Do You Want to Know How to Sing Better Immediately? Here are 3 Tips!

There are multiple ways on singing like a pro. We’ve actually discussed on how to sing like Janis Joplin, for one! But of course, there are other ways on how to sing better immediately without sounding like you just inhaled a pack of cigs. And this is why you are reading this article, for one!

So, where do you start with this purpose, then? Well, as with all things, it starts with a couple of habits and some practice on your end. Curious to see what they may be? Well then, read below for more!

how to sing better immediately

  1. Practicing your vowels

Believe it or not, even the simple act of saying “A-E-I-O-U” can do a whole lot in improving the sound of your singing. How so?

Well, you notice how singing is dependent on how your mouth moves with the lines you are singing? Well, as it turns out, most of those movements can be emphasised more if you focus on pronouncing the vowels first. So, if you go on to pronounce the letter A as “a”, better open your mouth wider and hold your breath longer. Not only will your voice ring out clearer, it also helps you in sustaining insanely high notes when you are in the process of singing already. Seems reasonable, right?

  1. Developing your vocal “power”

So, you want your voice to be heard not just from across the room but towards the entire hall. Sounds easy enough to do, isn’t it? However, when most people think of “vocal power”, they almost always equate it to something akin to screaming your words which is… well, unless you’re going to go for a traditional hardcore punk sound, does not sound good with just about anybody.

how to sing better

So, here’s a tip: simply keep your chin down, like you would when pointing it towards the floor. The purpose for this is that it keeps your pectoral muscles flexed and tensed all the time. And if you know your basic human anatomy well enough, the act of “tensing” is what gives your muscles the power it needs to perform activities!

  1. Sing it like you mean it

Yep, if there’s one thing that makes or breaks every singing performance, it’s how you wing it when you are doing the act of singing itself. Many singers starting out fail to realise the fact that singing is as much about technique as it is about performance. So yes, if you constantly hear about judges on, say, The X-Factor constantly telling contestants that they have the “it factor”, then this is what they are constantly referring to!

So, what you essentially lack in technique or control, you can make it up for confidence. This is such a clichéd way of viewing singing, but if you’ve been keeping tabs on pop stars during the last decade, then you know this to be true!

how to sing

So, have you figured out how to sing like a pro? Well then, we hope this article had done you well by helping you! Good luck!

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