Magic relationship words PDF review – is Susie & Otto Collins’ guideook helpful?

Updates: 04/28/2017

Communication is an art. If you are in a relationship or want to build good relationships, this Magic Relationship Words PDF helps you be a master of communication and keep your beloved’s heart.

  1. Magic Relationship Words – An Overview
  2. Magic Relationship Words – Main Contents
  3. How Much To Get Started With Magic Relationship Words?
  4. Magic Relationship Words – The Guarantee Policy
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magic relationship words

Magic Relationship Words – An Overview

magic relationship words ChenguangMagic Relationship Words is a guidebook that shows you how to talk magic words to your spouse that build trust. The program includes the main manual and audio that are easy to learn. Susie & Otto Collins are co-developers of this program. They are a happy couple. Their experience in keeping a harmonious life is a great inspiration for them to conduct this helpful book. According to the authors, by using this comprehensive system, you will be able to improve your communicative ability and say right with magic words every time with your lover, or your spouse.

Chenguang (left) was happy to share her story with us that this was actually a wonderful book that made her life different. She and her boyfriend had hard time with some misunderstandings. They didn’t know how to break that distance. One day when she searched for a guide on the Internet, she found this book. She said she was active to heal her affair. All misunderstandings ended when she practiced rules of changing mindset and using powerful phrases in the second part of Magic Relationship Words program.

What are you trying to build a happy relationship, pay attention to your words first, and this Magic Relationship Word PDF Review will show you how helpful the program can work for you as it did for Chenguang in the next parts below!

magic relationship words guide

Magic Relationship Words – Main Contents

The Magic Relationship Words program includes totally 137 pages with 83 magic phrases and their uses that instruct you to have natural and happy conversations with your partner.

In brief, the book is divided into 3 main parts as follows:

Part 1: You will have an overview about “Magic Words Mindset”. When it comes to the mindset to change your communication, it requires:

  • You have to open your heart to talk.
  • You have to listen to your partner’s words and respect his or her words.
  • You have to think about the possibility.
  • You should keep in mind that you love him or her.
  • You should stop lying him or her and facing the truth that can make the situation better.

And a lot more of different tips on how to set your mindset for a magic relationship.

Part 2: In this part, you will learn hints and tips to control your tonality and use the body language while talking to your partners or lovers:

  • You should control to your tone of voice: critical, sharp, open, kind, inviting, condescending or mocking.
  • You should pay attention to your body language to show your real attitude to your partner and lead your conversation to a happy ending; avoid finishing it with blame statements. A sorry or a hug or a kind look is better.
  • You should choose the right time to talk.

And a lot more!

Part 3: This is the main section of the guidebook, including the complete list of 83 magic phrases and their uses to talk to your lovers and build a long relationship. Each phrase deals with a specific matter of your situation. For more details, you should have a look at these following phrases:

Phrase 1: “I’ve noticed that…”

Phrase 2: “I love you and…”

Phrase 3: “Can you tell me more about…”

Phrase 4: “I’m wondering if…”

Phrase 5: “I feel…when I…”

Phrase 6: “I’m feeling…”

Phrase 7: “Because this relationship is so important to me…”

Phrase 8: “Up until now…”

Phrase 9: “Now what?”  

Phrase 10: “Could…” (not “Should…”)

Phrase 11: “How can we…”

Phrase 12: “Thank you for…”

Phrase 13: “I love you.”

Phrase 14: “Please tell me…”

Phrase 15: “I need…”

Phrase 16: “I’m going to love you anyway.”

Phrase 17: ” I’d like to…”

Phrase 18: “It may not have been…”

Phrase 19: “I want…”

Phrase 20: “Would you be open to some feedback…”

Phrase 21: “Is this what you meant…”

Phrase 22: Will you help me…”

Phrase 23: “Are you open to a couple of comments…”

Phrase 24: ” I will give you a chance…”

Phrase 25: “I respect…”

Phrase 26: “Even though…”

Phrase 27: “How I’d like…”

Phrase 28: “I’d like your help…”

Phrase 29: “How can I love…”

Phrase 30: “Why is this important…”

Phrase 31: “I feel like…lately.”

