What is Love, and What are the Best Ways to Express It?

So, you really think “love” is different from what it was a generation ago? Well, modern research seems to suggest it to be so: indeed, psychologists from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggest that love is a “micro-moment of positivity resonance”. So, it probably is no surprise that cases of depression have raised during this generation. Really, who’s to say “what is love” when so many of us are barely connecting to anyone personally these days?

However, that is not to say that “gestures” of love are only limited to those grand ones found on movies; real-life itself works in very real ways, and that means you can essentially express your love using simple means, too! So, in this regard, here are some tips below you can use for such a purpose!

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  1. Give small, “thoughtful” gifts

The act of gift-giving is really becoming a lost art these days, and it’s primarily because of the fact that “gifts” these days are now basically reduced to expensive things that it can be really hard to keep up with the common “expectations” that go along with it.

However, you know what is more precious than some shiny new gadgets or electronics? Well, it’s the ACTUAL thought that goes to giving your loved ones the gifts they deserve, of course! And really, the art of giving gifts can really be about anything: small knick-knacks, a coupon, a date… you probably get the gist by now. As long as it can be something that lets your loved ones in your life remember that YOU remembered them, then that’s enough for this purpose!

  1. Expressing “love” in a fun manner

Now, one of the reasons why many marriages—heck, even personal relationships, too!—fail with astounding regularity is because of the fact that modern people are basically conditioned to take anything for granted nowadays; if anyone happens to be there with you, you simply accept them for their presence, but you probably are not putting enough thought to making the relationship less… well, “tiresome” than it has any right to be!

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So, in essence, this is what we’re saying: there are so many varied ways on expressing your love in a fun manner, and many of them can be downright “cheesy”, if you think about it! But well, isn’t it always true that it’s the thought that counts the most? So, if you’re thinking of tucking hidden notes or scrawling messages in a dry-marker in the mirror, then that essentially counts as “fun”, too! So yes, be creative, but more to the point, be spontaneous!

  1. Being a good listener

It is true that having a companion means you essentially have a live human being serve as a sounding board for you. However, if you keep doing that without taking account of the other person’s “needs”, then that can come off as woefully one-sided, don’t you think?

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s time to practice the one thing that is inherent to us humans: listening. Listen to what your loved one has to say, and the least you can get out of it is a better understanding of who they are as a person. And, in turn, it also gives you hints on how you can be able to properly convey your love to that person better in the future!

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So, do you have an idea of what is love truly and how you can be able to express it? Well, we surely hope so!

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