Surefire Italian learning package review uncovers a course to boost your Italian memorization

Let’s Take A Look At Surefire Italian Learning Package Review To Learn Memorization Techniques And Reduce Your Learning Time In A Half!

If you want to learn an Italian course, and hope to learn this language with ease, Surefire Italian Learning Package is the best choice for you. 

  1. What Is Surefire Italian Learning Package?
  2. What Are The Contents Of The Program?
  3. How Much To Get Started With This Course?
  4. Does The Author Provide Any Guarantee And Support?

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What Is Surefire Italian Learning Package?

Surefire Italian Learning Package is an online Italian course released by David Rivera, an advanced Italian teacher. Different from other language courses, this program doesn’t throw you an endless string of Italian vocabulary and make you remember the words. Instead of that, Surefire Italian Learning Package is designed with the mix of memory techniques and creative games in order to boost your ability of the Italian memorization. Therefore, you will have a natural flow of thinking to remember Italian vocabulary in a half of the learning time. You will no longer have problems in choosing right words to use, no longer hold a basic conversation. You will find this learning fun and enjoyable, discover more Italian culture features and make new friends by learning this language.

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What Are The Contents Of The Program?

  • Component No 1: Italian Link-Word Book

In this book, you will use the linking techniques to learn Italian and remember words faster and longer than traditional learning methods. By mastering this technique, you will accelerate the comprehension of words to rapid speed. Exactly, you will discover 119 link words with short descriptions and rememorial images in this little book. For more details, you can:

–         See any word in English & its translation in Italian

–         Read the descriptions

–         See the pictures and remember the images in your mind

–         Make your brain work to create the link among the descriptions, the pictures and the translations

  • Component No 2: Italian Matching Game

This Matching Game can allow you to match 25 random Italian – English words and phrases pairs at any time, which are generated from the huge database of over 1000 commonly used words. The following are some benefits you will get from the game:

–         Strengthening the ability to recognize and remember over1000 common Italian words by pairing the words up with English counterparts

–         Matching either pairs of words & phrases randomly at any time, depending on proficiency level of yours : The more pairs, the more challenging your matching game will be

–         Sharpening and widening your Italian vocabulary in particular areas by focusing on a certain category or topic such as colors or numbers or types of food or types of profession…

–         Creating your categories of vocabulary and add unlimited words you want to remember to each of your category

–         Playing the specialized Game for around 15 to 20 minutes a day

–         Using the game as a wonderful tool to learn and remember new Italian words / phrases

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  • Component  No 3: Italian Flashcard Program

This is software that allows you to drill Italian by using conventional flashcard method without any hassle. Basically, you will discover the following features of this software:

–         The advantage of flashcards

–         The 1000 common Italian words and phrases with English counterparts

–         Learning Italian in 15 minutes per day

–         Saving time and choosing the words you’d like to learn which are sorted by category

–         Adding new words to your organized categories to learn harder words & keep in mind stimulated

  • Component No 4: Memory Boosting Report

This report uncovers 12 methods to add and boost your learning to a higher level, including the following methods:

–         Link Method: To create connections between unrelated items & remember anything in its right order

–         Peg Method: To remember long lists of words and boost the ability to recall words, regardless of position

–         Loci System: Tap into the wisdom of the Romans & learn this proven method to have a photographic memory

–         Journey System:  A fun method involving imaginary traveling to remember words

–         Number System: To learn Italian numbers and call out a series of numbers in their right order

–         Alphabet Method: To use alphabetical system for remembering the words more stuff

–         Major System: The most powerful system that help you to memorize numbers, lists and words

–         Story Formation: The new twist to instantly create a story with a group of words and phrases, which will stick in your mind

–         Connection Technique: To attach new information & expand mental ability

–         FLAT: To shorten your learning time up to 70%

–         Snapshot Technique: To overcome problems with long strings of numbers

–         Phonetic Number Technique: The cheat sheet that you can imprint it to learn

  • Component No 5: Daily Memory Booster, revealing memory boosting techniques in order to:

–         Form the link among words, numbers and visuals

–         Develop a photographic memory

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How Much To Get Started With This Course?

Ordering the Surefire Italian Learning Package, you will get 5 components with detailed values as follows:

–         Component 1: Italian Link Words Book – Worth $37

–         Component 2: Italian Matching Game – Worth $37

–         Component 3: Italian Flashcard Program – Worth $37

–         Component 4: Memory Boosting Report – Worth $37

–         Component 5: Daily Memory Booster – Worth $37

The total value of this package is at least $185. The regular price is $97. But if you take action right now, it will come with a lower price of just $37. It’s so cool right? Are you going to get started with this cost instantly?

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Does The Author Provide Any Guarantee And Support?

Yes! The author can guarantee that his program won’t fail to work for you. If you are serious to learn this cost, try it right and get a 100% unconditional, money back guarantee for a full 60 days! 

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Please go to the official website to get more information about the program and get the support from the author! 

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