Random Facts about Prince Harry You Need to Know ASAP!

Ever browsed the news lately? Well, if you do, then this is certainly the first thing that popped up on your personal feed: Prince Harry is now here in Australia. And he’s going to be here for a very, very long time, as it turns out. So, with that said, now is the best time to know random facts about Prince Harry! And really, why not?

So, with that said, what are the “facts” that you need to know to get you in the mood for Harry-mania, then? Well, here are some of them below that you can probably find very interesting! Read more below for it!

Random Facts about Prince Harry

  1. He was called ‘Spike’ when he was younger

Ever had a nickname when you were younger that just sounded cool even when most people have no idea how it came to be? Well, Prince Harry actually does, and it’s actually in the form of badass-sounding name like ‘Spike’. It’s what his closest friends from school call him back then, and he only rarely gets called as ‘Harry’ by his family members unless he did something very, very bad or serious.

On the other hand, his (in)famous nickname came to the public when it was alleged that he had a “secret” Facebook account that was since deleted back in 2012 because… well, just like any other celebrity guarding his or her privacy, Prince Harry doesn’t want any embarrassing photos of him scooped online. Sensible enough, yes?

  1. He had served in Afghanistan not once, but TWICE

As a man born into royalty, what other course of career can Prince Harry have in his life? Well, the most “honourable” thing would be to serve his country, and one of the better ways to doing so is by entering the Royal Army. He performed so well at it that he flew missions on two separate tours of Afghanistan, and that enabled him to attain the rank of Captain in this current time. Not bad, not bad.

Facts about Prince Harry

  1. He takes after his mother, Princess Diana

There’s no denying that Princess Diana’s death in 1997 weighed heavily on Prince Harry’s—and consequently, his older brother Prince William’s—mind when tragedy struck during that time. However, rather than let himself be subsumed by guilt for the next few years, he devoted himself to charity work both in his native UK and in Africa, as well. If there can be something that will really make him out to be Princess Di’s real son, then this is probably the best inclination of it!

  1. BONUS: Prince Harry LOVES Britain’s Got Talent

Do you want an indication of how celebrities—even royalty—are just like us? Well, here’s one incontrovertible proof: they also like the same “common” things as us! And for Prince Harry, it comes in the form of a show called Britain’s Got Talent. Surely, you have heard about this show before? Every variation of it is practically available everywhere at this point! All in all, it’s just very comforting to know that celebs like Prince Harry or Liam Hemsworth are pretty relatable to us common folk!

Prince Harry

So, are you convinced of these random facts about Prince Harry now? Well, we certainly hope so!

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