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Let’s Learn To Become The Best Soccer And Enhance Your Fitness With The Total Soccer Fitness Review!

This review is for people who love playing soccer and want to develop their soccer skills while enhancing fitness. Let’s take a deeper look at the Total Soccer Fitness program I’m going to recommend you reading:

  1. What Is Total Soccer Fitness?
  2. What Will You Learn From This Soccer Course?
  3. What Will You Receive From The Total Soccer Fitness Package?
  4. Does The Author Provide Any Guarantee For The Program?
  5. Do You Get Any Support From The Author?

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What Is Total Soccer Fitness?

Total Soccer Fitness was developed by the certified strength & conditioning specialist Phil Davies. He’s trained hundreds of soccer players of different ages & abilities, including children, semi-professional & professional soccer players. This soccer course is designed with 6 main sections, teaching you endurance conditioning exercises, strength conditioning workouts, speed conditioning lessons, flexibility exercises & stretches, warm up, cool down workouts and soccer fitness testing.

To get more information about the contents and the features of this soccer conditioning course, please continue reading my Total Soccer Fitness review!

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What Will You Learn From This Soccer Course?

In the Total Soccer Fitness training program, you will learn 6 main training parts. For more details, they include:

Section 1: Anaerobic & Aerobic Endurance Conditioning, revealing:

  • How to recover after high intensity sprints fast
  • The training methods to handle the production of lactic acid
  • The quick exercises for your sprints
  • Off season exercises to maintain your fitness
  • The effective methods to reduce body aches & pain
  • Fully comprehensive drills without a ball for soccer players
  • Training endurance conditioning sessions

Section 2: Strength And Explosive Power Conditioning, showing:

  • The truth about lifting weight workouts for soccer players
  • The 4-phase strength training program for soccer players
  • Periodization explained
  • The simple yet effective guide to prevent injuries
  • Exercises to maximize strength, power & strength endurance
  • The specialized core strength training
  • Different types of strength and the most important strength for a soccer player
  • The guide to use plyometrics effectively and safely increase your speed, your power & your jumping ability
  • Various sample strength sessions and programs and sessions with exact reps & sets
  • The best power & Strength exercises for soccer players
  • Typical sample circuit training routines, which combine the strength & endurance – no equipment required
  • Dozens of illustrations with colorful images to perform each workout correctly

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Section 3: Speed, Agility And Quickness Conditioning, teaching:

  • Powerful drills to increase your lightning speed over 10-15 yards
  • The techniques to combine power, strength, flexibility and power flexibility training
  • The SAQ training consisting of lots of sample drills
  • Specific speed training program with the ball and without the ball
  • Annual speed training plan
  • The instruction to use speed ladders for agility
  • The Speed endurance training on performance

Section 4: Flexibility Conditioning And Stretching for Soccer, providing:

  • The various types of stretching to increase your movement and which stretching you must avoid before training sessions
  • The soccer stretching program to develop flexibility with stretching image illustrations

Section 5: Warming Up & Cooling Down, instructing:

  • A guided warm up & cool down plan
  • The right levels of intensity
  • How to prevent you from muscle soreness

Section 6: Scientifically Testing Your Level of Soccer Fitness, guiding:

  • The guide to start a test battery
  • Sample tests for strength endurance, aerobic endurance, speed endurance, agility and flexibility
  • Statistics for a professional soccer player
  • Norms & ranges to evaluate your results
  • The order to perform different tests

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What Will You Receive From The Total Soccer Fitness Package?

The entire Total Soccer Fitness package is priced at $27, including a main guidebook with the 6 main training sections, plus 4 additional bonus items:

  • Bonus 1: Total Soccer Nutrition – Valued at 17
  • Bonus 2: The Powerful Mental Soccer Peak Performance Techniques – Valued at 10
  • Bonus 3: 120 Delicious Recipes For Athletes – Valued at 10
  • Bonus 4: The Over 100 Drills And Exercises Library For Soccer Players – Valued at 17

Beside this soccer course, all of you can search for other sports training courses like get fit ride fast, ultimate hockey training and avalanche ski training.

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Does The Author Provide Any Guarantee For The Program?

Of course! The Total Soccer Fitness program comes with a full 8-week money back guarantee, as you can see below:

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Do You Get Any Support From The Author?

Yes! All of you can visit the official website and contact the author to ask him about any issue related to your soccer and fitness goals. In addition, you can check out frequently asked questions via the FAQs page.

I hope that you find my Total Soccer Fitness review helpful to get started with this course immediately or share it with other soccer players. All your feedbacks and comments are ưelcome, please leave them at the end of the post!

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