The Liam Hemsworth Workout: Three Steps to Looking like a Hollywood Bro!

Liam Hemsworth is one of the more popular actors of his generation, and it comes with good reason, too: wherever he goes or whatever he does, the dude just looks chill. Yes, he looks like a star, but his presence just screams “effortless” that you ever wonder how he ever looked that good without trying too hard! And of course, you probably know the secret to it already: he follows the “Liam Hemsworth Workout”, and trust us when we say that it’s not as hard as you think it to be!

Yes, we’re completely serious about it. And just to prove our points, we even outlined three items below which you can also apply to your daily workout routine! Check it!

Liam Hemsworth Workout

  1. Exercising for the sake of having fun

Workouts these days have taken on the veneer of intensity and seriousness that really doesn’t allow for anyone to make something out of it. And really, that can be such a shame, since workouts necessarily don’t have to be equated with “working”. Workouts can be a way of blowing off steam, and it seems like Liam Hemsworth has understood this value very well.

How so, then? Well, he went public with the fact that he detests running or cycling inside a gym because he finds the whole thing boring or pointless. Well, fair enough: lots of people also like to run in the open road because of the sense of “freedom” it gives them, and it seems like Liam is of the same philosophy, too!

But of course, that’s not the only way you can have fun while having workouts: Liam has also indulged himself in a lot of activities like boxing, muay thai, and surfing—arguably, the three kinds of sports that only bear a slightest hint of resemblance with each other. And you know what that translates to? Simple: variety. If you occupy yourself with as many kinds of physical activities as possible, then you’ll never get bored. You even get to look FORWARD to having your workouts! See, not every workout has to be dreadful and serious every time you start it out!

  1. Off-the-gym workouts

And speaking of unconventional, here’s one kind of workout which helped Liam prepare for his star-making role in The Hunger Games trilogy: since he’s supposed to be portraying a character that, while ruggedly handsome, still looks like someone who has undergone extreme hardships in life, then it only follows that the workouts that should be tailored to him in real-life are those that look like… well, “manual labor”, for lack of a better word.

Liam Hemsworth Workout and diet

So, in this regard, Liam had been “forced” to participate in a series of workouts that look like it can be done anywhere on the back of your house: flipping humongous tires, slamming baseball bats against bulky body bags, climbing mile-long ropes, and generally do things that old-school PE teachers taught their students back then. Or, maybe more appropriately, prison wardens who are generally relentless with their wards. Yes, it’s as harsh as you think it to be, but that’s the point: if you want to lose pounds quickly, then you must be prepared to being run off like a mad dog. So, it’s not entirely coincidental that that’s also the same training routine utilized by Navy SEALs. Talk about being tough!

  1. Eat normally—just DON’T binge

If anything, this is perhaps the most infuriating secret that the rest of us normal people just can’t believe: Liam Hemsworth LIKES to eat fries?! And he also indulges himself in a full box of Krispy Kremes, too? That’s the kind of metabolism you just have to die for!

Of course, he doesn’t eat those things everyday: just like any old workout standby, those are part of the “cheat” days that physical trainers allow their students to indulge in just so they won’t go crazy with all those intense workouts. However, his “regular” diets seem like something you might also find inside a regular kitchen: oatmeal, fish, asparagus, homemade stir-fried chicken, veggies, brown rice, and even the occasional sweet potato. Oh, and he eats scrambled eggs, too!

It all sounds uncomplicated, doesn’t it? Well, that may be the true beauty behind his way of eating: if you essentially have all the nutrients you can have in just one table sitting, then why limit your intake to just a single fruit? Liam came from a working-class upbringing, and this is perhaps the only routine he had taken with him when he began getting the “big time” gigs in Hollywood. And you know what? It still works!

Liam Hemsworth eating

So, do you feel confident enough to follow the Liam Hemsworth Workout? Well, we sure hope you do! Good luck with your endeavor!

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