The Best Slow Cooker Recipe for the Busy Workweek

It can be a challenge to cook regularly during the weekdays. After all, every adult is expected to be a productive member of society. And really, when all of your energy is expended on work, when what excuse do you have to NOT cook for you and your family? Well, here’s one: simply choose a good slow cooker recipe, and you can start from there! And you should, too, because eating together with the family can prove to be very beneficial for everyone involved!

Slow cookers offer a perfect way to cook without actually doing much of… well, cooking itself! That is why choosing not only the tastiest, but also the healthiest, kind for you and your family can help you cope up with the insane demands of work and school. After all, if it means that you’ll be coming home to an aromatic place that has the power to make your mouth water, then that’s the easiest kind of reward you can ever obtain for yourself every day!

So, with that said, here are some of the best recipes you can obtain for a whole week of slow cooking goodness! Check it below!

vegan marinara sauce

  1. Vegan Marinara

It may not look like it, but you can actually make marinara into a stew. And yes, it’s not as time-consuming as you might think it to be! And the best thing about it is that you can even use the ingredients normally associated with pasta and incorporate it into your slow cookers.

Of course, what you would need to do first it to sauté the onion and garlic using olive oil cooked over medium heat until the two becomes soft and fragrant. And while the following may be optional, you can always add dried herbs like oregano or crushed red pepper. Finally, you can “deglaze” the frying pan with red wine or balsamic vinegar.

Now, the time comes to transfer all of those ingredients to the slow cooker, with the option of adding a generous helping of fresh herbs before closing the lid. Now, this is where the magic happens: you can leave it to cook for up to 8 hours on low fire, and you can add seasoning before serving it on meals. Garlic bread is optional for this one!

  1. Lamb curry

Don’t let the thought of cooking curry scare you away: the main reason why it has acquired the reputation of being a “difficult” recipe to cook is because of the fact that it simply takes a long freakin’ time to do so! And of course, you can really use that to your advantage when it comes to this purpose.

How so? Well, for starters, you can place all the necessary ingredients for curry in one large slow cooker: oil, cumin and coriander powder, onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Now that all these ingredients are placed in the cooker, you mix it with salt, sugar, granny smith apples, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Of course, don’t forget to mix it with lamb.

lamb curry slow cooker

And that’s where the fun part starts! Cover the cooker and set it on high fire for six hours. However, if possible, you can mix the stew again and add potatoes, raisins and old-fashioned water to make it sure that it achieves the necessary consistency. Wait for another 2 hours for the fire to completely cook it, and let the stew “rest” for about fifteen minutes.

Of course, the intermittent timing of the way you cook lamb curry means that it should take some masterful maneuvering of your schedule on your part to make sure that you won’t have to endure a single wasted hour. Of course, you can serve the curry with “traditional” sides like rice or bread. See, classic Indian cooking made on the “quick” way!

  1. Pomegranate and corn salsa sauce

Appropriately enough, this item should prove to be the most complicated to cook for this purpose. But heck, you can’t deny that it’s not fun to do so!

So, to start, you simply place tomatoes in a blender and grind the resulting product to a paste. Once you get to do so, pour them into a slow cooker along with onion, ginger, garlic and salt; mix thoroughly.

Now that you have done the above, stir the mixture with the green chilies and start cooking to eight hours in low heat. However, once you hit the three-hour mark where the stew should already be simmering, then that’s the time you add in canneleni beans, potatoes, carrots, and pork. Now, allow the whole thing to cook for the next four hours.

Afterwards, you now have the choice of adding in prunes, sugar and more water the mixture happens to be not thick enough. You can also heat up a separate set of chilies and cumin in a skillet and grind these all into a powder. Now, pour the powder into the stew, mix them, and wait for the last hour.

Pomegranate and corn salsa sauce

Now, you have the option of adding the stew with lime and cilantro after cooking, and you can serve it with rice or bread!

So, have you find out what the best slow cooker recipe is for you? Hope you get to enjoy those we have written above!

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