How to Use Snapchat: The Beginner’s Primer to Send-and-Disappear!

Snapchat may seem like a discarded idea which has just acquired some legs and took off: after all, if the main concept of your app is that it lets your message activate its own “self-destruct” mechanism ten seconds after you’ve opened it, then how do you even begin to market such a thing? However, just like all tech miracle stories, Snapchat has now spread like wildfire, boasting a userbase of 100-million people and is now being valued at a mind-blowing $10 billion! Un-real. And it’s all for an app that erases your photos and messages! Of course, with that said, this is perhaps the perfect time to discover and know how to use Snapchat and see what the fuss is all about!

So, where do you start with this, then? Well, before  we tell you the necessary stuff you need to know about prior to using Snapchat, do know that its interface and functions are quite similar to Vine; however, as far as we can tell, that is where all the similarities end, and it’s a good thing, too! Who needs two apps that are alike, anyways?

So, without further ado, here are some “beginner’s tips” we have for you that should give you a better idea of how to use Snapchat. Now, get to it!

How to Use Snapchat

  1. Why use Snapchat?

Snapchat’s main marketing hook is its lack of “permanence”; you snap a picture and send it someone, and you basically wait till your pic gets opened and watch it disappear into the digital ether after ten seconds. While we don’t know what may have contributed to the founders coming up with an idea like this in the first place, it probably has been borne out of the internet’s addiction to keeping track of EVERYTHING—even those images which seem to be of no consequence to anyone but to the sender who took said image. So yes, it’s basically the “anti-screenshot” app, for all intents and purposes!

But of course, that’s not just the only reason Snapchat works so well for the 24/7 digital lifestyle almost all of us reading this article lead right now: it lets you take in-the-moment pictures without having to force yourself to backtrack through your local drive when it comes time to delete unnecessary images on your phone. Conversely, it also frees up essential space for the servers which are running Snapchat, thus making it sure that you, the user, will get to enjoy the app’s free service in the smoothest way possible forever!

So, now that you are slightly convinced of the reason why you need to download Snapchat, what else are the things you need to know about this fun platform? Well, that’s where item number 2 comes in!

  1. Customizing your “snaps”

Now, here is perhaps the most interesting—yet very often, most overlooked—function of Snapchat: it allows you to customize your images in the most interesting ways possible. And by “customizing”, do know that we cast this term in the widest net possible. And really, it’s all because of this one simple feature: you can practically draw on your “snaps”. Yes, draw as in doodle with a pencil and stuff like that!

Snapchat screenshot

Yep, the one function that has always been in all desktop computers since the mid-‘90s has been finally incorporated into a modern-day app. And seriously, it’s just great fun having to doodle on your picture and making it look like the way you would want it to look like! Of course, you’ll eventually regret your designs, but that’s what the “auto-delete” function is for! Problems on both fronts solved!

Of course, you also get to set filters, captions, and everything else that is expected from a photo-sharing app like Snapchat. However, there’s also this function where you can even SET the length of time on how your snaps can be viewed. So really, if you worry that someone will get to take a screenshot of your… err, unique image, then you’d be happy to know that it even last shorter than a standard crash-and-burn hardcore song!

  1. Snapchat also does everything else, too

Anyone can make an app these days, true. However, the REAL challenge to making an app is to make sure that people are going to use it for exceeding lengths of time—you know, like it’s something that is already a part of their lives. And really, if that’s the barometer we’re going to follow to determine an app’s success, then we might as call Snapchat as being a successful entity in its own right!

So, for starters, here are the “other” functions that you need to know when it comes to using Snapchat: you get to do instant messaging in it; you get to do live video-chatting with a fellow user by simply holding down the “snap” button in the middle; and you even get to add emojis to your picture!

However, one recent function it has introduced so far is one that literally goes against what the app stands for, but is nonetheless a necessary addition: the Snapchat Stories. Stories, as opposed to a “regular” snap, is one where you get to post a picture or a video and have it stay on everyone’s feeds for the next 24-hours before it goes vooosshhh! It’s something that you’d expect to see on Twitter or Facebook, but it’s a nice complement to all the functions that Snapchat boasts so far.

Snapchat drawings

So, do you feel confident enough to know  how to use Snapchat with your Photoshop skills? Well, we sure hope you do! Good luck with that!

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