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Photoshop Secrets Revealed Review is a writing showing remarkable features of this online Photoshop course! 

  1. What Is Photoshop Secrets Revealed?
  2. What Are The Contents Of This Course?
  3. How Much Does It Cost?
  4. Does The Author Provide Any Support ?

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What Is Photoshop Secrets Revealed?

Photoshop Secrets Revealed is a powerful Photoshop program revealing revolutionary photoshop techniques with video instructions. Matt Brading, a professional portrait photographer is the creator of this system. In the program, he revealed a set of 20 step-by-step guided videos which last over 2 hours of training. If you are waiting for an easy-to-follow Photoshop guide like that, do not skip any part of the Photoshop Secrets Revealed Review to have a full picture of the course!

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What Are The Contents Of This Course?

The following is a list of 20 videos you are going to watch from the Photoshop Secrets Revealed Program:

  • Video 1: Tools A Photographer Uses

–         Rectangular Marquee Tool, Move Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool

–         Elliptical Marquee Tool and Quick Selection Tool

–         Polygonal Lasso Tool,  Lasso Tool and Magic Wand Tool 

  • Video 2: Tools A Photographer Uses – Continued

–         Crop Tool and Eyedropper Tool

–         History Brush and Spot Healing Brush

–         Healing Brush and Clone Stamp

–         Patch Tool and Red Eye Tool

–         Brush Tool and Color Sampler Tool 

  • Video 3: Tools A Photographer Uses – Continued

–         Gradient Tool

–         Blur Tool and Burn Tool

–         Sponge Tool and Horizontal Type Tool

–         Vertical Type Tool and Eraser Tool

–         Smudge Tool and Dodge Tool 

  • Video 4: Recognizing & Using Photoshop Pallets

–         Tool Pallet and Adjustments Pallet

–         Actions Pallet and Image Pallet

–         Info Pallet and Layers Pallet

–         History Pallet and Histogram Pallet

–         Navigate Pallet and Mini Bridge Pallet

–         Color Pallet and Swatches Pallet 

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  • Video 5: How To Make Adjustments

–         Using Levels  and Using Curves

–         Using Exposure  and Using Vibrancy

–         Using Saturation 

  • Video 6: How To Make Adjustments – Continued

–         Using Black & White

–         Using Color Balance and Selective Color

–         Using Posterize 

  • Video 7: Adobe Camera Raw

–         Opening Raw Image In ACR

–         The Light and Whilte Balance

–         Synchronizing RAW Image Settings

  • Video 8: Adobe Camera Raw

–         Exposure Of  The RAW Image

–         Using Fill Light, Blacks and Recovery

–         Using Contrast  and Using Clarity

–         Using Vibrancy, Saturation  and Sharpening

–         Using Noise Reduction 

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  • Video 9: Using Photoshop Layers

–         Stacking Multiple Images

–         Hiding Layers and Using Move Tool

–         Creating A Layer Mask, Brushing and Viewing A Layer Mask

–         Adding Vibrancy Layer & Using Clipping Mask 

  • Video 10: How To Create Gradients & Vignettes

–         Making The Sky Bluer

–         Using Gradient Tool and Elliptical Marquee Tool

–         Adding Feathering To Marquee Tool and Creating A Vignette In An Image

–         Using The Fill in A Layer Mask and Flattening An Image

–         Adjusting Crop Settings and Croping The Final Image 

  • Video 11: How To Retouch Facial Blemishes

–         Spot Healing Tool, Healing Tool, Clone Tool and Healing Tool 

  • Video 12: Retouching Facial Blemishes – Continued

–         Removing Blemishes

–         Patch Tool – Destination Setting and Source Setting

–         Removing Bags 

  • Video 13: How To Smooth The Skin

–         Duplicating Layers

–         Turning A Layer Off

–         Using Lasso Tool and Using Blur To Smooth Skin

–         Creating A Layer Mask  and Editing A Layer Mask 

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  • Video 14: How To Add Punch With Curves & Saturation

–         Adding A Curves Layer and Adding Contrast

–         Changing Layer Blending

–         Using Opacity To Have Perfect Look

–         Boosting Color Saturation With Saturation Layer 

  • Video 15: How To Beautiful Eyes 

–         Brightening The Eyes

–         Changing The Eyes To The Color You Want 

  • Video 16: How To Darken Lips And Eyelashes 

–         Using History Brush To Edit Lips

–         Reducing The Impact & Getting That Perfect Level

–         Using The History Brush 

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  • Video 17: How To Whiten Teeth 

–         How To Eliminate The Yellow On Teeth 

  • Video 18: How To Finish Touches

–         How To Create A Vignette

–         How To Crop The Desired Print Size

–         How To Sharpen The Final Image 

  • Video 19: How To Weight Loss And Sculp The Body 

–         Liquify Tool To Sculp The Body

–         Clone Tool To Edit Background Distortion 

  • Video 20: How To Add Artistic Feels To An Imagine 

–         How To Add Artistic Elements To A Portrait

–         Mask Selection Effect

Beside the Photoshop Secrets Revealed program, all of you can check other guides on developing photography such as the complete digital SLR guide and posing secrets the photographers essential guide vol 1. 

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How Much Does It Cost?

By using this Photoshop Secrets Revealed program, you will learn 20 photoshop video tutorials, plus a collection of 942 Photoshop actions for a one-time-investment of just $27. 

In addition, the author also ensures that the program will work for you with a 100% money back guarantee. Just experience the program for 60 days of your purchase. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, feel free to request a full refund. No question asked! There’s nothing to lose! 

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Does The Author Provide Any Support?

Sure! Please click here to contact Matt Brading and get the full support from the author. 

Now, after reading the complete Photoshop Secrets Revealed, are you going to try out this course? If you think this program is helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. I also welcome you to comment on the article!

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