Three Methods for Knowing your Fantasy Football Cheat

Just how popular is fantasy football nowadays? Well, it’s so insanely popular that it generates $800 M in revenue in the US alone. However, the reality is that—for every single country that has a largely populous urban centre filled with working professionals burned out from their jobs—fantasy football gives them not just an escape, but a semblance of stake that they can CONTROL without having to worry about outside forces factoring in. It’s essentially a neat, little slice-of-life game. Only with real money involved. Now you see why so many people are searching for any fantasy football cheat online!

You don’t even have to worry about being late to the party, since more than anything, this is the most opportune time for you to indulge in some fantasy football madness! And if you think that you need some quick results for getting you into this crazy world of fantasy football, then here are some beginner’s hacks you can use for this purpose! Read on below for more!

Fantasy Football Cheat

  1. Knowing what kind of “league” to join

One good thing about getting into fantasy football is that, unlike its “real” sports counterpart, the whole industry is not defined by a single monopolistic entity: everyone has the privilege of playing the game, and you can carve out a small, profitable niche for yourself whilst you’re in the league.

And speaking of leagues, here’s the one thing you need to consider before knowing what kind of league to join first: every player you encounter may not play for the same reasons as you do. Whilst many “beginners” can enter any league and play and make mistakes just for the sole fun of it, vets of the game are understandably more involved in leagues where there is serious money involved. It may sound like gambling, and there’s no denying the connection there. However, what you will be betting on is the “idealised” version of real football; in other words, you’re as far away from dealing with real consequences as you would when betting on real games. See, just like a videogame!

If you want a more concrete example of what makes a “professional” fantasy football league, then this helpful primer from ESPN would be worth reading if only for the sake of giving you a “taste” of what you can expect from the game!

  1.  Choosing your players

Now comes the tricky part: what kind of players should you choose for making up the bulk of your fantasy football team? Well, if you think that you’d need more than a passing familiarity with the “hottest” players in American football right now, then you’re partially right: in essence, what you should be looking out after are the numbers which makes any kind of player special to begin with.

How so? Well, for one, you have to base your lineup according to the annual league draft (which is also based on NFL’s real-world draft schedule). Of course, it’s highly impossible to choose the “best” players in NFL because, of course, everyone else is gunning after them. However, the real trick to it is to fill out a balanced roster made up of players who are well-suited to that position. Just like a real sports draft, you have the option of choosing one player at a time either by auction or by trading. Reductively speaking, that is the gist of the whole thing; part of it is also based on your league’s policies and “internal politics” which, when you think about it, all comes down to two people talking trash with each over pizza and sodas. Yep, it’s just like a family night board game, but only more intense.

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It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with the drafting process. But really, if you TRULY want to experience why fantasy football has been the addictive pastime that it has been for over the last decade, then there’s no better way than immersing yourself in the draft!

  1. Competing against your fellow leaguers

So, we now come to the meat of the whole thing: the “playing” part of fantasy football. If your idea of fantasy football is to have your “virtual” players kick the crap out of each other during those games, then you’re partially right!

However, your players can only do so when based on the figures displayed by their real-world counterparts: if a particular player happens to be performing very admirably in a single game—no matter whether his team won or not—then those figures are “converted” to points for your fantasy football team. The more points you have over the competition, the more chances you get to win the game—and eventually, you can even make the playoffs or even win the league title, too!

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So, did all of the above satiate your curiosity in terms of getting an awesome fantasy football cheat? Well, we surely hoped so! Comment below if you have more tips on how everyone can improve their fantasy football game!

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