Three Dangerous Metabolism Myths Busted

Metabolism is such an important facet of everyday living. However, there are so many “misconceptions” that plague what metabolism is supposed to be or how you can even utilise it in the first place. What are you supposed to believe, then? Well, it’s a good thing that you’re still even reading up to this point, because we’ll try to have those metabolism myths busted!

So, how do you spot what those too-good-to-be-true metabolism myths are, then? Well, here are some of the more important ones below!

metabolism myths busted

  1. Eating heavy during breakfast

How many times have we heard about breakfast being the “most important meal of the day”? Well, if you have ever been a school-child before, then probably countless times already. However, not only is this not true, it certainly promotes harmful thinking on the part of whoever may have been duped to believe it in the first place.

How so? Well, it’s because eating a big breakfast so soon after getting up from sleep actually delays the parasympathetic mode of your body, which is basically the process of allowing your body’s nervous system to rest and “restore” itself. As it turns out, our digestion is most active during night time when we rest.

If you eat so soon—and particularly on a big meal, at that—so soon after waking up, then the calories that will be consumed by your body will not get used, and it will be instead redirected at your fat reserves. So yes, this sounds every bit as horrible as you think it is.

  1. Eating every three hours a day can satiate your hunger more effectively

Not only is this not true, but it’s also called by a more insidious name: overeating. Yes, it’s essentially calling a spade a “spade”, in this case.

metabolism myths

In actuality, there really is no harm to people getting to eat six times in one day; unfortunately, you either have to be into bodybuilding or have an insanely high metabolic level just so your body can be able to function properly amidst all of this eating. Besides, even bodybuilders themselves do not consume as much calories as you think they ought to when they frequently eat. It may sound like a lot of sense to eat small, frequent meals, but do realise that there’s always the chance of “going overboard” when you don’t realise it.

  1. Skipping meals make you fat

Skipping meals can make you hungry, that’s for sure. But it certainly won’t slow down your metabolism. Rather, if frequent meal-skippers may look overweight, it’s because of the fact that they’re “overcompensating” for that missed meal they had by making up for it at the next one. In other words, there’s a definite risk that people will overeat at said meal because of the “deprived” feeling they may had from skipping a meal. If anything, this should make you think twice before having to skip meals again.

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So, do you have any other metabolism myths busted you want to expose? Well, you can share your ideas in the comments section below!

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