22 tips on how to have a nice signature that expresses your personality and professional level

Actually, a signature can show your personality and professional levels. Read this article to widen your knowledge of this issue and learn how to have a nice signature.

I. Basic Types Of Signatures

1. Strike-Through Signature

This kind of signature is formed with vertical or horizontal strike-through strokes. It is recommended that people should not do this signature because you can be whatever these strokes stand for. Instead, do a simple and plain signature.

2. Camouflage Signature

To be honest, this signature looks very clean with no twisted strokes. It is featured by a big circle around the first letter. This kind of signature shows that this person is defensive and protective in public.

3. Very Small Signature how to have a nice signature book very small signature

A very small signature can reflect the lack of confidence of the writer. If this signature goes together with strokes, it may show his low self-esteem, lack of courage to show his mind. In daily activities, he may not have many social gatherings. And he can be an introversive person.

If you have a signature like that, enlarge it a bit to make it clear and have good impressions on readers.

4. Trace-Back And Underline Signatures

Many people have these kinds of signatures. From the last stroke, it goes backward from left to right and draw an underline.

5. Scribbled Signature

This is the most popular signature. Many people, especially those who have to sign many times per day use this signature in a hurry, without their full name.

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II. How To Have A Nice Signature – Handwritten Signature

This part will show you various tips and methods to create handwritten signatures that suit you.

1. Experiment With Different Styles & Flourishes

Write your signature on the paper in different styles and flourishes. Look which signature looks good, suits your name and helps you feel good when writing.

2. Spice Up Your Signature With An Underline

You can underline your signature with a loop. This is a fluid and ornate way to impress people with your signature.

how to have a nice signature book spice up your signature with an underline

3. Encircle Capital Letters

Another way to spice up your signature is encircling capital letters in your name. This is a creative way to design your own signature. Try doing it and make it more professional.

4. Use Repeating Patterns

To mane your signature unique and impressive, you can repeat some patterns in your signature. In the signature below, it is created with 3 large ovals that ties the entire design together and create echo effects. It looks cool.

5. Exaggerate A Single Letter

This signature can make your name look complicated and does not slow sign time to the crawl. In the example below, the letter that exaggerated is the last one.

6. Underline A Signature With A Zig-Zag

Actually, this is a classical way to make your signature look more interesting. Try doing this kind of signature if you like this style.

7. Add Symbols To A Signature how to have a nice signature book add symbols to a signature

I have a new idea for you. If you want to create your own style, add symbols to your signature. Actually, this is a lovely way or informal way to sign at the end of a birthday card or a personal letter. Why don’t you try doing it once?

8. Encircle Your Signature With Loops

This is a creative way to create official-looking signature. Do you think this kind of signature is impressive?

9. Enlarge The Bottoms Of Letters

 This is a simple way to spruce up your signature. Have you ever tried this way yet? Look at the following example to do your signature immediately!

10. Use Classical Lettering

When it comes to various tips on how to have a nice signature, you can search for the way to use classical lettering. Double up on horizontal crosses, end looped letters in some flourishes and hooks, and use your fountain pen to make it easy!

11. Look At Famous Signatures

If you have no idea for your own signatures, look at some famous signatures such as Queen Elizabeth I, Mae West, John Hancock, Walt Disney or Salvador Dali. Feel free because you just borrow elements from those signatures but your name is not the same to them.

12. Remember To Personalize Your Signature 

how to have a nice signature book remember to personalize your signature

Don’t try doing the same signature with other people’s style. Instead, make some unique pattern in your letters to personalize your signature.

13. Think Twice

You may go messy when trying to create the perfect signature. But think twice to find out some practical ways based on sizes, slants, combinations and flourishes. Then, you can develop more ideas to complete the final version of your signature.

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14. Write Your Signature Naturally

Practice your new signature many times until you can write it naturally and it also looks natural.

15. A Signature With A Full Name Or Just Initials

Make sure that you want to do your signature with just your initials or your full name. In general, businessmen like to write just their initials.

Writing a full name is a formal way to do a signature. However, you can create different signatures to write in different situations. For instance, a signature for your company should be written in the formal form while a signature in a gift card can be as free and natural as you want.

16. Make Sure To Make Your Signature Legible

What is a legible signature? Simply, a legible signature is easy to realize, straightforward and open. As a writer, you can write this signature comfortably.

17. Where To Place Your Signature how to have a nice signature book where to place your signature

Looking on the place you do your signature, people can know your personality and it is also a way to communicate to the recipient. For instance, if you do your signature on the right of a document, you are forward-looking and natural. If you sign your name in the middle of the document, it shows that you need a hard attention. If you sign your name on the left of the paper, you are quite withdrawn as well as clinging to the past.

However, there are different forms of papers that we can’t break rules to sign as the way you want. So, feel free when placing your signature as the form guided.

18. Consider The Slant

Slants can say many things. If your signature, which slants to the right side, you are an outgoing person. Of your signature slanting to the left side, you are a person who does not push yourself forward. If your handwriting rises higher than its rest, you may be a one who is trying hard to show your energy and optimism to people around you. If your handwriting falls more than your natural signature, you may be a person with pessimism or the lack of vitality. So, learn to do sign that show your optimism to the world.

19. Avoid Embellishments

Depending on different points of view about a nice signature, some people think that a cool signature has to stand on its own with no decorations and extra underlining. It is said that an underlining that turn back through the signature can show self-critical attitude or unhappiness. In addition, underlining a signature reveals the self-importance. Adding circles and loops circles shows that you need for the protection. Vertical lines at the end of a signature indicate a need for privacy. A larger surname communicates that you need formality.

20. Determine Contents Of Your Signature

You should look at other people’s signatures to determine contents of your own signature. Some sign their initials, some just do their last, some do their full name. How about you? What do you want to show the contents of your signature? Stick with your determination, then design it.

In addition, consider the sizes of your signature. It is thought that people with small signatures are overlooked, while ones with large signatures are grandiose and arrogant. So, design your signed name that is in the average size that looks like regular words in that document.

21. Changes Your Signature 

how to have a nice signature book changes your signature

If you are not happy with your current signature, learn to make some new changes such as making it smaller, bigger, or adding more flourish to letters such as “e”, “y”, “t” or “g”, or changing different shapes of elliptical letters and round letters such as “u”, “r”, “c” “b”, “p” or “o”.

Moreover, you can incorporate traditional calligraphy and cursive into a signature. Besides, you can underline specific parts of your signature or add additional decorative elements and shapes to your signed name.

22. Perfect Your Signature

Don’t try to make many changes in your signature because your signature may become unnatural after then. Perfect it in the way of creating a personalized signature.

Consistency is an important element to perfect your signature. Keep your signed name relatively between each signing you made before, then limit the number of changes you are going to do.

When you are in doubt, less may be more.

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When it comes to 22 tips on how to have a nice signature, you should know that here are just some suggestions. Besides, you can add elements that are more creative to your signature to personalize your name.

If you have any feedback about this article, show it here and I would love to reply soon!

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