How to Train like a Pro Michael Hutchinson Cyclist

Next to Lance Armstrong, Michael Hutchinson is perhaps the most regonisable cyclist in any part of the world there is—and really, much more so than Armstrong when you consider the fact that the latter has now effectively admitted to “gaming” the system from which he had won so many accolades back then. Now, more than ever, the ideal of the Michael Hutchinson Cyclist has taken root for many cycling enthusiasts everywhere wanting to preserve the “purity” of the sport; indeed, Hutchinson’s latest book highlights the need of the cyclist to invest as much time in practicing as they are in choosing the best gear for their rides!

So, with that said, if you really want to be the great cyclist that you know you can be, then there is no question that you can always emulate the example set by Hutchinson in his day-to-day routines—and really, you don’t even have to buy his book just to do so! Here below are some tips you can use for upping your biking game to the most elite level there is!

Michael Hutchinson Cyclist

  1. Write down what you want to achieve

Now, here is the prime difference between daydreaming and achieving your dream: daydreaming is an intrinsic activity that only takes place in the confines of your mind. Achieving your dream, on the other hand, is a more concrete one, allowing you to “share” it with others whilst making sure that you constantly remind yourself that there are more paths for you to traverse before you get to the top.

So, with that said, one of the more effective ways for you to make sure that you achieve any goal you have in mind is, really, to write it down. Yes, even if it’s on a piece of paper that is stuck in your wallet or purse all of the time. The reason for this is mainly because it allows you to take “responsibility” for any actions you may choose to do as long as you have that one goal you have written down somewhere.

And really, what can make your goal more “achievable”? Well, you simply allow a friend or a loved one to help you out achieve it! There’s a reason why many sports movies have a “trainer figure” with them, after all; when you’ve got someone helping you behind your back, then you’d do equally well not ot disappoint them! So yes, maybe getting to next year’s Tour de France isn’t really a pipe dream when you follow this item!

  1. Building up the miles

It is often said that there is no better way to start doing something than right at this moment. And indeed, the same can also be said of cycling itself; if you think that you have no time to go into intense training, then you can always start with the preternatural “baby steps”: go biking just because you want to, and not because you feel obliged, too.

Michael Hutchinson Cycling

So, instead of riding very fast in short bursts of time, it is recommended that you take some leisurely rides first that will allow you to “acclimate” yourself to your bike. In that sense, if you do ever decide to go into intense training, your body will get used to the faster pace in no time at all. Heck, if it worked for Liam Hemsworth, then it should work equally well for you, as well!

  1. Measure your races

Now, races are no good if you don’t have the stats to back them up. And really, cycling is all stats, all the time! In particular, you have the responsibility of tracking progress in your performance by always timing yourself—even if it’s only for a short mile-sprint.

It’s obvious how this system can help you: it allows you to take notes of your strengths and weaknesses, and it allows you to peek into areas of your game where you need some improvement. Yep, simple indeed!

michael hutchinson cycling weekly

So, have you figured out what kind of Michael Hutchinson Cyclist you should be? Well, we surely hoped so! Comment below if you have more tips to share with us and your fellow readers here!

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