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Can people really attract good luck into their life? Mike Madigan uses his Predictive Numerology MethodTM to quickly Map anyone’s Life Destiny. A full review on the site Vinamy.com indicates if it is worth buying.

Luck does not exist according to Mike. It’s just the power of vibrational patterns attracting each other. He says you can tap into your brain’s most powerful formula for attracting anything you desire into your life and channel success using the science of numerology.

Mike says stars like Jim Carrey, Eva Longoria, David Beckham and Prince have been using numerology to specifically unlock the secrets of the universe and put them in control of their finances, relationships and physical, emotional and spiritual destiny.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the best career choice for you, or the exact food to eat for your ultimate health and wellness? Numerology can reveal those answers but there are a lot of calculations involved!

  1. What is the Map of Your Life Destiny?
  2. What Do You Get?
  3. How Much Is The Map Of Your Life Destiny?
  4. Is There A Guarantee?
  5. Do You Get Any Support?

numerologist.com Reading Review

What is the Map of Your Life Destiny?

A former mathematician and computer scientist, Mike dedicated over 10 years of his life to the study of numerology. He patented his Predictive Numerology MethodTM so no other numerologist can replicate exactly what he does. Mike uses the Predictive Numerology Method to create your own personalised Map of Your Life Destiny.

Your Map of Your Life Destiny requires over 900 specific calculations just to create it and outlines a day-by-day forecast of your future for the next two years and a month-by-month forecast for the next nine years. Mike claims that this is the most detailed, accurate and deeply revealing numerology reading in the world – the readings are normally over 100 pages long.

Using numerology Mike even goes back in time and tells you with 98% accuracy specific events that happened to you in the past and why they happened!

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What do you get?

You can purchase your personalised Map of Your Life Destiny. Simply enter your full name, date of birth and email address here and a presentation will appear that you can watch. The following Bonuses are included for watching the presentation.

  1. Why Your Phone Number Can Skyrocket… Or Ruin… Your Career! Valued at $97
  2. The 10 Second ‘Lo Shu’ Personality Exposer. Valued at $97
  3. Hoe to Multiply Your Good Luck! Retail price $97
  4. A Strange Overnight Secret to Success. Retail price $97
  5. The Wardrobe Secret That Transforms Bad Days Into Great Days. Valued at $97
  6. The 1 Minute Relationship Forecast! Valued at $97
  7. Your Lucky Stars. Valued at $97
  8. How to Read Your Lovers Palm In 5 Minutes. Valued at $97
  9. How to Make All Your Dreams Come True! Valued at $97

Another advantage of watching the presentation is that you get 3 software bonuses after you order your reading:

  • Lucky Number Analysis on Demand! Valued at $97
  • Personality / Future Mini-Readings on Demand! Valued at $97
  • Personalized Numerology Lessons on Demand! Valued at $97

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How much does it cost?

The Map of Your Life Destiny and ALL of the above bonuses are valued at a total of $1617.97 however you can get everything for just $67 for a limited time. Simply watch the presentation which gives you an in depth description of what numerology is and how it can benefit you. Everything will be delivered within 24 hours by email.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. There is a ‘Know Your Destiny or Else’ 100% money back guarantee.

If your Map of Your Destiny – your personal Numerology reading from Mike’s Predictable Numerology FormulaTM – doesn’t more than live up to every expectation, simply notify Mike by email for a prompt, no questions asked and courteous full refund.

numerologist.com Reading Review Guarantee

Do you get any support?

Yes. You can send an email if you have any technical difficulties.

So if you have any concerns, fear or hopes about your finances, career, love life, relationships or health, it seems you really can learn how to eliminate the bad, increase the good and take control of your destiny. Just use The Map of Your Life Destiny’s step-by-step plan so there’s no guesswork on your part to uncover your hidden talents, inner skills and inborn abilities.

For more information and to watch the presentation click here.

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