What is Tumblr: A Crash Course in Modern Microblogging

Modern tech is measured by dizzying ups-and-downs. And really, all you have to do is to look at the wake of the countless social media sites which popped up and simply died during the last decade or so: Friendster, MySpace, even Multiply. Really, there are just too many to mention in spaces like these, but you probably get the drift. However, there is one trend that you may have failed to take note of if you were a person before 1990: microblogging. And really, if there’s one thing that is really representative of this whole tech trend nowadays, it’s Tumblr. So… what is Tumblr?

In a nutshell, Tumblr is what happens when you combine “blogging” with the ever-developing aspects of social media. Of course, that explanation alone may prove to be not sufficient enough for those of you who are looking for any reason as to why you may ever need to use Tumblr in the first place. So, with that said, this is where today’s post comes in! We try to discuss what Tumblr is all about, why it’s cool, and why you need to migrate to it!

So, read with your pens and paper now? Well then, here’s our self-defined “crash course” in the magical and manic world of Tumblr!

What is Tumblr

  1. Why Tumblr?

Tumblr is a blogging platform. However, to refer to Tumblr simply as that is to reduce its full capabilities to a wholly reductive manner. Point is, Tumblr is really more than what you think it to be.

Here’s one instance of how Tumblr works: in an infographic compiled here last year, it shows that majority of those using Tumblr all range from 18 to 29 years old. On the other hand, an average Tumblr user also visits 67 pages within the platform on an average every month.

So, what gives? Well, it’s quite simple: Tumblr, as well as Snapchat, is a youth-oriented platform, and its tendencies definitely show in the kind of content that is shared within the confines of the platform daily. Of course, if you’re quite content to simply use Facebook or Twitter for all your daily needs, then that’s all well and good. HOWEVER, if you’re a businessperson who’s looking to market a product or a service to people that are otherwise outside your demographic, then it simply behooves you to check Tumblr out, at the very least! Of course, we’ll delve into this more later in this post because we’re going to explore one thing which makes Tumblr “unique” from the rest of its competitors…

  1. Tumblr’s “visualized” content

If there is one thing that separates Tumblr from the rest of its social media ilk, it’s the fact that it’s tailor-made for sharing one media component that is synonymous with the internet ever since the turn of the millennium: GIFs. Yes, know that Vine has recently adopted this “gimmick” to great effect since, but if we’re talking about unmatched visual content on the web, then Tumblr is one of the best places to peruse for it.

And because it can rather hard to come up with a GIF that is both your own and very cool to look at ad infinitum, then the obvious course of action is to share what you like, right? Well, that’s where Tumblr also worked well as a social media platform: it allows you to share content by way of “reblogging”, which is not so much as having your written content stolen by others as it is about having fellow users share something cool from your account. And you know what? You even get attributed for it!

tumblr pictures

However, one fascinating thing about Tumblr is how it divides your interests into rigid categorizations in ways that you won’t even get to see on either Twitter or Facebook: for instance, if you chose to follow a page that is all about “food porn”, pretty soon, you’re going to be enticed following similar pages that are ALL about food. It’s the “rabbit hole” aspect which makes the internet such an effective time-killer, but at least you get entertained by what you see there!

  1. Tumblr for business

Of course, this is the reason why you need Tumblr, right? Well, of course! Everyone knows that the youth demographic is a to-die for market that every marketer needs to tap at some point in their business. And thankfully, this is why Tumblr has been so effective for its purpose so far!

tumblr themes

So, how do you market your business for the Tumblr demographic, then? Well, if you have read the previous item before, then you’d know how you can be able to leverage your content within the platform: lots of pictures, lots of GIFs, and only the most necessary texts that should, predictably, include a hashtag. And really, the beautiful thing about it is that you don’t even need to open separate pages on other platforms like YouTube—all your media content can simply be available on a single place like Tumblr, and you don’t even need to stress posting similar content on the other platforms!

So, do you now know what is Tumblr? Well, we surely hope so! Good luck having fun with your account!    

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