What is Cilantro, and Why the Heck do I Need It?

If there is one culinary “buzzword” you need to know about these days, then there’s no doubt that it’s probably “cilantro”. It’s now reaching its appropriate tipping point that charming “think pieces” like this one wondering about the appeal of cilantro is now making the rounds of newspapers everywhere! And why not? It’s got a cool name, and it’s really pretty easy to obtain anywhere! So, now comes the question: what is cilantro?

Well, it just happens to be the most useful herb for cooking there is, that’s what! Of course, that’s not enough to convince you why you need to get a dose of cilantro for your slow cookers, amongst many of the dishes you can cook for it using this herb. So, why should it matter to you, then? Well, it’s just a matter of knowing its benefits for you, that’s what! Here are some of the awesome things that you can get from using cilantro below!

what is cilantro

  1. Cilantro makes your food last longer

Now, everyone knows that herbs are awesome. However, a good number of them are known for “hastening” the spoilage of dishes quicker than usual. Thankfully, that is not the case for cilantro; research has shown that the leaf contains a high antioxidant content, which means that it is very ideal for “preserving” dishes and making them still fit for consumption several days after they were first cooked.

However, its most useful preservative effect comes in the form of this one simple thing: it coats any food it touches with an antibacterial property that combats salmonella or any of its related infections. See, it does have its immediate uses, after all!

  1. It can “purify” water

Now, this is perhaps the one thing that can come off as the most surprising for many people who may have otherwise dismissed cilantro in the past: it apparently has the power to “treat” water to make it potable and clean. Yes, through the power of just a single leaf.

cilantro water

So, how can it be able to do so, then? Well, for one, recent experiments have shown that cilantro has suppressed the accumulation of lead material in the bodies of several rat subjects which, in the process, have “purified” their bodies of any other toxic levels of metals inside it. Sure, it’s not the cure for cancer per se, but at least it’s sure to give you a healthier lifestyle because of it!

  1. It can be mixed with absolutely ANYTHING

For sure, this is where the real power of the cilantro herb lies. Noticed how many dishes you can make from cilantro like slow cookers, burgers, or even a salad? Well, it’s because of the fact that, similar to umami, cilantro contains a very “malleable” taste that it can fit really well with anything you may happen to be cooking on at any time of the day.

And really, if you think that that’s no reason for you to go overboard and pepper your dishes with every variety of cilantro there is, then you can always choose to get a tea supplement so that you can get all of your cilantro goodness in one sip!

cilantro recipes

So, have you figured out for yourself what is cilantro? Well, we surely hoped you did! Comment below if you’ve got more “tasty” ideas with regards to this topic!

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