According to some studies, people who had high intake of alcohol at night suffered had many sleep disorders, including insomnia. It is recommended that people should not drink much alcohol late because it causes your inability to sound sleep.

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11. Get Up & Do Something

If you just can’t fall asleep, don’t toss or stare listlessly. Instead, you should get up and do something more relaxing until you feel sleepy.

12. Eat Banana

Banana is a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid used to make serotonin. This chemical helps you have good sleep. Eat banana more often, if you have any problems related to sleep.

13. Drink A Glass Of Warm Milk
In addition to banana, milk also contains tryptophan and carbohydrates work to transform tryptophan enter your brain. As a result, this amino acid help you fall asleep more easily.

To achieve the best result, drink a glass of warm milk because warm water helps you get relaxed at night. Plus, you can add honey to warm water to get the same result as consuming milk.

14. Avoid Having Big Meals Late how to get rid of insomnia review avoid having big meals late

Don’t eat big meals late because people need from 3 to 4 hours to digest a big meal.

Instead, you can eat dinner earlier. When the digestion completes you won’t have any pressure in your stomach. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable to enjoy night’s sleep.

15. Use Herbs

Some herbs are very helpful to help you fall asleep without no side effects. For instance, valerian can help you have sound sleep like sleeping pills. Dried passionflower can give you the same good effects because of its comfortable smell.

Lavender is famous as a tranquilizer. Lavender oil is used to massage or dab onto your forehead to bring relaxing feeling, then you will easily and quickly fall asleep.

16. Pillow Tricks

Pay attention to the way you use your pillow while sleeping. Adjust your pillow positions right. People can use more than 1 pillow. One is for arms, one is for head and one is between your knees to keep your hips in the neutral position.

17. Don’t Nap During All The Day
Though you are tired, don’t nap during all the day because you will become a “wide-eyed zombie” at night and your biological clock is changed. As a result, you will get tired on the next days.

18. Count Sheep how to get rid of insomnia review count sheep

Continuing practical tips on how to get rid of insomnia naturally, don’t forget a classical method – counting sheep. The point is the way to occupy mind with boring repetitions so that this activity can lull you and help you fall asleep very fast.

19. Sleep In The Right Positions

You should change different sleeping positions while sleep and pay attention to the right sleeping positions. If you sleep on the back, airways are limited and blocked off. This sleeping position also causes snoring. Sleep on your left or right sides can help cut down your snoring and encourage your partner to have good sleep, too.

20. Reduce Unwanted Noise

Of course, music can help you get relaxed and fall asleep fast. But adjust the volume with moderate sound. If not, it will cause your headache. In addition, you can use earplugs to reduce unwanted background noises. As usual, pieces of soft music can bring us more peaceful and relaxing feelings.

21. Keep The Bedroom Clean

To enjoy sound sleep, you should keep your bedroom fresh, clean and keep it free from distractions and junk. Actually, a messy and smelly room can make you feel uncomfortable and stop you having good sleep.

22. Visit A Doctor

If some above ways can’t help you improve your insomnia, you should ask doctors to know exactly your sleep disorder. Make some tests and follow their advices to find out more effective treatments for this health problems.

There are different kinds of sleep disorder, yet these 22 tips on how to get rid of insomnia naturally and quickly without medication can work for all of you, including insomnia sufferers and normal ones in different ages.

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