Vertical Jump Manual Review Reveals How Everyone – Even White Men – Can Jump!

Hey basketball and volleyball players!! Yes you! Do you want your vertical jump increased by 10 inches? Guaranteed! Then keep reading…

Forget what the movie said. White men can jump! Jacob Hiller, a full time vertical jump and quickness trainer, has developed vertical explosion techniques for over ten years and guarantees to show you how to get a vertical jump increase by 10 inches in The Jump Manual.

1. What Is The Jump Manual?
2. What Do You Get?
3. How Much Will It Cost?
4. Does The Author Offer Any Guarantee?
5. Do You Get Any Support?

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What Is The Jump Manual?

Have you ever wondered how to increase your vertical jump instantly? The Jump Manual is the most comprehensive vertical jump program available. It’s an all-in-one vertical jump training program that’ll have you jumping like a kangaroo! It targets every facet of vertical explosion.

Jacob Hiller says “effectively training every aspect of vertical jump is the only way to maximise your vertical jump explosion.” And Jacob would know. He’s been developing vertical jump explosion techniques for over ten years and instructing athletes and coaches to the very best of their potential.

Watch the amazing video of Jacob demonstrating here.

The Jump Manual has consistently helped athletes to gain 40 inch plus verticals!! That’s over 120cms for those who speak metric…

vertical jump training review

What Do You Get?

Probably a nickname like ‘Kanga’ or ‘Roo’ after you’ve been practicing what you’ve leant!!
Sorry bad joke. Seriously, you get access to what no one else can tell you…

The Jump Manual is an E-book which includes the following:

• Complete workout chart showing you how to get maximum effectiveness from your workout
• Complete training video library showing you exactly how to do every exercise and stretch
• Exact nutrition plan showing you exactly what you can eat to increase gains and reduce injury
• One-on-one training via email
• Weight room alternatives for those who don’t have access to a weight room
• Much more… training forum, access to interviews from NBA coaches, shooting coaches, professional athletes, etc. Also how to make a portable nutrition centre, glossary of training vocabulary, complete section on how form enhancements can get you immediate gains and much more all in one easy to use E-book

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How Much Is The Jump Manual?

For a limited time you can get instant access to The Jump Manual system for only $67!

Plus you’ll also receive additional FREE stuff – Pro Membership to The Elite Jumpers Forum (sold separately for $29 per month) and 30 days unlimited one-on-one coaching tailored to your needs (sold separately for $200-$250 an hour).

Does The Author Offer Any Guarantee?

Featured on ESPN, Fade Away and Men’s Health, Jacob perfected these techniques on himself first. This program works and he allows customers to verify any testimonials.

Of course if you’re still not sure, this training is GUARANTEED to add at least 10 inches to your jump – or your money back!

vertical jump training program guarantee

Do You Get Any Support?

Yes you do, but there are no ladders or wires involved! Support is the best you can get from NBA coaches to professional sports psychologists to professional athletes.

Everything comes down to pros and cons so in summary there plenty of pros in The Jump Manual which completely out way the only con I can see which is… drum roll please… sweat. You’re going to have to work hard and get very sweaty.

So for all you basketball, volleyball or even AFL players, The Jump Manual is your ticket achieving the ultimate vertical jump. Obviously it’s not a golden ticket. You’re going to have to actually DO the exercises and stretches but if my goal was to gain a 10 inch (or 25cm) increase in my vertical jump I’d be pretty relieved that somebody has done all the research and testing for me and I’d definitely give it a go!

Click here for more information on The Jump Manual

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