Three Simple Ways to Know What is Depression Like

Depression is one of those ailments where, more than anything, it can be easily masked with anything. Really, if this study is any indication, it also means that we have a tendency to ignore those suffering from depression even when the condition itself is staring right at us in the face. And you know what? That kind of “deniability” can also gravely effect how we ourselves view what is depression like.

So, how can we be able to take note of what depression really is, then? Well, as with all things, all you need for this purpose is to simply be receptive to the kinds of things that you might otherwise taken for granted! And so, with that said, here below are the simplest ways to know whether your loved one, or even you, is suffering from depression. Read on for more!

what is depression like

  1. Obvious “hints” of depression

Now, one thing we need to remember about depression is that it can be easy to mistake it for anything else. For instance, if you find it very difficult to sleep, then that is one of the more “minor” signs of depression that you can simply pass off as something akin to insomnia. However, the reason for that may be even deeper: you can’t sleep well because of the fact that you think too many things. And really, this is where “clinical depression” starts.

On the other hand, if you also find yourself suffering from a lack of appetite or, on the flipside of it, eat too much than is usually warranted for your “normal” appetite, then that may also be pointing to depression. Of course, those signs are so vague that you might even ignore it. However, if you start encountering any of the signs BELOW this item, then there is no doubt that you’re seriously dealing with depression, and that is…

  1. Negative thoughts

To be clear, being “negative” is a trait that, by itself, is really just a normal part of experience. After all, if what you have been experiencing in your life so far are all full of happy things, then it can also be argued that you’re only seeing a part of the world for what it truly is.

However, in cases of depression, all that negativity is magnified a hundredfold. By that, it means that no matter what you do, you simply can’t erase those kinds of “thoughts” in your head. To be more specific, those thoughts almost always involve a feeling of helplessness, that there is no reason for you to keep on living in this lifetime. And to be clear, it’s not like you even think of those things in a “showy” manner—they simply keep popping up, no matter how hard you curtail it.

Now, this is where you begin to see how you can cope with those kinds of thoughts. The most recommended route for this is by simply talking to your loved ones or most trusted friends about it. However, for other sufferers, the only way they can cope with it is through more “self-destructive” means: reckless behaviour, substance abuse, or you’re simply prone to “lashing out” to everyone you know in a more frequent basis than usual.

depression symptoms

Of course, by taking the “right” actions for all of those above, then you can always find a way to contain your depression. However, if what you’re already experiencing is on the next item below, then that’s where you should be REALLY concerned.

  1. Suicidal ideation

Now, if you’re already at this point of your depression, then STOP reading immediately and ask for help from your loved ones. If you have no one else around to look after you, then you can always call your local suicide hotline like Lifeline or Suicide Line, where you can always find someone who is willing to help you out in your current predicament on a complete 24/7 basis.

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So, have you figured out if what is depression likefor someone who may be “unfamiliar” with it? Well, we surely hope so! Comment below if you want to share your experiences with regards to this topic!

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