Three Ways to Achieve the Margot Robbie Fitness Routine Special!

Why is Margot Robbie so hot right now? And by “hot”, we essentially don’t mean just her looks alone; from getting casted opposite Leonardo DiCaprio to her breakout international role in The Wolf of Wall Street to finally having another surefire hit in her role as ‘Harley Quinn’ in the upcoming Suicide Squad, it seems there really is no limit to what Margot can achieve in her young age. And of course, it also helps that there’s a Margot Robbie fitness routine she’s also following for sure!

And the great news about it? Just like her fellow Aussie Liam Hemsworth’s workout, Margot’s daily fitness routine isn’t as complicated as you’re probably led to believe! Below are some of Margot’s hard-to-beat fitness tips to get the body that movie audiences all over the world are drooling after!

Margot Robbie Fitness Routine

  1. Running

It can be hard to believe that achieving a perfect body like what Margot has can only be achieved by running, but there is really no question about it: running can burn as much calories as you would when you’re sweating it all off in the gym, and it happens to be the simplest exercise there is to perform, too!

And really, for many of the celebrities who have been active as of late, there really is a big reason why they always swear by running as being the best kind of exercise there is: with the way their daily lives are being eaten by their hectic schedules, bigshot celebrities like Margot Robbie find running to be… well, “freeing” from the constraints of their jobs, even if it’s just for a half-hour!

  1. Biking

Despite being a famous celebrity these days, it can be very unfathomable for someone of her fame to still be going to the local public park to be engaging in bike rides around the loop. But of course, that is exactly what she has been doing in her spare time.

Margot Robbie Fitness

Similar to running, biking is another form of cardio that can be taken at very intense levels if you just allow it to be so. And really, it can be just as fun to do it along with friends, too!

  1. Hockey

Now, no matter what you say about the sport, one thing can be for sure: this is CERTAINLY not an Australian sport! And yet, here is our proudest export, dishing it out against what we hope to be are competitors that are similarly-sized as hers. If not… then well, we hope she’s tough enough to handle all the bruising!

In hindsight, though, considering that rugby can be as tough and as unforgiving as ice hockey, maybe that sport really is suited for Margot! After all, not only does hockey force its practitioners to traverse the entirety of the cold ice in multiple loops, it can also prove to be an undeniable physical sport; fights don’t break out of hockey games for nothing, you know!

margot robbie brown hair

So, have you figured out which of these Margot Robbie Fitness Routine you would want to follow? Well, at the very least, we hope you enjoy doing so!

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