Ted’s woodworking review introduces Ted’s program to create woodworking plans like a pro!

Ted’s Woodworking Review Uncovers A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Woodworking Plans

If you are looking for an online course to make your own woodworking plans, spend some minutes checking out this Ted’s Woodworking Review first and I hope that this recommended program will work for you right!

  1. Ted’s Woodworking – Introduction
  2. Ted’s Woodworking – Main Contents
  3. Ted’s Woodworking – Pros & Cons
  4. Ted’s WoodworkingPrice
  5. Ted’s Woodworking – Refund Policy
  6. Ted’s Woodworking – Customer Support

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Ted’s Woodworking – Introduction

Ted’s Woodworking is an online course that instructs you to make 16,000 woodworking plans and projects for beginners and advanced woodworkers with step-by-step guide, detailed blueprints, material list, schematics, dimensions and illustrations.

Ted Mcgrath is the developer of this comprehensive system. He is a professional woodworker, a member of the AWI, and the founder of TedsWoodworking.com.

The program is released in PDF format with video tutorials so that it’s easy for you to find exactly what you want to do on your computer desktop. With downloadable files, you can save it anywhere you want and get their copies to CDs, or print woodworking plans for quick access. There are different woodworking projects that you are interesting in making such as garden chairs, bird feeders, boat plans, dog houses, kids’ room projects, media center plans or shed projects.

Now, keep reading the next parts of Ted’s Woodworking review to discover the main contents of the program.

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Ted’s Woodworking – Main Contents

This is comprehensive woodworking training program, designed with the following main sections:

  • Introduction
  • The membership area
  • Diagrams with dimensions – available in metric and imperial units
  • Detailed instructions to start your projects
  • Materials and tools you need to set up your own woodworking projects
  • Totally 16,000 plans to download instantly after you purchase online
  • Bonus documents in PDF format that you can read via Adobe Reader and DWG software
  • The guide to start your woodworking business
  • More woodworking projects
  • Videos tutorials

Beside the standard Ted’s Woodworking program, the author also gives you another option to download the deluxe package with the main guidebook and the 4 extra bonus sections as follows:

  • Section 1: Shed Plans
  • Section 2: Resources & References
  • Section 3: Home 3D Software
  • Section 4: Designer Shed Plans

In addition to all the plans, the author also offers you over 150 guided videos so that you can learn to create your own woodworking plans with ease.

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Ted’s Woodworking – Pros & Cons

The Pros

– The author of the program is a successful woodworking artist. He is also a member of the AWI and his woodworking projects have been showcased in various international woodworking exhibitions in the world. He is the best-seller of some books like Wood Project Made Ease and The Art if Woodworking. He also appeared in Entrepreneurship magazine and helped thousands of people get success in their own woodworking plans.

– The program shows you the largest database of 16,000 blueprints of woodworking projects.

– The program allows you to create different woodworking plans from the ease to advanced ones.

– Each blueprint comes with step-by-step instructions, colorful designs.

– The author McGrath introduces his personal collections of woodworking projects.

– The program reveals tips and techniques to save money, time and energy while developing your woodworking plans.

– There are over 5,000 people downloaded this comprehensive system and achieved award winning projects.

The Cons

–  There are over 16,000 woodworking plans, photo illustrations and guide, so it takes you hours to download all the files.

–  Get the DVD version is the best choice of purchase.

Here are some feedbacks from customers of Ted’s Woodworking kits:

teds woodworking Melvin Jones and Kevin Roane

Ted’s Woodworking – Price

The program now comes with a lower price of just $67, instead of the regular price of $197.

The following are the complete list of sections included in the Ted’s Woodworking package:

  • The guidebook: 16,000 Designs & Projects
  • Bonus 1: DWG & CAD Software
  • Bonus 2: 150 Videos (Members Area)
  • Bonus 3: Start a Woodworking Business
  • Bonus 4: Woodworking Guides

Full range of projects, cost effective, no hidden fees, no extra charges, instant access 24/7, high resolution quality and free lifetime membership area (for beginners and the advanced).

Ted’s Woodworking – Refund Policy

By using Ted’s Woodworking program, your purchase is protected by a full 60-day, iron clad money-back guarantee. Check the author’s claim below!

teds woodworking guarantee

Ted’s Woodworking – Customer Support

You can ask for the customer support as one of benefits of purchasing this digital product. Please go to this page to ask Ted for any issue related to your woodworking projects or any information about this course.

For any feedback about my Ted’s Woodworking Review, show it here at the end of this post. I welcome you to share this writing, if you find it useful, too.

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