Let’s read rainbow reading games review to know how to help your kids develop reading skills!

Why Don’t You Check Out Rainbow Reading Games Review To Find Out Reading Games For Your Kids?

I’m going to introduce you an interesting address to help your kids improve their reading skills, called Rainbow Reading Game. 

  1. What Is Rainbow Reading Games?
  2. What Are The Contents Of The Reading Games?
  3. How Much To Get Started With Rainbow Reading Games?
  4. Does The Author Guarantee For The Quality Of This Downloadable Guidebook?
  5. How To Get The Customer Support?

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What Is Rainbow Reading Games?

Rainbow Reading Games is a game program designed to develop reading skills in children. Teresa, a teacher, is the creator of this system. With her experience in creating reading games for kids, she conducted the Rainbow Reading Games and released it in downloadable and printable format with the hope that many kids have opportunities to play these funny games while enhancing reading skills. Now, to get more information about this program, please continue reading my Rainbow Reading Games review!

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What Are The Contents Of The Reading Games?

The program consists of 8 printable guidebooks to teach kids reading games, including Domino games, card games, bingo games & board games.

These reading games focus on advanced language skills like phonics skills, word recognition, initial sound and final sound identification, CVC words, letter pattern recognition, consonant blends, prefixes, suffixes, contractions, antonyms, homophones, synonyms, plurals, syllables and a lot more!

The following are more detailed description of the contents of these games: 

  • Board Games

This ebook consists of 57 printable board games, which kids can practice to identify initial letter, sounds, consonant blends, CVC words, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, rhyming, high frequency words & more. In addition, there are also game board templates included in this book. 

  • Bingo Games

This game program contains 18 Bingo games. Each game consists of 8 Bingo cards, caller cards & a caller sheet. Bingo is a funny game that helps children identify initial sound, recognize CVC words, long vowels, short vowels, word recognition, vowel digraphs, consonant blends.  

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  • Card Games

These games include rhyme time games, cover up games, build word games & lucky pairs games. With these games, children will practice different reading skills like building letter patterns, short and long vowel words, practice words with vowel digraphs and consonant blends. Besides, the game program also guides kids to practice reading short and basic sentence.

  • Domino Games

In this section, the author provides kids with 3 types of domino game including, letter dominoes, row dominoes and rhyming dominoes.

  • Advanced Board Games

This collection of advanced board games shows you more than 30 board games that you will guide kids to practice advanced letter patterns & skills, including synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, contractions, compound words, plurals & homophones. In addition, the program also includes Jumbled Potry games and True or False game quiz 

  • Advanced Domino Games

This collection of domino games provides kids different sections to practice word building on how to use compound words, how to build prefixes and suffixes, how to use multi syllable words and so on 

  • Advanced Card Games

This component gives children a lot of card games to master advanced letter patterns, compound words, word meanings and much more 

  • Advanced Bingo Games

In these advanced Bingo games, kids will learn the most advanced games to develop vocabulary skills as well as language skills.

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How Much To Get Started With Rainbow Reading Games? 

I think that you can happily pay just less than 14c/game for just 1 kids reading game in the collection of the 8 Rainbow Reading Games. In addition, the collection also gives you more than 200 printable games to help kids develop reading skills, boost confidence & have loads of fun when playing these games.

 Beside this program to help kids develop reading skills, all of you can search for other guidebooks to help your kid improve their learning like learn more study less and test prep system.

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Does The Author Guarantee For The Quality Of This Downloadable Guidebook?

Yes! Your purchase is totally risk-free because the author offers you a 100% money back guarantee for the quality of this e-book. With this guarantee, you can require a refund in case the program didn’t work for you or you didn’t like it. And remember that the guarantee will just be available within 60 days of your purchase, so make your careful decision on this order! 

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How To Get The Customer Support?

By using this program, you can contact the author Teresa via email to get the customer support. Please send her an email at: teresa [at] kids-reading-games dot com.

Now, after reading the entire Rainbow Reading Games review, are you ready to order this system and help your kids improve their reading skills? If you still get any unclear information about this writing, let me know by posting your feedbacks at the end of the article!

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