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I’m going to expose the main features of the My Netball Star program. Read it carefully to know whether the program can work for your kid or not?

  1. What Is My Netball Star?
  2. How Does This Netball Training Course Teach To Transform Young Netball Players Into Netball Stars?
  3. What Do You Receive From My Netball Star Package?
  4. How Much To Get Started With My Netball Star?
  5. Does The Author Luke Hayes Provide Any Support?

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What Is My Netball Star?

My Netball Star is a breakthrough netball training program that was designed by an advanced netball coach, Luke Hayes. This course can help other netball teachers and netball star parents with powerful tools to teach young netball girls. The program includes basic netball exercises that kids just need to practice these lessons a few times per week. Especially, kids can do these exercises at home and practice the workouts from 5 to 10 minutes with their parents or personal teachers.  

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How Does This Netball Training Course Teach To Transform Young Netball Players Into Netball Stars?

This is a wonderful program for young netball players. The netball coaches and parents can use it to teach girls with the following main contents:

  • Tip 1: Focus on the team
  • Tip 2: Practice the basics
  • Tip 3: Winning is not everything
  • Tip 4: A team can get beat some times
  • Tip 5: Coaching for love

For more details, you can use the My Netball Star program to:

  • Access other netball players individually
  • Develop personal training program
  • Instruct your netball players practice the netball drills at home
  • Develop netball players’ fundamental netball skills like passing, ball catching, ball handling, goal shooting skills and hand – eye coordination

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  • Enable netball players’ muscle building & endurance to play
  • Help netball players master warm up exercise, running strategies to develop speed
  • Provide food tips and guide for improving netball players’ health
  • Help netball players maximize their netball performance
  • Dramatically improve netball skills in just 2 months
  • Help netball learners achieve massive improvement in just 1 season
  • Help them become skillful netball players within 2 seasons
  • Help them play representative netball just in 3 seasons
  • Access over 70 photos of kids & professional netballers

And a lot more! 

Here are some feedbacks about the My Netball Star course. Let’s view what the girls are talking about this wonderful program: 

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What Do You Receive From The My Netball Star Package?

  • Free Bonus 1: The 30 Positive encouragement and praise inspiring champions
  • Free Bonus 2: The top 20 tips to teach your kid about being a good team & sport player
  • Free Bonus 3: Peak performance diet tips for little netball stars
  • Free Bonus 4: Brief description of the history and rules of netball
  • Free Bonus 5: For a coach: How to implement the system with your entire team
  • Free Bonus 6: The 2 incentive sticker chart
  • Free Bonus 7: The 2 sample training routines to do at the courts
  • Free Bonus 8: The 2 sample training routines to do at home
  • Free Bonus 9: The 20-minute advanced training for 9 – 11 year olds
  • Free Bonus 10: The 35-minute advanced training routine for 9 – 11 year olds

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How Much To Get Started With My Netball Star?

Luke Hays is offering the complete My Netball Star package with the 10 bonuses at 45% off the regular price of $37.95 (the regular price of $69). Are you willing to try out My Netball Start right now? 

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Does The Author Luke Hayes Provide Any Support?

Yes! Luke Hays gladly helps you train excellent netball stars. Please visit the official website to contact the author and ask him for any question related to this course! 

For any feedback related to the My Netball Star review, send me your message at the end of this post! All success to your coaching and your netball stars!

my netball star review

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