What Is Instagram: Three Reasons why You Should Use This App ASAP!

Instagram is hot right now. Really, there’s no getting around it; whilst many of its “competitors” like Snapchat and Vine are slowly eating into the market share of the pioneering photo-sharing app, there is still one thing that is true about Instagram: just like many OGs, Instagram is never in risk of dying—it simply evolves! Indeed, Instagram is so widely used nowadays that it’s actually being forecasted to eclipse Twitter, of all things, as this year comes to a close! So, if you’re still out of the loop, then now is perhaps the perfect time to ask yourself: What is Instagram, and why should it matter to me?

Well, if you’re using a smartphone whilst you’re reading this, then congrats! That’s actually one of the main reasons why you CAN use Instagram right now! And really, it offers so much more than just being an app where you take pictures! How so? Well, we’ve collected many of the top reasons below why! Read on for more!

What Is Instagram

  1. It’s a TRULY “social” app

If you’re “creating” something as of this moment, then there is no question that your creation should immediately be shared online for the rest of the world to see—be it in music, writing, drawings, or whatever it is you happen to fancy. And, no surprise, the same can also be said for photos, as well.

So, with that said, this is where Instagram’s main draw lies: no matter what your choice of social networking platform may be—and for this purpose, it almost always revolves between Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, just to mention a few amongst the many, many new platforms which came out of this year alone—you can ALWAYS share your photos on Instagram by proxy to any pocket of social media there is.

So, in a way, it actually lets you have a “unified” experience with all of your networks by making sure that you can always connect with any “friend” or “follower” you have online. By choosing not to “compete” with the more established names in social media, Instagram has only grown more popular because of this tact!

  1. It makes any photo of yours look “cool”

Face it: many of us know how to take selfies, but not all of us are made to be photographers with an eye for “flair”. No wonder so many of our photos get passed on online: you have images of that party you attended last night, but what “more” is there to show to people who should be invested in your life?

instagram pictures

Well, this is where Instagram’s nifty “filter” features are used to great effect. By capturing or uploading your photos through Instagram’s patented set of filters like “Mayfair” and “Hudson”, you can actually evoke any kind of “mood” you want for your images by simply experimenting with what Instagram has to offer. It’s photo-processing at the touch of a button—literally!

  1. It’s the closest thing you can have to a virtual “scrapbook”

One of the many things inherent with the “old” way we take photos back then is that it allows us to fashion snapshots of our lives—literally and figuratively speaking—into “moments” that will allow us to remember that specific parts of our lives forever. See, in ye olden days of photos, people actually document this by fashioning tailored scrapbooks that allows them to tinker around with how they manipulate images by simply using their creativity.

Of course, paper scrapbooks and stationeries are still present. However, printing photos, on the other hand, can also be downright expensive nowadays. Now, this is the reason why Instagram can actually make you remember all those fuzzy memories you’ve had of cutting out pictures and pasting them willy-nilly on coloured papers (if you’re of a certain age to have remembered that, of course): you can actually “stitch” all those select pictures you have on your phone to make them look like they were INDEED made out of a scrapbook! And really, for a “free” app, you can choose any kind of scrapbook “theme” where you can layer out your pictures in any way you want!

instagram picture ideas

So, all of these sound fantastic, don’t you agree? Well then, we surely hoped we answered your question of “What is Instagram?” already! Comment below if you want to share your personal experiences of using Instagram!

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