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Take A Deeper Look At MyBoatPlans Review To Learn Experience In Building Boats From The Master Boat Builder Martin Reid

If you are a boat builder or want to become a skillful boat builder, you should pay attention to this wonderful online boat building course, called MyBoatPlans. I won’t let you to wait too long, now, read my review about it below!

  1. What Is MyBoatPlans?
  2. What Are The Remarkable Features Of This Course?
  3. What Are The Contents Of The Guidebook?
  4. Does The Author Guarantee For Your Purchase?
  5. How To Get The Customer Support?

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What Is MyBoatPlans?

MyBoatPlans is a guidebook with step by step instructions, over easy to follow video tutorials, hundreds of illustrated photos, detailed guide to use CAD software to build over 518 boat plans.

Martin Reid is the founder of this program. He is an advance boat builder, a member of the American Boatbuilders Association. He had had great passion in building boats since he was a young child. With over 31 years in building boats, he released MyBoatPlans to help other boat enthusiasts learn his skillful boat building techniques.

Now, keep reading MyBoatPlans review to get more basic information about this course! 

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What Are The Remarkable Features Of This Course?

This is the great boat building course, which includes the following remarkable features:

  • The Narrated Boat Building Process
  • The Instruction To Build different Types Of Boats Like Canoes,  Sail Boats, Fishing Boats
  • The Overview About Boat Construction Techniques
  • How To Apply Plywood Skins To The Boat Frame
  • Making Rivets And Placing Forms
  • How To Build Boats With Different Materials
  • Boat Repair & Rebuilding
  • Easy-To-Follow Course To Build Any Type Of Floatable Boat
  • The Program Goes With Templates And tutorials
  • Multi PC License Used On Any Systems You Want
  • 100%-Free Updates

Here are some feedbacks about this program: 

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What Are The Contents Of The Guidebook?

The program includes over 40 videos lasting over 10 out of the narrated training. The training contents include the detailed guide to build:

  • 34 types of  sailboats:

–         Biloxi Moon – Smart starter sailboat

–         Bannock – small outboard motor

–         Breeze-Baby – 16-foot sailboat

–         Crescent – 12-foot sailboat

–         Cat’s Paw – 12-foot sailboat

–         Dart – 13-foot sailboat

–         Falcon – 14-foot sailboat

–         Gypsy – 24-foot sailboat

–         Graifen Ten – The basics of sailing

–         Hobby Kat – Speeds 20 mph

–         Manu Missile – 20-foot sailboat

–         Jamaican – Fiberglass sailboat

–         Pet rel – 16-foot sailboat

–         Southwind – Moderate speeds

–         Sea Mite – 20-foot sailboat

–         Star-Lite – 27.5-foot sailboat

–         Tern – 72 square feet of sails

–         Tabu – sport sailor

–         Zephyr – 14-foot sailboat

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  • 46 Canoes, Kayaks and Rowboats:

–         Rowboat –  12-to-16-foot rowboat

–         Canoe – 13-foot kayak

–         Can’t Sink Dinghy –  9.5-foot dinghy

–         Canvasback Kayak

–         Car Top Boat –  lightweight rowboat

–         Canoe – 13-foot canoe

–         Chessy Rowboat – Using an outboard

–         52 lbs Rowboat – 9-foot

–         Folding Kayak

–         Glide Easy Canoe – 15-foot canoe

–         Handy Andy Rowboat – 10-foot boat

–         Hunting Kayak –  draft 2-seater

–         Jolly Roger Boat

–         Jon Boat

–         Junior Dinghy

–         General Kayak

–         King Canvasback – Lightweight kayak

–         King Fisher – 9-foot boat

–         Little Chief Canoe – large canoe

–         Multi Use Skiff – 9-inch rowboat

–         Northwind Kayak Boat –  19-foot

–         Pedal Cat Water Bike

–         Pintail Duck Boat

–         Plyak – Small kayak

–         Pod – 15-foot rowboat

–         Redwood Canoe

–         Row & Sail Dory

–         Sea Skiff – 9-inch boat

–         Sea Midge –  3-way pram

–         Sneak Box Duck Boat – 12-foot

And many more

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  • 36 Runabout Outboard Boats:

–         Ace 2-Seater

–         All Purpose Portable Boat

–         Banta 12-Footer

–         Bebop Kid’s 8-Footer

–         Blitzen – Speedy outboard boat

–         Blue Streak

–         Buzz – Lightweight hydroplane

–         Cobra 15-Footer

–         Firefly – Speedy hydroplane

–         Flying Fisherman –  11.5-feet

–         DragonFly II

–         Jumping Jack

And many more

  • 12 Paddle Wheel Boats:

–         Bicycle Pedal Boat

–         Foot Pedal Catamaran

–         Kid’s Paddle Pusher captains

–         Marty Paddle

–         Paddle Wheel Bass Boat

And many more

  • 7 Runabout Inboard Boats:

–         Churn 15-Footer

–         Large Sea Skiff

–         Nancy Jane 19-Footer

–         Panther 15-Footer

–         Riveria 17-Footer

–         Sea Scout 14-Footer

–         Small Inboard Boat

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  • 9 Novelty Boats:

–         Battle Surfboards

–         Corky  

–         Floating Swimming Boat

–         Motorized Surfboard

–         Pontune –  family boat

–         Sport Submarine

–         The Thing

–         Whizz

  • 5 House Boats:

–         25-foot Bayou Belle

–         Budget Houseboat

–         21-foot Float a Home

–         20-foot Parti-O Boat

–         Platform Boat

  • 12 Cabin Cruiser Boats:

–         Caballero –  Roomy & fast

–         Dolphin – 16-foot boat

–         Eager Eve – Luxury boat

–         Flight – Outboard cruiser

–         HaPenny – Small V-bottom

–         Sea Angler – V-hull

–         15-foot Sea Babe

–         25-foot Sea Craft

–         Sea Hawk – 12-foot cruiser

–         Sportsman – 18-foot cruiser

–         Sunfish –  375 lbs

–         Sunapee – 22-foot cruiser

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  • 19 Hydroplanes:

–         Air Marine Special

–         9.5-foot Atomite

–         Banshee – Z-Class

–         Cab Over Hydro

–         8-foot Dingbat

–         Doodle Bug 10-foot Dragonfly

–         Sport boat EL CTD

–         Flyer –  maximum speed

And many more

Beside this guide to build boat plans, all of you can check out other DIY programs if you want, like make our own fishing lures plastic lures, diy bike repair videos and diy solar water heater.

Does The Author Guarantee For Your Purchase?

Yes! Martin Reid guarantees that you can learn this program for a one time investment of $47 with no risk.

If you don’t like this guidebook, you can ask for a refund and all you need to do is waiting for your feedbacks about a successful refund from the author. No question asked! 

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How To Get The Customer Support?

To get the customer support, please contact the author Martin Reid via this address. 

All success to your boat plans! If you still have any question after reading MyBoatPlans review, please ask me and I will reply soon!

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