Phrase 32: “You are right and …”

Phrase 33: “It may not…but I’m noticing…”

Phrase 34: “I want us…”

Phrase 35: “You know, I really…”

Phrase 36: “This is really important…”

Phrase 37: “I need to…”

Phrase 38: “When you are…, I feel…”

Phrase 39: “I recognize that…”

Phrase 40: “I’m sorry for…”

Phrase 41: “I love it…”

Phrase 42: “I appreciate…”

Phrase 43: “This feels good…”

Phrase 44: “I am committed…”

Phrase 45: “I really want…”

Phrase 46: “I believe that…”

Phrase 47: “How I’m intending…”

Phrase 48: “How can we…”

Phrase 49: ” I’d like to feel…”

Phrase 50: “You’re so…”

Phrase 51: “Would you be willing…”

Phrase 52: “Let’s look at…”

Phrase 53: “If I sense…”

Phrase 54: “I’d like to be loved by…”

Phrase 55: “Thought it would be…”

Phrase 56: “How can we finally…”

Phrase 57: “I can do…”

Phrase 58: “I’d like to create an agreement…”

Phrase 59: “Is this your understanding?”

Phrase 60: “What are some ways we can…”

Phrase 61: “I want…”

Phrase 62: “I’m willing to change…”

Phrase 63: “We have an agreement and I’m willing…”

Phrase 64: “What’s most important to you…”

Phrase 65: “What I love about…”

Phrase 66: “What would you like from me…”

Phrase 67: “What’s your opinion…?

Phrase 68: “What could I do…”

Phrase 69: “How did you feel…”

Phrase 70: “One of the reasons…”

Phrase 71: “What if…”

Phrase 72: “I recognize …”

Phrase 73: “Are you open to…”

Phrase 74: “Would it be possible…”

Phrase 75: “Here’s something…”

Phrase 76: “Would you be willing…”

Phrase 77: “Would you like to hear…”

Phrase 78: “Thanks for telling me…”

Phrase 79: “Am I making…”

Phrase 80: “I apologize for…”

Phrase 81: “Because our relationship is a priority…”

Phrase 82: “I wanted to let you know…”

Phrase 83: “How did I ever get so lucky…”

Next, it come the bonus chapter that deals with conversation starting, soul connecting questions and power of heart opening.

magic relationship words order

How Much To Get Started With Magic Relationship Words?

There are 2 packages for you to order:

  • Package 1 priced at $47: The main e-book and a bonus series, including:

– Bonus 1: Red Hot Love Relationships

–  Bonus 2: Communication Magic

– Bonus 3: Instant Relationship Breakthroughs

– Bonus 4: Creating Relationship Trust

– Bonus 5: Relationship Attractor Factor

– Bonus 6: Creating Relationship Magic

– Bonus 7: 9 Communication Skills Tele-seminar Recordings (2 parts)

  • Package 2 priced at $77: The main e-book, 7 bonus items, and 11 additional bonuses, including:

– Extra bonus 1: 21 Words, Phrases and Sentences to Never Say To Your Spouse, Partner or Lover

– Extra bonus 2: 10 Communication Pitfalls

– Extra bonus 3: 7 Keys For A Great Relationship

– Extra bonus 4: Love Lessons

– Extra bonus 5: 101 Romantic Ideas

– Extra bonus 6: The Goal of Relationships – Special Report

– Extra bonus 7: 101 Relationship Quotes Worth A Million Dollars

– Extra bonus 8: Can Your Marriage Be Saved

– Extra bonus 9: 10 Ways To Attract & Create a Love

– Extra bonus 10: Forgiveness – Leslie Sann

– Extra bonus 11: 12 Proven Secrets

How do you think about these packages? They come with affordable prices, right?

Are you going to try out one of the two packages and improve your relationship with your lover as Chenguang did?

magic relationship words free

Magic Relationship Words – The Guarantee Policy

Feel free when going to the decision of purchasing this digital program because it comes with a 100% refund guarantee. Your satisfaction is totally assured. For now, you can get started to download this comprehensive guidebook, and test it and other bonus books for a full 60 days in this guarantee time. If you have any change during 60 of your purchase, don’t hesitate to ask for a full refund. No arguments, no questions asked, and no hassles. Are you willing to take action with this nice policy?

magic relationship words guarantee

Magic Relationship Words – Contact

When using this program, you are customer who deserves to get the best support to use these books for good. Please contact the authors via this address to get their full support as well as get more information about this program.

For any comments or feedbacks about this Magic Relationship Words PDF Review, let us know by leaving your words at the end of this site.

magic relationship words pdf

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