Nomads Notes Review uncovers a travel diary software system for vehicle based traveler

Nomads Notes Review Reveals Gail Bennett’s Travel Diary Software Program

If you are searching for a travel diary software program for vehicle based traveler, take a look at this Nomads Notes Review and discover whether Gail Bennett’s software can work for you or not!

  1. Nomads Notes – An Overview
  2. Nomads Notes – How The Software Work For You?
  3. Nomads Notes – The Full Package And Price
  4. Nomads Notes – The Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Nomads Notes – The Customer Support

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Nomads Notes – An Overview

Nomads Notes is a creative travel diary software system that allows you to keep your travels on track with ease and with fun. Gail Bennett is the author of this program. He designed Nomads Notes with his passion in writing an online travel diary or a journal of interesting trips, taking photos of travel and sharing breakthrough pictures with friends and family and so on. If you love travel, try out Nomads Notes for your next trips and enjoy your journeys. It will be fund. Trust me!

Now, keep reading the next parts of Nomads Notes Review to know how this software can work for you!

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Nomads Notes – How The Software Work For You?

  • This is a unique software system to record all aspects of your memorial trips, in an easy place. When recording trip details, you will retrieve information on kilometers or miles you’ve travelled so far.
  • You will also use this word processing program to record all campsites you found, details of place you stayed, how many facilities at each place and so on. With Nomads Notes program, you can do it all in 1 application.
  • Trip Diary of Nomads Notes will help you record each of your trips separately.
  • Daily Journal of Nomads Notes will allow you to record daily thoughts and events through your trip. It includes a professional spell checker for 4 English dictionaries – English-US, English-UK, English-Australian and English-Canadian
  • Photo Album of Nomads Notes is designed to help you arrange your photo albums for different parts of your trips. You can create each with a separate description and title. Your album also has search capabilities by location and date.
  • Expenses of Nomads Notes, this part allows you to record your trip expenses, which are divided into different categories such as food and house.
  • Campsite Journal of Nomads Notes works to record all your campsites like location, cost, types of camp, features, GPS points and pet details.
  • Fuel Consumption of Nomads Notes allows you to record fuel purchases, cost of vehicle, graphical reports, average volume by vehicle and purchase and so on.

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  • Contacts of Nomads Notes help you record contact details of people you met in your trips in details.
  • Vehicle details & maintenance records allow you record multiple vehicles in details such as your RV, motor home, towed vehicle and motorbike. This part also helps you keep a full record of oil types, capacity for engines and gearbox, even insurance policy when you have to repairs your travel vehicle on the road.
  • TV & Radio Stations is an interesting of the Nomads Notes. This application allows you keep a record of Radio and TV stations you find along your journey.
  • Reports of Nomads Notes program include campsite reports, fuel consumption and vehicle travelled summary.
  • Export of Nomads Notes system allows you exports all aspects of your trip and share them with your friends and family.

Here are some feedbacks from customers who experienced this travel diary software!

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Nomads Notes – The Full Package And Price

The Nomads Notes program includes the software and 2 bonuses as follows:

  • Free Bonus 1: Motorhoming Lifestyle Ebook ($19.95 Value)

This book gives you various tips and ideas on motorhoming lifestyle.

Free Bonus 2: Buying a Motorhome/ Campervan – Free report, plus a comprehensive checklist ($4.95 Value)

This section allows you to assess and use the check list to ask right questions.

The total value of the package is worth AUD $74.85. However, now, it is coming with a low price of AUD $49.95. Act now and download Nomads Notes program before next trips.

Nomads Notes – The Money-Back Guarantee

The author Gail Bennett guarantees that this is an interesting and a unique software system that will really work for you. After you download it, your purchase is protected by a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Nomads Notes – The Customer Support

For any question related to the Nomads Notes software program, please ask the author by sending him via the contact page. For any feedback about my Nomads Notes Review, show it here, at the end of the post and I will reply ASAP!

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